X22 Report: Game Theory, The Take Down Will Be On The Patriots Timetable

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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

Hi and welcome you listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 2397 bn today’s date is February 5 2021. And the thought of the episode is game theory that takedown will be on the Patriots timetable. Let’s talk about protecting yourself the data of 2.3 million users have been leaked after a hacker managed to find a backdoor into the popular dating site meet mindful leak personal data includes names Facebook IDs, emails, birth dates, location data and a lot more. The data was then uploaded to a public hacking forum for anyone to download meet mindful says they have since patched the flow, but the damage is already done. If you want to prevent hackers or an attacks like this from happening to you, I highly recommend virtual shield go to virtual shield.com forward slash x 22 to get virtual shield for 50% off today by visiting the link below. Let’s get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news. Now what we are witnessing right now we’re witnessing the entire plan. play out. Yes. Trump, his team. They have to act like there’s absolutely nothing going on. There is no plan, nothing’s happening. optics are very, very important. Why would you tell your enemy that you have a plan? Why would you tell your enemy what your next move is going to be? You would never do that. This is war. This is information more irregular warfare. You would never let your enemy know what your next move is going to be. Actually you would act like nothing is happening. Like there is no plan. We’re just going day by day just trying to survive. And that’s exactly what Trump and his team are doing. Why? Because the deep state, the corrupt politicians, they feel empowered. And when they feel empowered, and they feel like they’re in control. And they feel that Trump and his team are very weak. They do stupid things. You don’t think they’re being monitored right now? They have been for a very long time. How do you collect evidence in a sting operation? You allow those that you’re going to arrest? You allow them to do what they do best. And you monitor the entire situation? Is this what the FBI does, or police forces do detectives? When they’re trying to catch someone, they have recording devices, they monitor everything, they take video, and they allow them to do what they do best. This is why Trump and the Patriots, they’re not interfering with anything. This is why they wanted them to cheat during the election. And remember, this is not just about the election. This is about destroying their entire system. The mainstream media who knowingly helped social media companies who knowingly help them, Wall Street, Hollywood, corrupt politicians, foreign leaders, all of it. They’ve been monitoring for a very long time. And we’re at that phase where Trump and the Patriots, they’re allowing people to see what Biden and not just Biden because he’s a puppet, those behind Biden, what they’re all about. People are noticing it now. People are scratching their heads. They’re winning the public opinion. I’m talking about Trump and his team. Because you need the American people on your side. Am I saying 100%? No. We know that 100% is completely impossible.

Yes, there’s going to be those that are completely lost forever, four to 10%, whatever the percentage is. But Trump, you can see from the votes from the landslide, landslide victory. He has most of America. And this is now bringing on more people to his side. Because they’re seeing that Biden and those working behind him. They’re doing the opposite of what he promised. And when people lose jobs, when people lose their businesses, well, they remember that. They remember it very, very well. And Trump has always said from the very beginning, that it’s always America first. Americans have to get jobs first. Americans have to get health benefits first. What is Biden doing? He’s doing the opposite. He’s allowing illegal immigrants to come in, they will get the vaccine, they will get benefits. He’s allowing people from other countries to come in and take white collar jobs before Americans during a pandemic, mind you. That’s not America first. That’s America last. But Biden. And those individuals that are controlling him, which is the deep state, the corrupt politicians, the central bank, they’re not making it a secret, actually, Biden, his plan is to end Trump’s America first diplomacy, and resume a focus on global leadership, which means to help everyone else. So it’s American Americans or last, everyone else’s first. So what is this focus on climate change the pandemic, the proliferation of nuclear weapons? How does this help Americans who are out of work, who’ve been suffering through this pandemic? It doesn’t.

But people can see this now, people understand it. And what’s very interesting, is remember that judge, Judge Emmett Sullivan, who wouldn’t let Flynn’s case go? Well, he decided he’s going to retire now. Yes, this must have been planned out for him. I don’t think it’s going to end up well for him in the end, or any of these individuals. And since he’s retiring, what can Biden do? He gets another judicial pick. This was planned out, he’ll probably go onto a TV network like CNN, and be a commentator for the law. Now, what’s very interesting is that Dominion voting systems, they are going after a lot of different people. And they made a list. And it seems like they like making lists of people that support Trump or went up against the elections who said, Yeah, there’s something wrong with these numbers. And when you look at this list, you can see there’s a lot of people on this list. They have one American news network, Jeanine Pirro, Sidney Powell, Mike lyndale. Newsmax and it goes on and on and they, Dan bond, Gino Maria Bartiromo, Patrick Byrne, the list goes on and on and on. And they want the social media companies to keep all their tweets, all their videos and everything, so they can use it against them later on. Because remember, there is no such thing as election fraud. But this allows these individuals, all of these individuals then to discover, to look at the machines to look at their systems. And this is going to hurt them in the end. Now it’s very interesting. In Arizona, the Maricopa County Board is refusing to turn over election equipment for the Arizona senate audit. And they’ve been serving them papers telling them that yes, you must turn this over, and they just don’t want to do it. Why would that be? Why are they protecting the equipment? If there was no election fraud, you wouldn’t? Actually if this is a free and open transparent election, everyone should have the right to see it. We should see that everything matches up. If someone’s trying to hide something that tells you everything you need to know. And what’s very interesting is that there are 80 cases that have been brought up about election fraud. Now, what the mainstream media will never ever tell you is that Trump won 14 of them. 14 of the 21 cases decided on merits, which is two thirds of the cases. So they’re 80 court cases to date based on the 2020 election. 28 cases Trump was is the plaintiff 48 cases, Trump is not the plaintiff. For cases President Trump is the defendant 21 of these cases have been decided on merits of the 21 cases decided on marriage, Trump won 14 or two thirds of the cases 25 cases still remain active right now. Now that’s very interesting. And it seems that the Gateway Pundit they received some videotape that shows that they were illegal 1000s of illegal ballots brought to the Michigan arena. Now they’ve been trying to get this for quite a while. And it seems that they got the tape now it shows a white van pulling in and it shows them dropping it off. So at 3:23am

we see a white van registered to the city of Detroit entering the gate into the TCF Center at 325. They discovered the video from a second camera showing three individuals unloading over 50 boxes. ballots in a hallway inside the TCF building and just outside the courtroom. The ballots were then wheeled away on carts into the ballot counting room. The van is then seen in the video leaving the center about 25 minutes later. Then we saw the van returning in an hour later. And they were unloading what more boxes of ballots. So right there, we can see that something was happening happening at that time. And it took a very long time to get this video tape. Now what’s very interesting is that Time Magazine, they came out with an article, and they were explaining how the 2020 election was rigged against Trump by a secret cabal of wealthy and politically connected elites. Now, of course, in this article, they’re making it seem that they had to do this to win the elections, and it’s okay. So when you really look at it, Time Magazine, what they’re claiming right now, is that those people that were against Trump, they engage in something unlawful and harmful to stop Trump and it’s o. k. So they hijacked the 2020 elections by steering the media coverage, influencing influencing the perception and changing the rules and laws and they believe that this is okay. Now, I wonder why this article wasn’t published until two weeks after the inauguration date. That’s interesting right there. And actually, if they put this out on Twitter back then before the elections, I guess it would have gotten banned, wouldn’t it? Maybe would, maybe it wouldn’t. But what we come to find out is that Mike lindahl, he put out absolute proof, I put it on the website of the X 22. Report calm. If you’re on the mobile version, just scroll down until you see the video. If you’re on the desktop, same thing. And this video was being taken down on Vimeo on YouTube. I believe it’s still up on rumble. It’s on gab TV. The video that I have on the exponential report comm site is from rumble. If you want to just view it, it’s right on the homepage. You can view it right there. And he goes through the entire election and shows the fraud and brings on different guests to explain what was done. Now a lot of this we’ve already heard. But for those people that never heard of election fraud or believe there was no such thing as election fraud. When they watch it, they start to question things because it doesn’t make sense. And I believe this is what this is all about. Then we have Lynn wood, and he came out with this on telegram observation. The United States Supreme Court has scheduled the Pennsylvania election case, Sidney pauwels, Michigan election case and my Georgia election case for its February 19. Conference. There are no coincidences. Who knows what they’ll do. We shall see Be patient. I do know this. Number one. We are still a nation of laws. And the buck stops with the United States Supreme Court number two laws on federal elections conducted by a state can only be set by the state legislature, not the Secretary of State and consent agreement with Democratic Party Brad raffensperger. Number three, the biggie under existing federal law. The only votes in a presidential election that can be lawfully counted are the ballots cast on election day, you cannot open absentee ballots early. Brad Georgia State law passed by legislature only allows absentee ballots to be open on election day. Now, it’s very interesting that this is all starting to come together at almost the same exact time where Trump’s impeachment trial begins. And remember, in the house statement, they brought up election fraud. How Trump won by a landslide, they opened the front door for Trump. A couple days back, we talked about the space force, how they deal in cyber warfare, how they monitor all electronic communications. And they protect national security. So if there’s a foreign government, helping a presidential candidate, win the election. That is a national security issue. Which means Biden and many others coordinated with this foreign entity or multiple foreign entities to win the presidency, which is then treason.

Does the spaceforce have this information? I believe so. Do I think Trump is going to use this? Yes. When How? What’s the timing? Well, Trump has already decided the timing. We’ll have to see how he proceeds. But it’s very interesting. That Lynn Woods Sidney Powell and the rest, they are moving forward and they have a February 19 date. We have the impeachment coming up. Starting, I think it’s February 9. And we know that it all begins after the Super Bowl because the Super Bowl is going to look like a puppy show. Now that’s very interesting. And we’ll be talking a lot more about this later in this report. But first, I wanted to talk about Biden, how he signed an executive order, restoring and expanding the refugee program. And basically what he’s doing, he’s raising the refugee admissions back up to 125,000 persons for the first fiscal year of his administration in the middle of the pandemic. Why would you do this during a pandemic, when everyone else is locked down? Why is he helping foreigners? That’s interesting, actually, because of this, everyone can see this very, very clearly. Now, what’s very interesting is that Senator Tom young and Tom Cotton, they placed an amendment in the 2021 budget. And this prohibits illegal immigrants from receiving future stimulus checks. And it passed the Senate 58 to 42. With the support of eight Democrats, and illegal immigrants should not be receiving stimulus checks. Again, Biden, during this pandemic, while people are suffering, he is doing exactly what Trump and the Patriots want him to do. They want him to expose the deep state, the central bank, the corrupt politicians plan. You can see this very, very clearly. And yes, people are questioning this. Now, what’s very interesting is that people are getting the vaccine. And Trump introduced the vaccine before he left office. And the deep state, the central bank, the corrupt politicians, they never thought the vaccine was going to be out this quickly. They didn’t want it to be out this quickly because they needed the pandemic for certain things for like the great reset. And they wanted to show that Biden he was the man that got rid of the pandemic. But we know as soon as Biden got into office, the who decided to change the testing for COVID. They lowered the number of cycles. And what have we been seeing, we’ve been seeing the number of cases drop dramatically. Actually, the number of reported COVID-19 infections has plummeted 40% in the United States in just one week 30% worldwide in the past three weeks. Let’s talk about protecting yourself the data of 2.3 million users have been leaked after a hacker managed to find a backdoor into the popular dating site meet mindful leak personal data includes names Facebook IDs, emails, birth dates, location data and a lot more. The data was then uploaded to a public hacking forum for anyone to download meet mindful says they have since patched the flow, but the damage is already done. If you want to prevent hackers or an attacks like this from happening to you, I highly recommend virtual shield go to virtual shield.com forward slash x 22 to get virtual shield for 50% off today by visiting the link below. Don’t you find that very interesting. The timing is just unbelievable. And since the vaccines are out there, and this has nothing to do with the vaccines, because right now, only 8% of Americans receive the vaccine 13% worldwide. So when you say oh well, because the people getting the vaccines, that’s why they’re dropping No, not enough people got the vaccine. And that’s not why it’s dropping. The reason why it’s dropping is because they changed the number of cycles they were using. And now you’re going to see the death rate drop, you’re going to see the cases drop and everything else. But Jen Psaki, she’s trying to make the case that even if you get vaccinated, you still have to do what we say and you have to wear a mask and you have to social distance. I thought that was the whole point of the vaccine, that once you get a vaccine, you don’t have to worry about that. Like if you get a vaccine for the measles, you don’t have to worry about getting the measles. If you get a vaccine for the chickenpox you have to worry about getting chickenpox. If you get a vaccine for polio, you don’t have to worry about getting polio. But in their world, you still must do what we say. Because you might still get it now Why get the vaccine? That doesn’t make any sense. So now they’re countering the vaccine.

People are listening to this and they’re questioning this. This doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Now q has always told us to look at California and it seems that out in California, California, it’s not going well for governor Newsome. Right now. There is 1.4 million signatures to have him recalled. I think they’re like, what, 100,000 signatures away and I think they’re gonna get it. I think he’s starting to sweat right now and he’s a little bit nervous. But Matt gets did something very interesting. During his committee in the house, he said, You know something, why don’t we have the Pledge of Allegiance before we start You know what they said, on Nadler came out and said, No, we don’t need this. It’s not necessary. What What do you see happening right now? You see these individuals true intention. Remember going back before Trump, we’ve always talked about this. These individuals are not patriots. They’re not for America. They don’t want anything to do with America. They want to change America. That has been their plan from the very beginning. And how do you do that? You make the Patriots seem evil. You make anything about America seem bad. This is coming from major patriot on gab. If you just do the following, we won’t call you a domestic terrorists, denounced Trump denounced patriotism, denounce any notion of election fraud, denounced the Second Amendment denounce que. De now denounce whiteness. denounce your gender. If you are a male, denounce America denounce God. Have we heard this in history? Haven’t we seen this before in history? They’re following the same playbook. Now we know that Trump’s impeachment trial is coming up very, very quickly. And we know that they opened the door for election fraud. They brought it up. Trump did not. And remember Trump’s lawyers. They’re not constitutional lawyers. They’re criminal trial lawyers. Their specialty is fraud, organized crime. Isn’t that what’s running the country right now? an organized crime syndicate called the deep state, and Rico. So Trump, he’s trapped them all. He’s leading them down a path where he wants them to go. Remember, optics are very important. He doesn’t want to come out and say, Hey, we got them. We’re bringing in the military. We’re gonna round him up. He needs public opinion. And he wants the deep state to bring everyone down this path where Trump could use it, along with Sidney Powell and the rest. Use it against them. This way people can say, well, Trump, he’s the one who did this. And it was politically motivated because he lost the election. No, they’re saying that he lied about election fraud. He lied about this. Well, he needs to defend himself. He needs to prove that there was election fraud. They brought it up. He did not he didn’t want to be impeached. Did he know their playbook? I do believe so. So they opened the front door on election fraud. We know this is going to be televised on social media on the mainstream media. And the deep state believes Trump is going down. This is the reason why they’re going to be televising this. This is why it’s going to be all over the place. Well, Trump, as we know, he can use this to prove election fraud. While the world is watching. I wonder what the mainstream media and the social media companies are going to do. When information starts to come out? I mean, look at Mike lindahl, he put out a video on election fraud. What did they do? They started to take it down everywhere. They started to ban Twitter accounts that were carrying it. Do you think it’s going to be a lot worse when Trump shows the evidence when the evidence is produced?

Yeah, I think there’s going to be a communication blackout. Well, this happened during the impeachment trial. It might could happen afterwards. We’ll have to see the timing and when they’re prepared and ready to move forward with us. Now, General Flynn, he was being interviewed by Doug Billings. And he was asked a very simple question. Is there a plan? He said, There is not a plan. There’s nothing going on. There’s no direction. There’s nothing. Do you really think General Flynn was going to tell you that there was a plan? If there is one? No, he would never do that. Remember, this is information warfare. This is irregular warfare. during war, you never let your enemy know. There is a plan ever. It’s called game theory. Let’s go back to post 4024. This is April 30 2020. Sometimes you can’t tell the public the truth You must show them and you must show them as an all capitals. A deeply entrenched enemy who controls the vast majority of communications is only defeated by game theory. Now remember when General son and his family remember when they took the oath? Well listen to the end part of their oath.

So help me God bless America.

So at the end he said where we go on we go all now q has been saying this. Throughout the post, I think it’s like over 200 posts where Q said, where we go on we go all. But in a previous video, General Flynn was out there saying that, during wartime, you do not reveal your game plan. You don’t show your enemy, what you’re about to do. optics are important. And it must seem like you don’t have a plan that you’re doing nothing. Take a listen to what he said here.

The advantage in life in business any more time goes to the competitor that does not flinch and does not broadcast his game plan.

So just like in that video, he said you never reveal your game plan. Now, what’s very interesting is that they’re bringing Trump in to be impeached. But he is no longer president. He doesn’t hold office. So under the Constitution, the Senate has no authority in impeaching Trump. Unless Trump is still the president then right. Take a listen to what General Flynn said about that

nonsense impeachment thing that’s going on. I mean, it’s fine. I guess we should call him, Mr. President, because you can only impeach a sitting president. So he must be still president to serve Congress. I guess. A little bit tongue in cheek, Doug. But you know, what? It’s very serious is very real. Why would they want to impeach? You know, Mr. President, it’s actually unconstitutional.

I think it’s, you know,

so if you listen to him, he said, Yeah, he must still be president. Now. Of course, he cracked a joke after that. But then we have Ivan reikland. And on telegram he put this out US Congress confirms Trump is still current president of the US US House 232 to 197 US Senate 55 to 45. by transmitting the article of impeachment to the US Senate on Monday, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi in the US House of Representatives acknowledge that Trump remains the President of the United States of America since only current president can be impeached. Furthermore, the US Senate voted on Tuesday 55 to 45 to proceed with a trial of President Trump. This vote explicitly acknowledges that Trump remains the current president of the United States of America, since only current presidents can be impeached and tried US Constitution article one section three clause seven. judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States. For these reasons, Trump may be duty bound to rename his the Office of the former president to the office of the acting president of the United States. the launching of the US Senate trial explicitly acknowledges via majority vote, by both chambers of the US Congress house transmittal of Article of impeachment to 32 to 197. Senate and acceptance to begin trial 55 to 45, that Trump is the president since only president can be impeached and tried. Now that is very interesting, because right now, the Senate has no jurisdiction. This is completely unconstitutional. He’s a private citizen right now, or is he? That is the question. Now, during the interview with General Flynn and Doug Billings, Doug Billings said, Listen, you know, I bet my friend a bottle of wine, if Trump lost the election, and Trump lost the election, and I guess, I have to pay this individual, the bottle of wine. And he asked General Flynn should I do that? Take a listen to what Flynn said.

I made a bet with a high school friend of mine, his name is Stan that the Trump would win the presidency. bottle of wine. I should I guess I need to pay up that bet because President Biden is there as a tea. He is the one and we have to come to grips with that. We want to hear it from you, General Flynn. Thanks.

Yeah, well, I mean, I would I would say I’d say hold that bottle of mine. Hold on to that bottle of wine. I would not concede that bottle of wine. That’s, that’s Mike Flynn. Okay, I can see that bottle of wine. Oh, you know, I’ll leave it at that.

So Flynn, General Flynn said, Well, wait a minute. Let’s hold on to that bottle of wine. Let’s not let that go just yet. I would hold it. What does that tell you? tells you something else is going on here. And then We have congressman Ted Budd. He put out that 42 House members just sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi, demanding that the militarized Capitol fencing come down and not be made permanent. It’s time to open the people’s house, and 42 House members sign this. Now this is very interesting because we go back to 11 dot three and 11 dot four, where 11 dot three verifies the occupation of sovereign territory and 11 dot four is the removal of the troops from that sovereign territory. Are we going to see that? Well, it’s starting to seem that way. Everything is all now coming together at once we have Trump’s impeachment trial. We have the February 19 date, where we have Lynn woods, Sidney Powell and the rest. They’re going to present their cases. And all of this is happening after the Super Bowl. Now I want to go back to post 2816. This is February 19 2019. It says the declassification of all requested documents plus more will occur. While that is true. Trump on the 19th, the day before inauguration at 449. He declassified the information. Have we heard a lot about it? No. Why would he wait for the last moment to declassify? Where did it go? Who has it? Will it be used later? Why did Trump need it in the public realm? Why did he need the public to see it? Well, there’s a reason for it. Well, let me continue. This is not a game. Do not let personal emotional desires do it now. Now. What is taking so long now take over. logical thinking and strategy should always be applied game theory. There’s that game theory again. We all want to see equal justice under the law. new threats investigations by SDN why as MW in an effort to delay prevent release insurance extension will fail. Transparency is the only way forward. The find the following treason, sedition, subversion, conspiracy to commit Do you understand and fully appreciate the gravity of the situation? Do you understand and fully appreciate what POTUS endorsed each and every single day? Yeah, he was taking all the slings and arrows. He loves this country. He loves you. We must stand together in this fight. There is evil in this world. There’s darkness in this world. There are those in power, who wish to control enslave you, like they’ve been doing? Since they came into power? They want to keep all of us sedated. On unaware of everything that’s going on to keep us blind. Why do you think they’re censoring? Why do you think they take down things very, very quickly? Because they don’t want people thinking on their own? This is what made America great. The ability to question things. That’s what America is about. Why do you think the founding fathers allowed people to protest a protest is questioning what the government is doing? That’s why they allowed it. Because back in the day, you weren’t allowed to question anything. You had to denounce certain things, didn’t you? Just to save yourself? Why are they doing that now? When we see something happen, or we have strange anomalies like Flint, water, or many other things, we question it, we start to investigate it. Even though the corporations and everyone else tells us there’s no such thing. It’s it doesn’t exist. People still dig. That’s what investigative reporting actually is. That’s what lawyers and investigators do. They look into certain situations. And they dig and they dig until they find the evidence, even when the company or whatever body is saying no, it doesn’t exist, stop it. No stop. It doesn’t exist. And they try to stop them any way possible. But as you keep digging, what do you do? You find out the truth.

Remember, these individuals that are taking down accounts, blocking everyone, they don’t want people to question them. They don’t want people to find the truth. They don’t want people to figure it out. But people have already figured it out. Trump, the Patriots, they figured it out. And this whole thing will be on their timetable. They will call it they will call the ball when they are ready. And they will deliver transparency in public. prosecution. There is simply no other way. Except one. Trump, the Patriots, they’re in full control. This is all being played out. Exactly. They the way they want it to be played out. Try Trump looks completely neutral. And all this. Yes. He mentioned election fraud. Why do you think he didn’t produce it? At that moment? Because they knew they would shut everything down like they did. They want the other side. to present it. This way Trump can show the evidence to defend himself. And this is all going to hit at the same time. When will that be? It could be during the impeachment. Could be right after the impeachment. It could be right before it we don’t know. But we do know is that they have at all they caught them all. And Trump doesn’t like stealing. Remember, he mentioned this in his book art of the deal. And when he hits back, it’s not a little light punch. It’s a knockout punch. What do you think he’s going for it? He really think he’s just going to present a couple of things. What do you think he’s going for the whole entire thing he’s going to bring down the entire system. When you play the trump card, on the other side thinks they have it all. When they think they have the winning hand. When they think you’re weak. Then you pull the trump card out. And everything that they’ve done, completely falls apart. Trump’s ready to play that trump card and it’s going to be a knockout. Listen, everyone. Thanks a lot for listening be well be safe and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.


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