X22 Report: How Do You Break The [CB]? How Do You Restructure? Gold Destroys Fed

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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

Hi, and welcome you listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave, this is Episode 2392 a no today’s date is January 31 2021. And the title of the episode is how do you break the central bank? How do you restructure gold destroys the Fed? Let’s talk about being prepared studies on space heaters are reported to cause 50% of all home fires and 86% of home fire deaths, these heaters can quickly rise to 300 degrees. And there’s numerous cases where kids burn themselves by touching or running into them. The problem is when these space heaters are too close to furniture or curtains, or any combustible items are tipped over. That’s when the fire and smoke starts when these space heaters are too close to combustible items are tipped over is when they become deadly. If you want to heat up your home, you should never get a conventional space heater, I recommend the cold killer Instead, it has a safety feature that if it’s tipped over, it shuts off automatically order the cold killer today and take advantage of up to 50% off for the first time buyers go to the cold killer calm that is the cold killer.com. Let’s get into the economic collapse financial news. Now with everything going on, we can definitely see that the central bank, the Fed Wall Street, the deep state, their entire system is being exposed to the people. And we’re starting to see their true colors. Remember, everything has been accelerated. And what we’ve seen right now are cracks in their system, how they operate, how they profit, how the system is rigged. That’s what we’re witnessing right now. What is it creating? It’s going to create a crisis. We’re seeing a crisis right now. When things like this happen, what happens, you see the true colors you see the players and where they stand, not by the words that they said in the past or what they’re saying now, you see who and what they really are by their actions, who they’re going to protect who they’re going to align themselves with. And I do believe that this is just the beginning. This is the beginning to bring down the entire central bank system to bring down part of the economic system that is completely corrupt by the central bankers. Yes, it’s going to be front and center. People are going to see this we’ve been told about this a while ago, the Fed will be restructured and gold will destroy the Fed. We’ll be getting into that in just a moment. But you can also see through all of this and everything that’s going on, and I’m not just talking about GameStop, AMC and what is happening right now. You can see other things happening. You can see how the stores are in line, you can see how Hollywood is in line how the NFL is in line, you sports are in line, everything is in line with the deep state in the mainstream media. It’s infiltration from within. Now think about it. There’s been a lot of people that have been censored from Twitter. A lot of people been cut off from PayPal and other ways of making a living. They’ve been D monetized. We’ve seen people pushed out of stores like my pillow where now he can’t sell his pillow in Bed Bath and Beyond. Recently, Amanda Ensign, who was a beauty influencer, she had her products in Sephora, and now Sephora has cancelled all future partnerships, cut ties with her Why? Because she’s conservative. You can see it very, very clearly. But these individuals, these these corporations, they have to understand the people are seeing this, the people are watching this very closely. And what they’re doing also works in reverse. Because the stores are saying this one individual who is a conservative, it could be her political beliefs. It could be her religion, it could be anything, which is completely discriminatory. But we’re gonna stop we’re gonna decide to drop her because she doesn’t align with our stores. Now what happens if the population decides that these stores these corporations don’t ally with what we want, actually, which is more powerful.

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Actually, it’s more powerful with the people and these corporations, these stores they better be careful because as they keep doing this, the people are going to react and they’re not going to like what’s going to happen next. Remember, this is a system where they believe they’re the majority actually, then the minority, the majority is going to look, look at this and silently say, you know, something, I’m not shopping at these places anymore. I’m not going to purchase any of these products from this individual. I’m not calling out any store right now. But this is what’s going to happen in the future. And it’s going to be a terrible thing for them. It’s not going to help at all. And we know that the Biden administration, they’re destroying the economy right now destroying jobs. They’re saying everything that has to go green. And what’s very interesting is that there was an individual who was showing off the new Chevy car, which was electric. And somebody asked a very interesting question. Well, where does the electric come from? And of course, the spokesperson said, well, it’s coming from the building. And then she started to say, Well, no, it comes from the electric company. And most of its produced by coal, but she didn’t finish. As you said, natural gas, then the reporter spoke to the individual from the electric company. And listen to what he said.

It’s as simple as that.

The batteries are in the trunk. Know the battery. And this particular design is a T shape, right down the center. And across the backseat area.

Because everybody thought we kill the electric vehicle.

So let’s charging the batteries right now. What

Where’s what’s the source of?

It’s coming from the building? I mean, is it? What’s our mix of power?

Oh, actually, Lansing, feeds

Lansing feeds power? So I don’t I don’t know.

I bet you they’re a bit

heavy on natural gas. Right now the cars charging off your grid, right? It would be charging off our grid, which is 90 about 95%. Cool. So as you can see, from what he’s talking about 95% of the electric that’s produced is from coal. Do you know how many solar panels on a field you need to create this type of power, it would destroy all wildlife. It would take over. And this is what they want to do. What would happen to the economy, it would destroy it, it would not improve it whatsoever. And what we’re seeing throughout this pandemic with the economy, those states that didn’t lock down those states that stayed open those states, which allowed their people to actually go to work, open their stores, open their restaurants, they didn’t have the spikes in the in the in the virus. They didn’t have anything like that, and their unemployment levels are very low look at South Dakota. The state saw a point 4% decrease in the unemployment rate, which in December 2020, stood at 3% compared to 3.4 in December. And when you look at other states like Illinois, New Jersey, District of Columbia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Mexico, New York, Colorado, California, Nevada and Hawaii, all Democratic governors, by the way, they instituted strict COVID-19 restrictions. Everything skyrocketed, when they shut everything down when they made people wear masks when they told people to stay inside. And their unemployment rates skyrocketed. Actually, it had the opposite effect. I mean, in Florida, where they said I can’t believe Florida is open, they said it was going to be terrible. They’re the only reason it was terrible is because Trump was planning on having the Republican National Convention in the state of Florida. And what happened? Well, all of a sudden the cases started rise. And then when he cancelled it, the cases came right down. Very interesting. And Governor desantis has kept the state open. And guess what it’s booming. Businesses are open, people are going out to dinner, people are going out shopping, and the rising COVID Well, not like New York, not like New Jersey, not like California, not like the other states, you see the opposite happening. So whatever they said, was going to work well with this fake virus, because it’s created by statistics is created by the mainstream media. I’m not saying the virus isn’t there, but it’s not as deadly, as they’re saying. Now, what’s very interesting is that countries now they are moving forward with the great reset. And you can see already in India, India plans to introduce a law to ban all private cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, and put in place a framework for an official digital currency to be issued by what the central banks. Well remember, they don’t like things that are decentralized, that they can’t control. They need things that are centralized and this is What the rest of the world is going to do. They’re looking at a centralized type of currency. But we can see, certain things have happened in the last couple of days with GameStop. With AMC. We’re seeing cracks in their system, actually, it’s being exposed to the world. And people can see exactly which corrupt politicians are really for the people in which corrupt politicians are really, for the corporations, and most of them are for the corporations. Let’s talk about being prepared studies on space heaters are reported to cause 50% of all home fires and 86% of home fire deaths, these heaters can quickly rise to 300 degrees. And there’s numerous cases where kids burn themselves by touching or running into them. The problem is when these space heaters are too close to furniture or curtains, or any combustible items are tipped over, that’s when the fire and smoke starts when these space heaters are too close to combustible items, or tip over is when they become deadly. If you want to heat up your home, you should never get a conventional space heater, I recommend the cold killer. Instead, it has a safety feature that if it’s tipped over, it shuts off automatically order the cold killer today and take advantage of up to 50% off for the first time buyers go to the cold killer calm that is the cold killer.com. That’s

what they’re protecting, not the little people. But the system. And this recent act by certain individuals that made these stocks go up and hurt the hedge funds. You can see this is exactly what the hedge funds Wall Street has been doing for a very long time actually what the central bank has been doing for a very long time. But what’s very interesting is that the image of the GameStop called GameStop. The image looks a lot like Donald Trump, and Don jr tweeted this out. It is just me or does the Wall Street bets guy look exactly like a young Donald Trump? Do you think that’s a coincidence? You know, who else talks about a rigged system? It’s very interesting that all of this is happening at the same time. Now someone on the boards, they wrote something up, and let me just read it to you. It says I work for a bank whose name I won’t disclose You fools. You have no idea what you’re doing. No idea how serious this is. This isn’t a simple get rich scheme. If there’s a short squeeze on silver, all the banks will fail every single one. Eight of them are short silver, and they should have to pay trillions to cover the shorts. If silver got to triple digit digits, the entire financial system would be destroyed. Silver is to the banks what GMA is to Melvin capital. Is this what you want to happen when we’re in the middle of a pandemic, if the banks fall apart, you’ll wipe out every single person who’s holding dollars, what the hell is wrong with you, America will be destroyed. If you do this. Don’t think we won’t take away your silver just as we disabled, you’re manipulating short squeeze stocks, you unAmerican traders, you’ve been warned. So right now they’re very, very worried that the world is now seeing how to manipulate their system. Now remember, the central bank, the deep state, they like creating a crisis, a crisis allows them to do certain things. For example, back in 2000 2000 2008 2009, what happened? We had a problem in the economy. What did that allow? It was a crisis. It allowed the central bank to take over it allowed them to manipulate the markets manipulate the interest rate. And yes, the markets were already manipulated, but they were allowed to do it even more so. And they were a lot they were allowed to start stimulus. They were allowed to bail out banks. They created a crisis. Now what happens if the opposite is happening right now, where there’s a crisis that is being created. And it’s being created to expose their system to maybe Audit the Fed, maybe to push us into a transitional economy. Now, this is from the board’s to, it says what’s going on with the market. And this is Cliff Notes. Let me just read this to you. There wasn’t enough market liquidity, as in the entire stock exchange to cover all the GMA trades. When a stock is sold, the value of the stock must be placed into escrow with the clearinghouse for a couple of days until the trades clear the system. Since the hedge funds couldn’t cover the costs of the trades to exit their shorts, it would have fallen upon the Clearinghouse. That Clearinghouse is the DT cc The dtcc is a depository trust and clearing Corporation. The dtcc is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Federal Reserve the address of the TCC is 55 Water Street in New York, New York. That’s interesting Water Street. Watch the water.

Since the dtcc typically only requires one to 2% of the value of the share to be placed into escrow. They normally have enough market liquidity to keep things moving. The dtcc was demanding 100% on GMA, AMC, etc, because of the volatility. This ensures that people that bought at a price but get all their money, except the dtcc didn’t have enough money to cover all the GMP stocks at 100%. So they had to halt trading or dtcc would have run out of money. And it would have fallen upon the underwriter of the Clearinghouse the Fed to pony up. This is why sales of GMA and others were blocked. The hedge funds almost broke the Federal Reserve, because the only way for the Fed to dump more liquidity into the market would have been to buy more bonds from Uncle Sam to create more money that requires authorization from Congress. Further compounding The issue is that the only way to sell bonds is to take a cash payment from someone that wants to buy them. Since the JME stock would have eaten up 100% of liquidity. Nobody would have had any cash to pay for bonds to make more money. How do you destroy the Fed? Well, it looks like we’re seeing how it is possible to bring down the entire central bank system. Remember the Federal Reserve? Is the focal point for all other central bank systems. Why do you think the other central bank systems haven’t been raising rates? They would only raise rates. If the Fed did. They keep their rates very low. And they wait for the Fed signal and then they follow along. If the Fed should fall, the rest of the central bank so it’d be like a domino effect. It would hit each and every one of them it would bring down their system. Is this the beginning of the restructuring? Is this the beginning of the crisis? Is this step one, it’s starting to seem that way. Remember, when the system starts to break down, when the system starts to fall apart, and there’s a crisis. You can then look at other entities, other things come into play just like 2008 2009 2010. What happened? Well, they were able to do things they normally wouldn’t do. They created a crisis because they needed the Fed to take control of the economy because the economy was falling apart. It was about to implode, they couldn’t have it implode yet they weren’t ready to move to the great reset, they needed to buy time. Here we’re seeing the opposite happen. They would never do this at this point. And I’m talking about the central bank, the deep state. They’ll do it in their own way not to hurt the hedge funds, Wall Street, etc. So this is coming from a completely different place. And this is being shown to the people. It’s being shown to everyone on how they control the system and how the system is rigged. And I do believe this is phase one of going after the central bank. And we’re going to see a lot more of this because think about it. If this should happen, where there are other traders or other individuals that do the same exact thing, and they bring down the Federal Reserve, the fiat currency would plummet. What would destroy them at this point? Gold? Yes, we have basil three on the horizons? Yes. They’re looking to revalue gold in that system, just like they did when back in the 30s. When they said okay, give us our gold, give us the gold we’ll pay about $20 an ounce for the gold. And then as soon as the government had the gold, which was really the private Western central bank that was calling the shots at the time, they revalued the gold at $35 an ounce. The same thing could happen here with a private Western central banks when the system comes down. They revalue the gold. The gold is no longer worth 1800. The gold now is worth 9000. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Yes, it would wipe out the debt. But it would destroy fiat currency. It would destroy everything they have. And the question is, does the United States have the gold would Trump in this administration come out and say yes, we have the goal. We got the gold we bought it back. Remember, we never had a real audit of Fort Knox. We don’t know if the Gold’s there. Yes, we know minuchin held up a bar of gold. But they’ve never done a full audit. Would Trump the Patriots? Would they tell people that we have the gold? Would that benefit? Their plan? No, it would not. You go about making everyone believe If the United States has no gold whatsoever, until the last moment, when everything starts to fall apart,

there are some reports that yes, Trump and the Patriots, they retrieved a lot of the gold almost the majority of the gold.

And we can see that the push right now to bring down the central bank. Well, it’s Game on. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening be well be safe and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.


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