X22 Report: It’s Time To Restart Everything, Patriots Only Go Public When They Want The Target To Know

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Hi, and welcome you listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 2416 bn today’s date is March 1 2021. And the title of the episode is, it’s time to restart everything. patriots only go public when they want that target. To know about protecting yourself online. A new report reveals Tick Tock tracks you even if you never made an account. Now to put this to the test, a vice reporter downloaded and use the app but never created an account. He then submitted a GDPR request and revealed his findings. What Tick Tock sent him was shocking everything from his IP address to what he searched which videos he watched when he watched them and his devices digital fingerprints. What’s worse, he found this data was shared with third parties like Facebook tic tocs on privacy policy states that they can collect certain information from you when you use the platform including when you’re using the app without an account staying anonymous online so corporations can track you is more important than ever before. And the first step to doing this is to use a VPN and this is why I highly recommend virtual shield virtual shield is the only VPN I trust for myself and my family. I never used the internet without it. Go to virtual shield comm forward slash x 22 or click the link in the description to get virtual shield today for 50% off and free for 30 days. Let’s get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news. Now Trump the Patriots, they have strategized since the very beginning. And we can see that Trump he is now taking the game board. That was Delta him. He’s looking at it from 1000 foot view, he can see the swamp and he can change the players now. He is now in the process of changing everything he is in complete and utter control of everything now now when he first came into office. Yes, we had the Republicans, we had the Democrats, we had the swamp creatures. And they were dictating what he needed to do. Yes, he had a very small group, which he dealt with, where they went ahead and they push their plan. A lot of it had to do with military. And now Trump, he is taking full and utter control of this entire system. That’s what this was all about. Is you returning the power to the people? Is he going to have the people work with him to take back control of everything? Yes. This is all part of the plan. What are people seeing right now? The people are seeing everything that Biden, those people that are hiding behind the curtain, everything that they’re starting to do. And they’re moving at lightning speed so people could see it very, very clearly. Even those people that voted for Biden, they’re looking at this going this is not what we wanted. Remember everyday Americans, they want to support their families, they want good jobs, they want good health insurance. They don’t want all these other things that they’re pushing. And all these people are now saying this was a huge mistake. Remember, the whole point of this was for the people to take back this country. It was for the people to rise up. What do you think has been happening this entire time that people have been rising up? Is it a quick movement? No. Because you need to bring people through various stages. You need to wake them up, you need to see them. You need them to see the truth. You need them to see everything that’s going on. And that’s what we’re experiencing. Yes, we’re awake. Yes. We’ve been following this actually, those who are new, they’re just coming into the fold. Those people who are not awake yet, or just thinking to themselves, there’s something wrong here. These people are just learning right now. Trump, he is getting the majority of the country together to become united. The reason why we’ve been going through all of this is to unite the country, unite the country, not with Republican or Democrat, but to unite Americans unite Americans so they can see the true enemy Now why am I saying that? The majority of the people are gonna say Oh, yes. You know what, Trump’s the greatest. He’s gonna, he’s gonna help us all out. No, you’re still going to have those individual, those individuals, maybe four to 10% that will never ever accept it, because they want a different world especially if you look at the BLM movement. If you look at an Tifa, if you look at the very, very far left, if you look at these type of people, they will never, ever accept any of this. But you have to remember, they’re the minority. Yes, the mainstream media uses them. And they, they build them up to make it seem like this is what everybody wants. But you can see that everyone does not want this. This is why Trump received a landslide in the elections. Yes, he received a landslide. That’s why they shut everything down. They needed to see how many votes they needed. And that’s how they cheated, because they never expected him to receive so many votes. But people now are seeing the truth. And we are seeing how people are saying, you know, something, this isn’t the most popular president in this country because Biden, where they’re saying he won by 80 million votes, he should be receiving an incredible amount of views. Same thing with Kamala Harris. Think about this, and this is coming from the bias news. over a month into Biden’s presidency. And the YouTube account for the White House remains the least popular White House YouTube account ever in his room mankind with this morning’s press briefing, which has not yet begun already receiving 89 thumbs up and 1400 thumbs down.

The viewership is not there. Think about it. Trump’s not even the president. And he gave a speech at sea pack, millions of people watched. And he’s not the president right now, or is he? We’ll be talking about that a little bit later. But what’s very interesting is we can see that the deep state, they’re moving so quickly. They don’t want to deal with Congress. They don’t want to deal with anything. This is why Biden is writing and signing executive orders like crazy, because they need to reverse it all. And this is coming out of breaking 911 it says senior White House adviser Cedric Richmond, suggest White House, we’ll move on reparations without Congress. We don’t want to wait on a study. We’re going to start acting now. We have to start breaking down systematic racism and barriers that have helped people of color back and especially African Americans. Well, how do you know this is true? Actually, if you look at most of America, this is not true. They created this, they created the divide. Actually, if you look at the BLM movement, the BLM movement is creating the divide. And yes, and Tifa is included in the BLM movement. They’re creating the division. This is why they don’t want to wait for a study. Because that will give everyone the truth. And they don’t want people to know the truth. And this is why they’ll move forward without Congress at least try to because they know that this is never ever going to move forward. You have to remember that yes, they do their own internal polls, they know what’s really going on. And when they see it, that’s when they change everything up, they realize this is never going to fly. I mean, think about the mainstream media with the riots, they kept pretending that they didn’t exist. It was a myth. And Tifa wasn’t doing anything. And then what happened was their ratings were dropping and dropping and dropping, people were no longer believing. They looked at their internal polls, and they didn’t have the heartbeat of America. And this is why they had to switch everything up. If they do a study, if they really look into it, they’re going to see the absolute opposite. And this is what they’re most afraid of. Because once people learn this, their whole entire plan goes down the drain. Remember, their plan is the 16 year plan. Get rid of the history, get rid of everything that we know of change how our country was created. And change everything around, remove certain words, give the minority power. This is what they’re doing right now. And they’re trying to convince the people that this is all normal, and this is the way it should be. But people over these last four years and even after this, they’ve woken up, and they’re seeing the truth now and they’re not buying what they’re selling. Same thing with the election fraud. The people are no longer buying that there was no such thing as election fraud. They know it, they see it. They understand it. Look what’s happening in Texas. Four people were arrested in Texas on 150 counts of voter fraud. And this is coming from the Texas Attorney General. We’ve seen this before. This is just the beginning. We’re gonna see a lot more people arrested for election fraud. Actually, I think a lot of people who are tight lipped right now, they’re going to be singing telling everyone how it was done. When does this happen? When everything starts to fall apart? Look at Cuomo. Look at Newsome. Look at Whitmer. This is just the beginning. And we also have the Supreme Court.

On March 2, the US Supreme Court, they’re going to hear arguments and a challenge to a pair of Arizona voting policies deemed racially discriminatory by Democrats. What are they looking at? Well, these are the policy changes that are being challenged. votes cast in the wrong polling place must be tossed out a ban on collecting and turning in mail ballots by anyone other than a voters, immediate family members, or caregivers. And I do believe that Supreme Court should be looking at a lot more will they know, I don’t believe the Supreme Court is going to do anything. I think Trump knew this from the very beginning. But he followed the rule of law, actually, they just canceled Sidney pauwels cases right now. And I don’t believe the Supreme Court is going to be the answer. The answer? Is the people the answer is the evidence. The answer is the people taking back the country. Now, where does the military come in with all this? Well, the military will be used to keep control. Because remember, once this information starts to come out, and I’m not just talking about election fraud, I’m talking about treason sedition, and the rest. This is when the deep state will react. And we talked about that in just a moment. But we can see that the deep state they’re pushing their agenda, with Khashoggi with Syria, with everything else, and I do believe that the deep state players, the invisible enemy, they were pushing their agenda in Syria, Biden, he has no clue what’s really going on here. The people behind the curtain, they’re the ones who are calling the shots. And this is why they tried to push Trump with this Khashoggi murder. They tried to have Trump do something to Saudi Arabia. Remember, it was the CIA that came out and other intelligence agencies that were saying, Yes, it was Saudi Arabia, you need to do something sanctions go after this guy. And now they’re trying to do it again. Remember, this is the deep state. This is the establishment pushing their agenda. And they knew they didn’t light up just because Trump was the president. They knew they were going to have to use all of this later on. Trump knew that they were going to have to use this later on. He wants people to see it all to see what they’re doing. And we can see that the fiance of Khashoggi she’s demanding punishment for the Saudi Prince without delay. Remember, Trump, the Patriots, they cut the strings of Saudi Arabia, they took back control. It’s no longer Wonderland. And we see in Myanmar, we see that the military stepped in. And they took control because of election fraud. Yes, a lot of people want that here. I do believe sooner or later, it will happen. Not in the way that Myanmar did it. I think that’s going to happen a little differently here in the United States. But I do believe that this is letting us know that this is the direction we are heading in because remember, Mike Pompeo, he told us to watch me and more watch the elections. And we can see why he was saying this. Now what’s very interesting, and this is coming out of disclose TV, it says elected government declares me and more military, a terrorist group. So they just made their own military, a terrorist group because they stepped in. And I’m not saying their military is great. But they stepped in, because there was election fraud. And now they’re saying they’re a terrorist group. So you can see the deep state players, they’re going against the military now. What do you think is going to happen in this country? You think the deep state players are going to go against the military here? Absolutely. But with this whole pandemic, and with everything that’s going on here, we can see the deep state the establishment, they’re moving forward with their plan, and we know what their plan is. They want everyone vaccinated. They want people to have a vaccination card, or a vaccination passport. And this has nothing to do with COVID has nothing to do with vaccines. This is about control. It’s almost like after 911 where they started the Patriot Act, where everyone had to be searched in the airports. They were allowed to go through your luggage. They were allowed to go through your wallet, your pocketbook, anything, they could pat you down. And again, this is against our rights. They don’t have a warrant to do any of this. This is about gaining more control over time. That’s why Why they use this? Yes.

It sounds great to people saying yes, we must know if people have accent Well, if you have a vaccine, you are protected. You don’t have to worry about me. You don’t need a passport. Because those people who didn’t get one, they understand the risks. They understand why they didn’t get one. Those people who want to be safe, like those people working on the plane, those other passengers, they have nothing to fear. So what’s the point of the passport? Do you get one for the polio vaccine? No. Why not? Some people don’t take that vaccine. Some people don’t want it. Do you get one for measles? No. Do you get it for any of them? No. There’s no reason to have it. But we can see with this pandemic, everything the deep state players tried to do the dictators tried to do it is now backfiring on them because most of what they were doing was completely unconstitutional. Look what’s happening in New York and in California, California rule that No, you cannot stop people from praying. People should be allowed to go and pray actually, that we don’t need a court to tell us this. It’s our right. It’s our right to make a living. They were just telling us these things without scientific proof. Look at New York, the bars and restaurants. Cuomo came out and said, Listen, we need to have a curfew at 10 o’clock. And you know, bars, they do very, very well after 10 o’clock.

And he shut their businesses down. They got together with lawyers and said, okay, you want to shut us down, you want to put a curfew here shows the scientific proof. Show us the science behind it. They couldn’t produce it. So what did the judge say? Well, bars and restaurants, they can go back to their normal operating hours. Because you need to prove why? restaurants, bars, schools, you name it, you have to prove why you’re doing these things. And if you don’t have the proof, then you don’t have to follow it. There was no science behind it. Actually, there’s no science behind any of this. Six feet apart, wear a mask wear two masks. There’s no science behind any of this actually, every single person should should demand from Fauci from Joe Biden and the rest. Show us the science behind this. Everything that you said, six feet apart, wear a mask, where two masks show us that it works, peer reviewed clinical trial. We want to see it and we want to reproduce it. If you cannot do this. You have no right into telling us what to do. Yes, if the science shows that there is a virus, that it will spread this way. And your steps Stop it. Most people will comply because the science shows us but if without the science, it doesn’t work. You know why they never produced the science. Because there is no science. There’s nothing there. It would show that everything that they’ve done is meaningless. The whole thing was a hoax. Yes, there is a little virus out there, which is called the flu. That’s why the flu disappeared. They created this entire scenario by manipulating statistics by changing the testing procedures by shoving people into nursing homes, where they killed 1000s of people. Five governors did this. Now Cuomo is in the spotlight. Newsome is in the spotlight. wyndemere is in the spotlight. And it’s getting worse, as time goes on. This is not going to work out well for them. Think about it. It started out with Cuomo sending individuals into the nursing home. Yes, Trump trapped him, sent the hospital ship setting the Army Corps of Engineers set up hospitals to show that he knowingly did this. Now, what else has come out? Well, women started to come out and say they were sexually harassed by him. Now, of course, he’s using the excuse that Oh, no, this is a big mistake. You know, I’m a good natured person. I was just joking around. Well, if that’s the case, then everyone can use this. The women don’t see it that way. And yesterday, I mentioned that the women were were they and it seems that the pressure was building and they had to make a statement. But we don’t see the protests like we saw with Cavanaugh. We don’t see the protests that we saw with other individuals, how come? We’re all the women out there? Shouldn’t they be protesting in front of comos office? demanding he resigned? Shouldn’t we see it all the way down the block and 1000s and 1000s of people out there? How come we don’t see this? How come Nancy? Hillary? How come they’re not pushing for this? Ah, that’s the question. But the pressure is building. The news is building and they couldn’t be silent anymore. They had to say something, because it looks kind of strange, don’t you think? So Nancy Pelosi came out and says, Yes, the sexual allegations are credible. She just broke her silence. Just the other day.

And now we have new Hillary Clinton out there. She released a statement on sexual harassment. And she says these stories are difficult to read. And the allegations brought forth raise serious questions that women who have come forward, all New Yorkers deserve answers to, I’m glad to see that there will be a full independent and thorough investigation. Well, that’s another question. Is it going to be a independent investigation? Are these people really going to look into what he has done? We’ll have to wait and see. But we are getting worried that the New York Attorney General has the green light. This is Attorney General Letitia James released the following statement, that yes, they’re going to start to investigate the allegations of sexual harassment against Governor Cuomo. Now, this is going to be very interesting. We’ll have to see how this all plays out. I do believe that he might resign. As the pressure builds, he might resign. We’ll have to see how this all plays out. Again, we’ll have to see if there’s really going to be a real investigation. Let’s talk about protecting yourself online. A vice reporter who used tik tok but never create an account sent a GDPR request to the app, he wanted to find out what data they had on him. To his surprise Tick Tock stored his IP addresses what he searched for what videos he watched when he watched them and his devices, digital fingerprints, but this data was shared with third parties like Facebook, staying anonymous online so corporations can track you is more important than ever. And the first step to doing so is to use a VPN. This is why I highly recommend virtual shield virtual shield is the only VPN I trust from myself and my family. I never use the internet without it. So go to virtual shield comm forward slash x 22 or click the link in the description to get virtual shield today for 50% off and free for 30 days. But remember, this is not the only investigation. We also have the nursing home scandal. It seems that Cuomo, he’s in a little bit of trouble. Remember, he was the golden child. Fauci said this is the way it was supposed to be done. And now it’s completely falling apart. Now, what’s very interesting is that during the January six protests, we know that this was a complete setup by the deep state. They had a plan. They went through with it, and now things are starting to fall apart. We know that an Tifa was there. We know that many others were there. They planned it. They orchestrated, yes, there were still Trump supporters that walked into the White House. They stayed within the ropes. They took pictures, they talked to the police. But then we had an Tifa breaking windows storming the Capitol while Trump supporters were looking around. Now in the aftermath of January six, former Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving recalled to house admin, how previous discussions with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her office factored into his Blender of decision making. Pelosi his office had previously impressed upon Irving that the National Guard was remained off Capitol grounds. Irving allegedly told house administration. The discussions which centered around the optics allegedly occurred in the month prior to January six. during a time when deployment of federal resources for civil unrest was unpopular with Democrats and many members of Congress. The discussion raises questions as to what role Pelosi has office hand in the security failures that resulted in the resignation of both Irving and former chief of Capitol Police, Steven Sund. The sergeant of arms is selected by the Speaker of the House and takes its direction from the speaker. The sergeant of arms is one of the three officials that are voting members of the Capitol Police board, the entity that oversees the United States Capitol Police, former Essa Irving’s sworn testimony at Tuesday’s Senate hearing examined the January 6 right on the US Capitol raises additional questions on the exact timeline of events. Irving testified that he first received a formal request from sun to activate the National Guard at 2pm on January 6, additionally, when Missouri republican senator Josh Holley asked if he had to run the request up chain of command, Irving replied No in testimony before joint senate Homeland Security and rules committee The New York Times reported that the Speaker’s office confirmed that the National Guard was approved around 1:43pm. Sunset he sent a request for help from the National Guard to Irving around 1:09pm. So Irving said he was contacted about the matter after 2pm. So this is a problem here, because Irving got the request after 2pm. But Pelosi approved the request at 1:43pm. So if you believe Irving’s timeline that he testified under

oath, how could he ask for permission from the speaker 20 minutes before he got the request? Also, if you believe his sworn testimony, that he never had to run the request up the chain? Why did the Speaker’s office confirmed he did just that? Irving is covering for Pelosi, there’s no doubt about it. And now, with this evidence with this information that’s coming out. It seems somebody is caught in a lie. who lied. I wonder who remember during the impeachment trial, when Trump’s attorney said, Listen, we have 301 witnesses, and we want Pelosi to take the stand. Why do you think they backed off? Because they would have completely fallen apart. Now what’s very interesting is that they’re taking down the fencing around St. John’s Church near the White House. So the fence is coming down there. Now we’ll have to see if the fence comes down around the White House and everything else because there is absolutely no need to keep this up anymore. Nobody’s even in Washington. No one’s attacking nobody’s doing anything. But why are they keeping it up? Well, that’s 11. Three. Why aren’t they taking it down? Because that would trigger 11 dot four. Let me just go back to post 34 for a sec. It says my, my fellow Americans, over the course of the next several days, you will undoubtedly realize that we’re taking back our country, the land of the free from the evil tyrants that wish to do us harm, and destroy the last remaining refuge of a shining light. On poultices order, we’ve initiated certain fail safes that shall safeguard the public from their primary Fallout which is slated to occur 11 dot three upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta actionable on 11 dot for now, these are not dates. Remember, this is coming from the Department of Defense. And it’s 11 dot three and 11 dot four. Before we get to that, let me just repost 4587 it says c 19 narrative killed eight, Election Day plus one, we saw that the states started to open up all those states that were locked down. And we saw the who changed their testing requirements for the PCR test. And this is why cases are dropping. This is why deaths are dropping and they’ll continue to drop, they will disappear. And they never expected Trump to come out with the vaccine. So they’re kind of stuck. But let me just read the next line here. Prepare for a zero day massive cyber power attacks attempts on 11 dot four. Remember 11 dot four is not a date. 11 dot four has to do with Department of Defense. Let me read 11 dot four here. So once we hit 11 dot four, that’s when things are going to start to happen. So if you read 11 out for its legal position of the occupying power, it says military occupation of enemy territory involves a complicated trilateral set of legal relations between the occupying power, the temporarily ousted sovereign authority, and the inhabitants have occupied territory. The fact of occupation gives the occupying power the right to govern enemy territory temporarily, but does not transfer sovereignty over occupied territory to the occupying power. So in their little caged area, they’re controlling their area they’re the inhabitants and they have the authority over that occupied territory but not the rest of the country. That’s read 11 dot four dot one right of the occupying power to govern the enemy territory temporarily. The right to govern the territory of the enemy during its military occupation is one of the incidents of war.

Remember, Trump has always said we were at war. by the fact of occupation, the occupying power established power over occupied territory, the occupying power is conferred the authority to exercise some of the rights of sovereignty 1142 limitations on the power of the occupying power stemming from its lack of sovereignty over occupied territory, belligerent occupation in a foreign war, being based upon the possession of enemy territory, necessarily implies that the sovereignty of the occupied territory is not vested in the occupying power. occupation is essentially provisional. Because sovereignty is not vested in the occupying power The fact of military occupation does not authorize the occupying power to take certain actions. For example, the occupying power is not authorized by the fact of belligerent occupation to annex occupied territory, or to create a new state. In addition, the occupying power may not compel the inhabitants of occupied territory to become its nationals or otherwise to swear allegiance to it. Similarly, in view of the provisional nature of the belligerent occupation, the authority of the occupying power under occupation law has been interpreted as being subject to limitations on the ability to the ability of the occupying power to alter institutions of government permanently or change the constitution of a country. So, right now, because of the fences, and because of what they’ve done, according to this, it seems like they’re occupying that territory, when the fences are then dropped. They are no longer occupying that area. They’re not controlling it anymore. And I do believe this is why they want these fences to stay up. But I don’t think they’re going to be staying up for that much longer, we can see already, they’re starting to bring them all down. And that brings me to what Dan scavino put out there. Now, he put out something very, very interesting. And this is what he said, I think it’s time for Florida to do one of those Trump boat parades. So some of us from the administration, who were always stuck watching from the White House, or the campaign trail could join, you’re all out there and experience a beautiful day with the great American patriots out on the water. So basically, restart everything, boat, parades, caravans, mega parties, concerts, everything. We’re here to stay, they can’t silence 75 million plus Americans. Why would he say to do this now? Why start this? Well, I do believe that this is a message that things are about to change. Then we had Trump at sea pack. Now during this time he was late. Yes, Trump is normally late when he’s giving a speech. But I believe he did this on purpose. And there’s a picture of him right in front of the right side clock and it says 449. Now remember that post on that watch? On the 19th where the D class was released? That was done at 449? The clock says 449. Is Trump letting us know that that is going to be in play? What does that mean? I do believe it has to do with Durham. Trump also told the crowd during the fact that he is not starting a new political party. He says yes, the mainstream media, the deep state would love us to divide the party. This way, we would get half the votes. People would be divided confused. So Trump, he’s already out there saying that was fake news. They’re keeping the party together the Republican Party. The difference is, he’s in control. Now. They, those individuals that thought they were in control, they are no longer in control. Now, Trump, during his speech, said that the election was rigged. And the Supreme Court and other courts did not want to do anything about it. And he says the entire election is a fraud. Now, why did he say this? Because he’s bringing in the next phase. And he started to tell us what the next phase was. Now let’s just go back in time here. Remember, they cheated in the election in Pennsylvania, Trump had 700,000 votes over Biden. They stopped the clock. They saw how many votes they needed. And all of a sudden they started to cheat in Michigan. Trump was ahead by 300,000 votes. They did the same thing. In Wisconsin. Trump was ahead by 120,000 votes. They did the same thing. The same thing happened in Georgia and Nevada. So what did Trump say? He said we should have won Election Day, not 45. Not 30 days won Election Day.

The only people who should be allowed to vote absentee? Are those with good reasons sickness or some other reason. Eliminate mail in voting must have a voter id where do we hear that before? We need universal signature matching. There should be 100% requirement to be American to vote, and we must have chain of custody for every single ballot. Additionally, the President said our election process is worse than a third world nation. state legislators have the privilege privilege of being able to update laws, not judges who created the laws. During the pandemic the judges did. Time magazine article reported on the corruption in the election is a must read because Because Time magazine told everyone how they did it, we also need free speech. We can’t have republican censored. Your numbers are bigger than their numbers. Republicans are much bigger. They don’t want debate because we have easier victories. He’s letting us letting us know the entire plan right now where they are headed. And if you look, we have Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, all considering bills to rollback the rule changes already. Things are already changing. Now, during his speech, he also mentioned Alice, this is what he said, How bad is wind power? So I talked about it all the time at sea pack, right? We went to see back remember last year, I said, we’re going to watch the president, Alice, the wind isn’t blowing. I don’t believe we’ll have any electricity. Now it’s very interesting that he mentioned Alice. And remember, this has to do with Alice in Wonderland. If you go back to post 78, this is November 4 2017. It says, you’ll soon understand the meaning behind Alice in Wonderland, everything has meaning God bless. We know that Wonderland was Saudi Arabia. Actually, we know that Alice was Hillary Clinton. Why didn’t you mention Alice? I do believe we’re gonna see some information coming out pretty soon here. Now, Trump, he also called on conservative states, to punish tech companies with major sanctions if they censor anyone, actually, dissensus is already doing this. Do you imagine his state started to do this? And they started to sanction all the tech companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, it would be a disaster for them. Do you think this is the strategy to put pressure on them? Absolutely. We know that Trump, he’s building his own social media platform. I think it’s built already we were told this a long time ago. But Trump has always told us that we need to follow the rule of law. It is the ultimate safeguard, he says. And we we’re firm, that the constitution means exactly what it says, As written as written. He said, they want to change it, they want to change it, they want to get rid of it, frankly, we believe in law and order. And we believe that the men and women of law enforcement are heroes who truly deserve our absolute support. We don’t want to defend the police. We’re not defending the police, just making this completely clear. But he said that the rule of law is the ultimate safeguard. And we need to keep the constitution as written. And if we go back to post 4686, there’s a picture of the Punisher. And down below, it says equal justice under the law, in brackets, all caps, as written. And then down below, it says transparency, disclosure and accountability. Justice is the only way forward, future for our republic at stake. Watergate times 1000. So Trump was telling us right there, and q is confirming what he just said that, yes, the Constitution is the way forward as written, not changed. And then he said something else that was very interesting. He said, actually, as you know, they just lost The White House. But it’s one of those, but who knows? Who knows, I might even decide to beat them for a third time. Okay. So for a third time, so which means he beat them this time. He knows it. I do believe he’s still in charge. He’s a shadow president of Biden, Biden. He’s in his little area. And he’s maintaining control with the fences and National Guard, just like 11 dot three and 11 dot four says, once that comes down, well, the temporary sovereignty of that little area completely disappears.

That’s very interesting. He said, with your with your help, we will take back the house, we will win the Senate and then a republican president will make a triumphant return to the White House. And I wonder who that will be. I wonder who that will be who who will that be? I wonder? Think about his plan right now. What is everyone saying? They’re watching the house. They’re watching the Senate. They watched everyone that went against Trump. They’re watching the bills that they’re passing. They’re not benefiting the people. The people are waking up. We see that they’re going to bypass Congress for Reparations. Trump’s plan was to take it all back. His plan was to drain the swamp. That’s what we’re witnessing right now. He’s changing the game board right now. So does this mean He’s talking about running in 2024. Now, I don’t think he’s gonna wait that long. I don’t think he’s gonna have to wait that long. I think they’re taking a different approach. Remember Trump? He’s running tons of clandestine actions right now. How do we know this? Well, what’s very interesting is that George news, they put out some information today, and it says, All God, responsibilities and authorities, Special Operations, conventional operations, think outside the box. And we know that Trump has control of the military, we know that he’s shadowing these individuals just like they did with him. Remember, we still have a special counsel who has been investigating for a very long time. And I know, a lot of the mainstream media and many other people saying, well, nothing’s going to happen with that. Are you trying to tell me that he spent this entire time with no leaks? investigating these individuals, and there’s nothing there? What are all these indictments for? Now, the reason why there’s no leaks is because they have no clue what’s going on Durham. He’s going after these individuals the correct way. And remember, Trump, the Patriots, they don’t let people know when they’re going to do something. It’s the art of war. It’s about taking back this country. He’s not going to be doing it alone. He’s not going to be, you know, riding in there on a horse with the military on his back. Going charge. Let’s get these people. He was always told this from the beginning. Are you ready to take back this country? It’s the people along with Trump. The people are going to support Trump in his mission. Yes, the deep state is going to fight when this happens. The Deep State is going to push back. Trump needed the people behind him. Because if you have the people behind you, and I’m not talking about 10,000 people, 20,000 people, if you have 70 million 80 million 100 million people behind you saying yes, this is what we want. Trump and everyone working with him is in complete control. Remember, let’s go back to post 2713. It says we only go public when we want the target to know. And as of right now. They don’t know. That’s why Biden Pelosi and the rest, the invisible enemy, the deep state. That’s why they have the fencing around DC. They don’t know what Trump is going to do. They think he’s going to do what they would do. Bring up the military with tanks, and try to get Biden out of there now, Trump follows the rule of law. Trump will always continue to follow the rule of law. And he’ll do it with the people remember, it’s the people that make up this country. It’s the people that control this country. It’s the people that dictate to government. Yes, we see in the example with me and Mark, where the military stepped in. Well, where are the people? Why aren’t they with the military? Why aren’t they behind them? You see them all marching out there behind the military. That’s why the situation is a little bit tougher there. Trump, he knew that he needed to get the people behind him. Because once they show the evidence of treason, sedition, election fraud and the rest.

Yes, the military is working with him. The military is going to defend everything that he’s doing, because the deep state is going to throw everything that they have at him. The people are going to be standing behind him saying no more. We’re done with this. This is why Q is continually said, Are you prepared to take back this country, we the people are going to take back this country. Remember, the first part of the plan was to wait to basically the great awakening to wake people up. Which he did in four years. Now he’s Waking the rest of the people up. Now he’s going to be producing evidence. Because once you have the people, you can then produce evidence you can show what was really going on. You’re not going to catch people by surprise. Why because they’re awake. Remember, this is not about just a four year election. This is about taking back the country. That’s the mission and Trump. He’s pushing forward. The fund is about to begin. Listen, every One thanks a lot for listening be well be safe and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot

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