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X22 Report: Slings & Arrows, You Have Not Been Abandoned, Think Shadow, Pain

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X22 Report: Slings & Arrows, You Have Not Been Abandoned, Think Shadow, Pain

Trump and the patriots are now appearing weak, the [DS]/MSM should be in confident and strong but with everything they are doing it looks more like panic. When do you play the Trump card, when the [DS]/MSM believe they hold the winning hand. GEORGE sends out a message, slings and arrows. We are not abandoned. Shadow government, pain is coming, why would Durham add additional prosecutors on to his staff in Dec 2020.

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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

Hi, and welcome you listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this episode 2392 bn today’s date is January 31 2021. And the title of the episode is slings and arrows, you have not been abandoned. Think shadow pain. Let’s talk about your health more studies have come out that prove the effectiveness of a little known spice called tumeric. Health experts are beginning to agree that consuming tumeric is a crucial as it gets to renewing and revitalizing how we look and feel in fact, a jaw dropping 5000 peer reviewed scientific articles have come out providing evidence of the fountain of youth like benefit found in tumeric. If you want to try this proven spice yourself, go to age with x 20 at age with x 20 And get the best to work for 51% off today or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news. Now we can see the mainstream media the deep state, the Biden administration, remember, he’s just a puppet, they are now pushing their agenda. And they are reversing everything that Trump has done. Remember, they accelerated their plan they had to Trump in the Patriots, they set everything up. So they would have to push forward with their plan. Same thing with the central bank, with the greed with the great reset. Everything has been accelerated at this point. Remember, the central bank the deep state going back in time, they did everything very, very slowly. So it wouldn’t be noticeable. Look how long it took them to move manufacturing out of the United States. Look how long it took them to make everyone speak politically correct, which is now completely breaking apart, which they’re trying to control. Now, everyone can see exactly what they had planned. Because Trump the Patriots, what they’ve done, is they force them into showing their hand showing exactly what they had planned for the United States. And now everyone can see this. It’s not hidden in the shadows anymore. They’re not hiding behind the curtain. They’re out front and center. And they’re showing everyone because they have to quickly move on all this and bring the United States back to where it was before Trump came into office. And this is exactly what we’re seeing. So we’re seeing the corruption. We’re seeing everything that people do not want. And this was done on purpose. Yes, it might seem that Trump and the Patriots, they’re just in the background, Trump is playing golf optics are very important. He can’t be involved in any of this. It has to seem like he’s not doing a thing. It’s all about the deep state. It’s all about the DS. It’s all about the mainstream media. And that’s really what it’s all about, because they’re exposing everything they want to do. And what is that doing? It’s waking people up? Yes, there’s still a plan in place. Yes, they’re allowing the enemy to destroy themselves, why interfere with the enemy, while they’re in the process of Destroying Themselves when the country can see exactly what they’re doing. Even the people that voted for Biden, who lost their job are now angry. The people that needed the insulin now have to pay more, they are angry, people are starting to realize they made a huge mistake. This was done on purpose. Remember, we had two ways to go here. One way, was the deep state. They wanted to bring us to war. And this is part of the Deep State central bank plan. They wanted to bring us to war, to remove the Constitution, to remove our way of life. And to reset the system. That was their plan. That that’s what they were striving for. So instead of a pandemic, instead of us sitting at home instead of you ordering food in instead of you waiting for the stimulus check. Cities would have been destroyed, people would have been killed. And the world would have been in complete and utter mess from the third world war. And the United States was not going to come out as a winner. United States was gonna come out as a loser because the losing country well, the winning country gets to do whatever they want to the country and that means removing them. institution. So Trump with the Patriots, they decided, you know, something, let’s get rid of the wars. And yes, we know the deep state, they’re going to try to push their plan. But we can use it against them. Yes, the people will feel discomfort, yes, the people will become angry. But that will be needed to wake them up.

Actually, the people have felt pain since February, March, almost a year now. And during this period of time, this pain that the people have been feeling has woken the public up, and more and more people are waking up. This is what they use as the Great Awakening. Because when you feel pain, when you feel discomfort, when you become angry, it snaps you out of your trance. And you start to think and you say this is not right. Yes, everyone will wake up at a different point. Everyone has a separate level of when they feel Enough is enough. This is why this is still going on. This is why this is very important. This is why q has told us that the tea pot, the D party will no longer exist. Because when this is all said and done. What will be left is Americans, the American people understanding who the true enemy is remember all this time, they’ve been telling us and pointing the finger at others away from them. And now the people are so awake, the mainstream media, the deep state, they’re afraid. Why do you think they have a wall built around the Capitol? It’s not because they love the people. It’s not because the people are with them, that people agree with them. They’re there because they cheated their way in. It’s like a dictator who takes power doesn’t want to give it up. And the only way to stay in power is to remove those that are questioning those that are in power. And how are they doing this? We’ve seen it in the past in other countries. Normally, they would take them away and put them into prison or and then kill them. But there’s too many people. So what do they have to do? They have to control the narrative. How do you control the narrative? How do you shut the opposition up? When you’re a dictator? You censor. You shut down social media. You destroy people’s lives when they’re trying to make a living. Look at my pillow. Look at the girl that had her products in Sephora. And there’s many other examples. You shut them all down. That’s what they’ve been doing. Yes, they might take it to the next level, as we can see. But the Patriots, they knew they needed this discomfort, this part of the darkness. So people would start to think again, people would start to say I see this, this is not good. And yes, they use the cover story that this will be great for you if we do it this way. Just like the pandemic, they made everyone feel like they’re doing the right thing. If they wear a mask, no one even questions the mask, can we see the tests that the mass actually work? You know, clinical trials peer reviewed? Can we actually see that because now they’re telling us 2345 mass would be really great. And an Angel Angel swab in China is the way to go. They keep moving the goalposts but until you ask the questions, this is when they become upset just with same thing with hydroxychloroquine. They shut down anyone that was talking about hydroxychloroquine Why? Because it went against their narrative. That’s what dictators do. You shut down those that are questioning everything. And on the telegram account, by the way, the official telegram account is x 22. Report official. Yes, it’s on the X 22 report, you can look up all the official accounts, just go up to the menu. If you’re on the desktop, everything x 22. And you’ll see official accounts if you’re on the mobile version. Go up to the top, you’ll see three bars on the left. That’s the menu, click on it, go to everything x 22 and go to official account or scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the menu there too. But this is what they’ve done. They’re shutting down anyone that opposes them. That’s what dictators do.

And we can see it right out in the open right now. And we’ll be talking about all the different messages and how Trump and the Patriots have not abandoned the mission. But first Maxine Waters, she’s back in the news, not because she’s a great politician, actually, she’s corrupt. But she’s in the news because she has dished out more than 1 million in campaign payments to her daughter. Following the 2020 election. Karen waters pocketed about 1.1 3 million for providing an array of services for her mother’s campaign since 2003. Majority of caches for her role in running a controversial slate mailer operation in which California politicians gave money to voters campaign in exchange for mailers bearing her endorsement. So she’s back in the spotlight. And we can see that dictator Biden, he is now up to 42 executive actions in one week. Remember, he said anyone that use the executive orders like executive actions, and they have to govern that way? Well, that is a dictator. Well, looks like he’s filling that right in. He’s the one who is doing it. No trumped into 42 executive actions when he came into office, he did something like four to eight. That’s in line with all the other presidents. But Biden had to come in and this was done on purpose. He had to undo everything that Trump did. Why? Because it was not in line with the great reset. It wasn’t in line with the non elected leaders that are pushing this new world. And yes, they are pushing a new world. But q has always told us that all three movies are going to be playing at the same time. And we know that Trump before he left office on the 19th he declassified Pfizer information. He probably declassified a lot more than that it was the crossfire hurricane. The question is, why haven’t we really heard about any of that? Now, the Trump in the Patriots want everyone to think it was a nothing burger. He wouldn’t just do it to be a nothing burger. I do believe he’s going to be using it later. He needed. He needed it in the public realm. So the public could see it. But he wanted everyone to think that there was nothing there. All his talk about spying all his talk about treason. It was just talk. Yes, he’s going to be using this later. But we can see that all three movies are going to be playing at the same time. Because what do you think is going to happen during the impeachment? Do you think he’s going to bring it up? Do you think he’s going to bring up election fraud? Do you think the pedo world is going to be coming out in the open? Well, I do believe it is. We’re already starting to see it. We’re starting to see it out of the Lincoln project. What are we seeing already? Well, john Weaver, the co founder of the Lincoln project, he faces sexual suggestive harassment allegations from at least 21 young men. Now that’s interesting. Why would that be coming out right now. But what’s very interesting about that is that the mainstream media, as these victims reached out to the mainstream media in 2020, they completely ignored them. They covered it all up. And then Don, Jr. came out. And he tweeted this out, the Lincoln project should probably change their name to the pedophile project to better reflect their true values. Are we seeing the introduction of all three movies playing at the same time? It’s starting to feel that way. And it’s very interesting how it came from the Lincoln project first. It didn’t come from the democrat side. It didn’t come from Hillary it didn’t come from, but it came from the Lincoln project side. This was done on purpose, why optics are very important. Now with the election fraud, we’re starting to see certain things happening. What’s very interesting, it’s all happening after the elections, you know, with Virginia, going ahead and saying, Listen, you know, that law we passed about the mail in ballots and allowing them to come in after the elections. Well, that is completely legal. those laws were not created by the legislature. And we can’t allow this to happen again. If you notice that happened after the elections, which calls into question the elections. And now we have the US federal government election Assistance Commission, EA C. claimed uncertified orders, performed the voting system audits. So there were uncertified auditors that performed the certification of the audits. Well, that doesn’t make any sense. Why would they do that?

So it seems the election Assistance Commission told the Senate in December 2020 it had to accredited test laboratories. In reality, it had none. And what do we see happening we see out in Arizona, Maricopa County, we see that the Arizona State Senate has hired its own independent, qualified forensic auditing firm to analyze the 2020 results. That’s pretty big news. And they put out a statement about this, and how they’re moving forward with this. It’s amazing how all these things are starting to happen after the elections. Will Trump in the Patriots use this information? Of course, they will. Remember, when you’re performing a sting operation, and when you’re trying to catch your enemy, you allow them to continue on where they think they haven’t made. They one. No one’s spying on them. No one can interrupt us. We’re in the clear. And when they’re in the clear, what do they do, they do exactly what they’ve been doing in the past. They do everything illegal. And that’s how you catch these individuals. And you can see with everything that Biden is doing, and all those individuals that are pulling his strings, like Obama, who’s sitting in the basement talking in his ear, they’ve already said that the Taliban, they have not met their commitments in the peace deal with the US now we know what they’re trying to do here. Everything that Trump did, where he created peace, and Afghanistan, throughout the Middle East, they need this reversed. Actually, Biden’s entire plan on him, but he’s the puppet, he was put in the middle of the Middle East back on a path of war. This is exactly what they wanted. Because this was part of their 16 year plan to bring us to war, they didn’t want peace. Let’s talk about your health. More studies have come out that prove the effectiveness of a little known spice called tumeric. Health experts are beginning to agree that consuming Turmeric is a crucial as it gets to renewing and revitalizing how we look and feel in fact, a jaw dropping 5000 peer reviewed scientific articles have come out providing evidence of the fountain of youth like benefit found in tumeric, if you want to try this proven spice yourself go to age with x 22, calm at age with x 20 And get the best to work for 51% off today or click the link in the description. This was not their plan at all. And the reason why you can see it so clearly now is because everything has been accelerated. Just like the pandemic, people are starting to look at this and they’re questioning everything that’s going on. Now think about it. As Joe Biden was inaugurated the who changed their testing cycles, the states opened up. And this was the beginning part of removing the pandemic. Now, once again, they’re not just going to come out and say hey, listen, by the way, the pandemic is gone. Now, what they do is they do things in the background, yes, we’re calling them out on it, where they change the number of cycles on the test. So now the case load goes down. And those people that are testing positive, who died, maybe have a motorcycle accident and they had COVID. And they use COVID. Now COVID won’t show up so the deaf count will start to drop. What they also tried to do here is they try to make it seem like they’re going to be helping the situation by saying when 20 masks Yes, I’m exaggerating. where a lot of masks, yes, everyone taking transportation because the CDC just put this out there, use masks on all public transportation, and get the vaccine do all these things. And the pandemic will go away. Well, they’ve already started in the background, removing it, and they’re going to make you think wearing the mask doing all these things. That is what caused the pandemic to go away. And we could see people in other countries, like in Denmark, they had enough with their lockdowns, you can see these anti lockdown protests, they’re all over the place. And people are angry. They had enough. They have reached the precipice of destruction. And like I said, people reach it at all different points. But what’s very interesting is that we have this deadly pandemic. But the flu cases completely disappeared. Only 23 Americans tested positive for flu last week compared to 14,657 cases reported last year at the same time. So the flu disappeared, and COVID took its place. How could that be? Well, they’re trying to say, well, because we’re wearing masks and we’re social distancing. That’s why the flu cases dropped. Well, if that’s the case, all those places that were locked down, and people were social distancing, like California, New York and the rest, and they were they had mandatory masks. COVID would have dropped dramatically, wouldn’t it? How come it went up? How come the states where they didn’t have the lockdown to the mandatory mass? How come their cases went down?

Very odd. That tells you something right there. And when you look at this, you know what they’re doing? They’re playing with the numbers. Actually, if you look at 20 2020 2019 2018 2017 you look at the death count for the entire year, the death count is completely in line, there’s really no difference. And with this deadly pandemic, nothing ticked up. It’s very odd. How can that be? It doesn’t make sense. When you start to think logically, and you start to look at this, you can see that it doesn’t make sense. all they’re doing is manipulating statistical information. If you died of the flu, well, actually, it’s counted as COVID. Because they’ll give you a COVID test. And it’s COVID-19. If you have symptoms, like the flu symptoms, which are very similar to the COVID Cyst Symptoms, they’re not going to give you a flu test. They’re gonna give you a COVID testing, and it’s a it’s a COVID, COVID. That’s what they’re doing. It’s very simple. And people are starting to realize this, that something is wrong. And what’s very interesting is that Dr. Simone gold, she put out this tweet, it says Facebook just announced it made a mistake when it censored studies showing h CQ saves lives. censorship is never a mistake. Tech executives repeatedly made a calculated decision month after month, month silencing physicians worldwide. censorship kills. Yes, they didn’t want anyone to know about h CQ if everyone knew about h CQ, which was a drug that was put out by the FDA 6065 years ago, for malaria. And people use this with zinc and other medication like other doctors have used, we wouldn’t have a pandemic at all, actually, you would find out that it counters the flu to and colds. And they didn’t want anyone to realize that. And that’s why they had to shut it down. Because how do you push a narrative with a drug that is out there that works to cure something that you’re trying to push? You have to shut it down. You have to make it hard to get you have to make you have to show that it’s deadly. That’s why they put out the Lancet report. And the mainstream media used the Lancet report when they were talking to Kaylee McKenney. And they kept bringing up the Lancet report until we actually read the Lancet report. And we found out it was all fake information. And then scientists said, Can we see your clinical trials, your peer reviews, and they had to retract it. And all of a sudden, we’ve learned it was fake. Just like the Black Lives Matter movement. We know where they destroyed. Businesses, set buildings on fire hurt people. With their entire movement, they cost the country $2 billion in damages. 1500 businesses or buildings were destroyed. And they’re up for a Nobel Peace Prize. That’s how you know the system is corrupt. And this whole insurrection thing is starting to fall apart. Because now we’ve come to find out that these this individual whoever it is, they’re still looking for him. He placed bombs at the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention the day before. We also know that certain individuals that went into the Capitol, well, they were being filmed. konnikova put out a picture of the guy with horns and the flag and they were press standing all around him taking a picture. That’s a very strange insurrection. When the guys walking down the hallway, they’re all taking pictures. We also have video of john Sullivan in the rest inside the Capitol, telling everyone I can’t believe we did this. We got these people to come in here. It’s working. They were behind all of this about 200 people. And you can see that this whole thing was completely staged. Yes, john Sullivan. He’s part of BLM. He’s part of an Tifa. He’s part of all of that. He was arrested. And now their whole insurrection story is falling apart. People are learning the truth. Now, what’s very interesting, we know that Trump and the Patriots, they put out a lot of disinformation. Remember sunsoo the The Art of War, when you’re weak, appear strong when you’re strong, appear weak.

And I do believe that Trump of the Patriots, they want the deep state to feel like there’s no threat. There’s nothing go about your business. CNN put out a story and of course, sources told them who are these sources? Nobody really knows they just make it up. told them that Trump’s impeachment team is disbanding because they can’t agree on anything. So it looks like his senate trial is a complete and utter mess for Trump not for the Senate. But for Trump, because everyone is just leaving and he has no one to argue his case. Was that done on purpose? Yes. Because it makes The Deep State the mainstream media think he is weak, it makes the deep state mainstream media think that he’ll be doomed during the trial. Trump’s lawyers quitting, most likely is all disinformation, like we’ve seen before, appear weak when you’re actually strong. Now, this seems like it’s a good indicator that Trump is going to use the senate trial to inject evidence into the public realm. And like I said before, when this happens, we might see the mainstream media social media shut down as much as they possibly can. Yes, we’ve seen censorship all the way up to this point. And we’ve seen Trump’s account, dropped on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook, on YouTube, actually, YouTube is extended his suspension, it might be just suspended indefinitely. But you can see that this would be a point where you start to see communication blackout through the continental US. Think about this logically, why would Trump declassify the information one day before inauguration? And we haven’t heard much about it. The mainstream media doesn’t say anything. It’s actually kept out of sight. will trump need this? Will he need this later on? Did he need to make it public? So we can use this at the right time? I do believe so. Now, it seems that certain individuals that are very worried about Trump still, they’re worried about that he’s setting up a shadow government. A shadow presidency, just like Obama actually cute told us about this before. And this is coming from Pam Keith Esquire. You heard it here first. If we do not contain Trump by inch pietschmann, or diamond, and a few months, you will start to run a shadow government from Mar a Lago. And at least a dozen governors will start to take their orders from him, we will be right back on the path to silver war that the extreme right has been pushing for. Now the extreme right has not been pushing for a civil war, that the individuals here in the United States, they’re pushing the Constitution, they’re pushing freedom, the left, like an Tifa BLM, who went around destroying businesses burning down buildings, hurting people shooting cops. They’re the ones that were pushing a civil war. They’re the ones who were trying to start something. So let’s talk about shadow government for a sec. Let’s go back to post 4164. This is may 9 2020. And it says define shadow government. Now this is from WikiLeaks. And it says the shadow government is a family of conspiracy theories based on the notion that a real and actual political power resides not with the publicly elected representative, but with the private individual who are exercising power behind the scenes, beyond the scrutiny of democratic institutions. Now, here’s the definition. From the web, it’s a shadow government noun, a government in waiting that is prepared to take control in response to certain events. Now, we know from the cues past posts, the shadow president, the shadow government, they were talking about Obama. Now what I think is happening right now is Trump, he has flipped everything, everything that they did to him, he is now doing to them. Exposing everything that they remember, they were projecting everything on to Trump, Ukraine, isms, the P tape, all that kind of stuff. They were projecting it all onto Trump. Now Trump is using all of that, to show exactly what they actually really have done. All the crimes, the treason, the pedophilia, the crimes against humanity. And if we go back to post 44,832 is October 7 2020. It says shadow president, shadow government information warfare, irregular warfare, color revolution, insurgency, isn’t isn’t this exactly what we’ve seen?

I do believe so. Now, what’s very interesting is that we know we’re going through this dark period of time and a lot of people are looking at the White House saying Oh, it went dark. But there are reports that the White House shuts down its lights at night, and it just goes dark after 11 o’clock. So I don’t know if that’s really true or not, but that’s besides the point. When you look at post 97. Throughout Q’s post, q spelt darkness correctly, but in post 97 darkness was spelt darn kiss, and Q did not correct this whatsoever. And it says 10 days period, darn kiss, period war period. And yes, it says other things in this post but I’m just looking at this word darling kiss. And it seems like it’s a misspelling but When you go to the Internet, and you go to definitions, someone made an entry on April 2 2020. And gave Darren kiss, a definition. That’s interesting. It says, unsettling, disturbing pain, sleepless nights of darn kiss. are a lot of people feeling that right now. Yes, that just is very, very interesting. And we know going back in time that q has told us to look at George, and said, Hello, George. And we looked at one of the videos when they’re offline. And last time it had Trump at the all the way at the end where it says the best is yet to come. And now when you look at a video that was just put out on January 30 2021, and you fast forward to seven minutes. And it before this just shows like they’re offline. It comes up with President Trump’s administration shows Trump in meetings and down below it says slings and arrows. whitehouse 45 now we’re have we heard slings and arrows before? Because this seems like a very big coincidence. Well, if we go back to post 3728, it says the following. It says Well, first, an anon on the board said, thanks for standing watch with us for a little while on this emotional night. We are with you and POTUS, please pass that on to him. And this post is from December to December 19 2019. Now down below, it says friend Patriot, hold your head up high. POTUS was not harmed in any way today other than on paper history books. Sometimes you must sacrifice yourself for the greater good. I will gladly take all those slings and arrows for you. It’s then it says that was a quote from POTUS. But even that can be undone. the enormity of what is coming will shock the world pray. So in this post, it’s saying slings and arrows, which corresponds to post 3728 saying that he is taking all of it right now that everything that’s being done can be reversed. And then George news, put out the following on telegram you have not been abandoned. Now that’s very interesting. And I do believe what this is all about. It’s about public opinion, waking the people up showing them because remember these politicians. Yes, they speak like a politician. It sounds great when it’s coming out of their mouth. But when they actually go ahead and do what they’re supposed to do, their actions. They speak louder than what they were saying. And it shows the world how they lied, how they were going to do the opposite how they weren’t going to do anything for the people. We’ve seen this in the past. Now we’re seeing it accelerated. And the last post of cue, the second the last I should say is Durham. And I just want to say going back to December of 2020. If Durham’s investigation is a complete Nutter nothing burger and there’s nothing there. Why would Durham back in December, add prosecutors to a special counsel? If he has nothing? This was before Biden took office. Why would they make him a special counsel? Why would they give him the ability to prosecute federally because before he was just in Connecticut, he couldn’t do it? Why is he independent? There’s a reason for this. This was all planned. This is about public opinion. This is about showing the world this is about destroying their system. It’s much, much larger than a four year election. This is about bringing down the entire corrupt system. That is what we’re experiencing right now.

And this is why when Trump was on the golf course saying we haven’t finished yet. They haven’t. The operation is still on. Listen, everyone thanks a lot for listening be well be safe and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.