X22 Report: Space Force Critical To Mission, [DS] Overlooked It, Military Is The Only Way Forward

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Hi, and

welcome you listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 2395 bn today’s date is February 3 2021. And the title of the episode is spaceforce. Critical to mission Deep State overlooked it. Military is the only way forward, let’s talk about protecting yourself the data of 2.3 million users have been leaked after a hacker managed to find a backdoor into the popular dating site meet mindful leak personal data includes names Facebook IDs, emails, birth dates, location data and a lot more the data was then uploaded to a public hacking forum for anyone to download meet mindful says they have since patched the flow, but the damage is already done. If you want to prevent hackers or an attacks like this from happening to you, I highly recommend virtual shield go to virtual shield comm forward slash x 22 to get virtual shield for 50% off today by visiting the link below. Let’s get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news. Now we know that when Trump came into office back in 2016, his entire mission was to bring down the deep state, the central bank system. It’s not about winning the election. It’s about exposing their system, it’s about destroying their system. And the only way to do this is to show the American people because if you just told them, and you just said this is what we’re doing. And we have to get rid of them because of this that and the other thing, no one would believe this. The only way to make people believe is to show them the truth. How do you show them the truth? Well, you need to build public opinion. You need to do it in a natural way, where people see it occurring, where people can say, You know something? This isn’t right. And how do you do that? Well, you allow those individuals to come into office. And you allow them to carry out their plan, an accelerated plan because they have to undo everything that was done. Now people, they start to see it. Now, of course, the mainstream media, the social media companies and the corrupt politicians, they spent months and months, telling everyone, there’s no such thing as election fraud. And just recently, we’ve seen more and more where the military they stepped in, they were using smart medic Dominion machines. They got whiff that there’s election fraud, and they stepped in, and they stopped it. They saw something happened now, the countries around the world and especially the Biden administration, they objected to this. And they said this cannot be allowed. Because this is exactly what happened here in the United States. This is allowing people to see this firsthand. And I do believe when q said the military is the only way. I don’t think it meant that the military was going to come in and arrest everyone that could still happen. But I think there was an underlying plan, which was completely overlooked. Actually, the mainstream media, the deep state, even the Biden ministration right now, they’ve made fun of it. And I think Trump was very good and very strategic, and not just him, but many others in creating this. And they created it for a very specific reason. Now, when you hear the word spaceforce, you think we’re flying off to other planets to intercept aliens that are going to attack the earth? Well, that might be part of their mission. But I think there’s another part of their mission. And it has to do with monitoring everything that happens here on this planet, cyber warfare to locate and detect national security threats. Now, this is very important. And I believed they use this now this is another part of the military. Trump, he went ahead and he created it. And no one saw it coming. We’ll be discussing all this a little bit later in this report. But let’s talk about the Biden administration. Because people are noticing what he’s doing. They realize Jen Psaki is an idiot, and she has no clue what spaceforce is actually she’s made fun of it. And we’ll be talking about that in just a sec. We can see that Biden he’s trying to bring in Gina Raimondo from she’s a Rhode Island democratic governor. And they’ve been asking her questions about China about the telecom giant, Huawei, and they’ve been asking her questions about, you know, are you going to keep the Chinese telecom giant Huawei on the entity list? And she will not answer the questions. Now that’s very interesting, actually, that tells you everything you need to know there.

Now, the other thing that the Biden ministration is doing is those people that are on maternity leave, it seems that they are not paying for their maternal leave benefits and health insurance. This is coming from at amuse it says shock. Pregnant employment appointees working for Biden during the transition are being denied basic maternal leave benefits and health insurance, according to political Biden is refusing any extension for pregnant women, if they are originally appointed by Trump. Well, this is how you bring the country together. That’s exactly what you do. Then we have the defense secretary, this is coming from breaking 911. He is ordering the resignation of hundreds of people that serve on the Pentagon’s 42 civilian advisory board, purging a number of Trump loyalists. Imagine if Trump just went ahead and he started to purge everyone. Well, he did part of that. And then what did the mainstream media do? Well, these people have done nothing so far. And they just want to get rid of them. Yes, can they? Of course they can. But this is not how you bring the country together, is it? So it seems that Biden is working in the opposite direction of what he has been talking about. But the other thing that’s very interesting is that there was a Department of Justice, civil rights lawsuit against Yale for race based discrimination against Asian applicants. Now, the lawsuit was originally filed in October of 2020, after two plus year investigation by the Department of Justice Civil Division, which found that Yale had a long standing and ongoing operation to discriminate against applicants based on race and national origin. Yale was put on notice of violation of the 1964 civil rights act in August of 2020. And what they did was, they looked at the applications. And they went ahead, and they analyzed it, and they basically penalize people based on their race. And it was white individuals and Asian students. Well, it seems that the Biden ministration decided no something. Yeah, let’s just cancel that. Who cares? Now, that’s very interesting, people are noticing that too. And then we have Kevin Kline Smith, you know, the individual that change the email to get Pfizer warrants? Well, he got probation as we know, that is a marker. He also got suspended by the DC bar, but not permanently. This is an interim suspension. That is very interesting. So we can see the rule of law doesn’t work for everyone. There are separate laws for certain individuals and other laws for others. People are seeing this very, very clearly. Now, people understand what is really going on. And it’s not just Republicans, Democrats are starting to notice notice this too, they’re starting to realize, well, wait a minute, maybe we pick the wrong person. Because remember, once you start hitting people’s pocketbooks, once you start changing the game, people take notice, and people are starting to notice this very, very quickly. And they’re also noticing that he’s just signing as many executive orders or executive actions as he possibly can to reverse everything. And a lot of these things were put into place to benefit the American people, just like insulin, helping those who have opioid addictions and much, much more. And people are starting to notice as well, this benefited the American people. Why is he removing this? Why is he removing the jobs? Right now during a dark winter? Why would you do that people are suffering right now, was was this really the right time. But remember, the deep state, they don’t care about that. They just care about bringing their system back in line for what the great reset. Now it seems that Epstein is back in the news again. And there are never before seen photos of Jeffrey Epstein, back in 2004. And he has a young girl sleeping on his lap in a private jet. They also went to Disney World. And we don’t know who this young girl is. But this is very interesting. Now, since you know everything about Epstein and what he was up to and what the island was up to. You can see that this is very disturbing. And people are noticing this and I think there’s going to be a lot more pictures that just All of a sudden come out of the blue. And I don’t think it’s just going to be with Epstein. This is the part where they’re gonna bring in crimes against humanity. I think we’re gonna see videos, pictures of many other individuals. This is just the start. This is the beginning. And we know that all three movies are going to be playing at the same exact time. Now we could see that certain politicians, the corrupt politicians, they’re trying to bring us back before Trump came into office and go back to their 16 year plan. Remember, when john kerry brought in to the UN arms treaty into the Senate, and they continually had mass shootings over and over and over to get this passed, it never happened. But it seems they’re not waiting for that they’re moving forward. And they have HR one to seven mega gun control bill. And this is completely crazy. This is being brought in by Sheila Jackson. And under hr 127. firearm owners must provide the ATF with make model and serial number of every gun they have in their possession. This includes firearms people may have owned for multiple years. On top of that ameland noted that going to gun owners would have to report the identity of any person to whom and any period of time during which the firearm will be loaned to that individual. And according to the licensing requirement, the licensing applicant has to go through a criminal background check, which they do now. After that, they must undergo a psychological evaluation to determine if the person is psychologically fit enough to own a firearm, you know how that is going to play out. All they need to do is get these doctors. And let’s say the federal government pays them a certain amount of money for all those people that are psychologically not able to have a weapon, they get

paid for that. And this is very, very similar to COVID-19. Those individuals that die in a Car Accident, Motorcycle Accident cancer, if they test positive for COVID-19. They say Oh, they have COVID-19 that’s what they died of they the hospitals get paid for this. The same thing is going to happen with psychological evaluations. Because every time you say okay, this person is not qualified to have a weapon, they get paid. Just like the pharmaceutical companies, they pay doctors to push like Gardasil, they get a commission for that. They’re not doing it out of the goodness of their heart, they’re making money. This is why doctors will push very, very hard for young individuals to take this male or female. Now, what’s very interesting with this whole pandemic, where Trump decided to break the United States away from the who and Biden is bringing the who back in, it seems that the head of the who is making Mike Bloomberg, a global ambassador. Yeah, this is the right person, look what he did with soft drinks. We should not be part of the who remember all these organizations. They’re all part of the globalist system. When you can control the world with one organization, there’s a problem. And this is what the globalists have done. They’ve created organizations and the world look listens to these organizations. So they can say whatever they want, just like the who, oh, it’s a pandemic. And you have to lock everything down, and H CQ doesn’t work. So every single country listens. It’s very easy to control it. And then you have the mainstream media back all of this up. This is what they’ve been doing. But we can see that this whole pandemic, people have grown tired of it. It doesn’t make sense anymore. The deaths that they’ve been talking about, we’re not seeing them. Because when you look at the death model for 2020, the amount of people that died, and you look at 2019 2018 2017. It’s the same amount of people each year. Yes, plus or minus a little bit. All they did this year was substitute those individuals that died of the flu. That’s all they did. And now the CDC is out there saying well, teachers do not need vaccinations to safely reopen schools. But of course, the teacher unions are fighting back. And we can see that now Biden, he wants all the schools open actually, right before he came into office before the elections. They said No way. Why would you want the schools open during a dark winter? Isn’t this the worst period ever? And then we come to find out the CDC has just reported this coming from pulse berry that cancer and heart disease were the number one and number two causes of death in 2020. So wait a minute, if they’re worse than COVID-19

are they pandemics?

Hmm, that’s interesting. So flu is not even on the chart anymore. COVID-19 came in third. Actually, that’s where flu used to be. What do you think took its place COVID Now with everything that’s been happening, people are noticing that the governors, the mayors, they were all dictators during this period of time. There was no reason to shut everything down. Because right after Biden was inaugurated, they said, hey, let’s open up everything. It’s not a big deal anymore during a dark winter. Let’s talk about protecting yourself the data of 2.3 million users have been leaked after a hacker managed to find a backdoor into the popular dating site meet mindful leak personal data includes names Facebook IDs, emails, birth dates, location data and a lot more. The data was then uploaded to a public hacking forum for anyone to download. Meet mindful says they have since patched the floor, but the damage is already done. If you want to prevent hackers or an attacks like this from happening to you, I highly recommend virtual shield go to virtual shield.com forward slash x 22 to get virtual shield for 50% off today by visiting the link below. That doesn’t make any sense now that people are noticing because now with Gavin Gavin Newsome, his approval rating is dropping quickly. It’s down to 46% and dropping very, very quickly. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets into the 30s by next month. Because we know that people are signing the recall. actually remember q tells us watch California, it looks like it’s happening. And I think this is going to happen to a lot of other states now. We also see Canada, they just listed the proud boys as a terrorist group, not an Tifa the proud boys you know, but an Tifa has been around burning buildings, burning businesses, killing people hurting people setting up shop in different cities saying this is our territory. Now, that’s not a terrorist organization. And we see coming out of NPR, the former director of the CIA’s counterterrorism operation argues that counter insurgency tactics like those used in Afghanistan and Iraq, are needed to fight the extremists who stormed the Capitol. I mean, the people that walk in with the police, the people that stayed within the velvet rope, the people that had a police escort inside, yes. Those people that were banging on the windows and screaming and yelling, that’s an Tifa. They were part of BLM. Look at john Sullivan. He was in the room with all these individuals. They were videotaping this. And they were saying I can’t believe we got this done. And if you look at the guy with the horns, and you look at all the other people, they had police escorts into the area. It was staged, it was all staged, and people are starting to take notice. Now General Flynn, he has a message for everyone. Do not give up. That digital soldier is in control. And this is what he put out on cloud hub. Yes, General Flynn is on cloud hub. I become a big believer in what I refer to as digital soldiers. The press in this country have done a disservice to what many many years ago was an honorable profession and had many serious and trusted journalists. Because of the censorship and fake news. Using anonymous sources are so prevalent. We the People are now relying on each other for honesty, integrity, sincerity, for our daily information intake to all digital soldiers. Take heed and continue to push for the truth. Knowledge is power. God bless America. Yes, all those people that are on telegram, cloud hub, gab on rumble on bitch shoot, have their having their own website. Never, ever give up. Keep fighting. Because we are winning. Think about it. When you say well, how are we winning? Look at the people that moved from YouTube, Twitter, they didn’t move actually they got thrown off. Look at the people that had to look for different platforms. Look how quickly people are joining. A lot of these individuals are almost back up to where they were actually some individuals. There their videos, their gab accounts, their telegram accounts, they’re doing better than they were on Twitter. That tells you everything you need to know that we the people are winning. We’re winning the information war. And this is not a time to give up. Why? Because I think the Patriots,

Trump, the people that are working with him. This has been planned out from the very beginning. Remember, he needs public opinion on his side. He needs the people to see everything very, very clearly. Think about what happened in me and Mark By the way, the IMF sent 350 million in cash to me and more days before the middle Terry took over. Why do you think Biden McConnell and the rest are so nervous about this. And this is coming from we the media, this is anonymous patriot and says, imagine calling the me and me and Mark situation a coup while living and working, being fenced with razor wire, guarded by 1000s of National Guard members. That’s the Biden administration and the 100 and 17th. Congress. Think about that for a second. And we know that there has been election fraud, even though the mainstream media, social media companies, the corrupt politicians, they don’t even want to hear it. You mentioned election fraud, you’re banned. That’s why most of the people are no longer on Twitter, on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, you name it. But what’s very interesting was that Lynn would he put out a letter, and this letter is talking about a thumb drive. And he said, Dear Pola, and he wrote this to polar Frederick, General Counsel of in Georgia. And he says, Here is all my election fraud information. It is loaded on a thumb drive, please take a look at it. Now, I do believe that there’s a lot a lot of data on election fraud. Actually, the pillow guy Mike Lindau, he says he has tons and tons of election fraud information. Remember, the courts when Trump went to present this information when Sidney Powell went to present this information? The courts pretty much just dismissed it without even seeing any of the evidence. But I believe the other part of the evidence is with the space force. We’ll be getting into that in just a second. What’s very interesting is Mike Pompeo, he tweeted this out, not only has the CCP destroyed millions of American jobs, but they’re behind the gates. They’re lobbying members of Congress. They’re working our school boards and City Council’s to try to change our way of life. We, along with our allies, must take the China threat seriously. And he’s absolutely right. Why is he saying this? If he’s no longer Secretary of State? Or is he still part of Trump’s administration? Well, I do believe he’s still part of Trump’s administration. And we’re going to go down this road here of the space force. Now, when the question was asked to Jen Psaki about the space force. She kind of joked about it, she cracked a joke, and no one really got it. Oh, spaceforce that plane? Well, the spaceforce is on a plane. But she has no idea and they make fun of the space force. It sounds funny. Over going into space, there’s aliens. But what is the space force used for? Well, what’s very interesting is that Dan scavino, he put out this video about the space force. Why did he put this video out? Now? Well, remember Trump, he has told us several times that he has powers that nobody knows about. And remember, before he left office, we were in a national emergency. And he always warns the deep state, the mainstream media, the corrupt politicians, before he strikes, he gives them multiple chances. Because he wants them to do the right thing. But he allows them to bury themselves to destroy themselves. And Trump is always told us how he was going to defeat them. He always said he was going to count every legal vote. And people are saying, Well, how is he going to do that Biden cheated? Well think about how you steal an election. Now, if Trump won by a landslide, what did the deep state have to do? They had to see all the real votes first, right? As they were coming in. Once they understood what the real votes were, what did they do next? They paused the counting. So we already know what the real votes are. They pause the counting. And then they added in the fake votes. So Trump and his team, they’ve collected the real votes, they already know what they are. So the question is, how did he do it? How does he have the information already? Well, let’s start off with his tweet here. He said, we will soon be learning about the word courage and saving our country. I received hundreds of 1000s of legal votes more in all the swing states than did my opponent. Old data taken after the vote says that it was impossible for me to lose

unless fixed. He was letting everyone know at that point. Now think about it. What were the systems used in this country? dominion, and Myanmar? What did they use their smartmatic and dominion? Just interesting that the military took over. Was Dominion connected to the internet? Yes. Was it wireless in many places? Yes. Did Dominion transfer data to foreign countries via the internet and Satellites? Yes. What does Space Command monitor? network traffic during national emergencies? The President has powers nobody else has. And you can bet that Trump use these. Remember the video where Chris Miller think pence? That was in December of 2020. That was after the elections. He was thanking him because the mission was successful. They allowed the theft. They caught it all. Trump got what he needed. He knows, the military knows. He’s already won. Timing is everything. Public opinion, is important. Remember, Trump used every legal Avenue. The courts never saw the evidence because they dismiss the case before the evidence was presented.

People don’t believe him. They keep telling you, there’s no such thing as election fraud.

Yes, Trump is going to go through the impeachment trial. He’s going to do everything by the book. Because sometimes you must show the people. Remember, Trump told us countless times that the election was going to be stolen. He knew the military knew. He told us how it was going to be done. So the question everyone is probably asking is why did he allow Biden to get into office? Why need just stop it? Remember, this is the biggest sting operation in the history of the world. This is not about four year election. This is about breaking the entire system and know the system is not just the elections, the system is the economy, the central bank, rigged Wall Street, the stock market, the swamp within our colleges, in Hollywood, it’s everywhere. It’s the system, just like the matrix was the system. You can think of it in those terms, the entire computer program where everyone was living in the matrix, that was the system. That’s what they did here in the United States. So when you think about the space force, Trump created this and back in 2017. A lot of this information was transferred to the space force on what they did remember, it’s another part of the military. And the space force has not briefed the Biden administration. We know this because Jen Psaki came out and said, We look forward to the continuing work of the space force and invite the members of the team to come visit us in the briefing room anytime to share an update on their important work, which means they think space force is a joke. So what does the space force to space force has cyber warfare capabilities, they command and control all Department of Defense satellites. Space force is ideal for handling all cyber warfare. So let me just read the combat role for the space force. cyber warfare has outgrown its place as a unified combatant command, and now demands the full weight of a service component as its vehicle of execution. However, the question of which service should have responsibility for it as an is an open question. There’s not a natural fit in any of the more established armed service services. The Airforce, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, all have a stake in cyber warfare. So shunting the full efforts for which Cyber Command is currently responsible into one of these would result in a turf war. Furthermore, a precedent already exists in the fusion of space and cyber as regular participants in the information environment. crossover exists between land, air and even sea operations in both space and cyber realms. In 2000, the United States Space Command assumed control the joint computer network defense operations, what is the national security role spaceforce, cyber information warfare and the tools of digital conflict. God implemented Cyber Command as a tool for national defense in securing the cyber domain and Information Infrastructure in 2017, and an acknowledgement of the growing threat of malicious cyber activity around the globe. Cyber Command is a unified combatant command drawing on the assorted services, cyber components. Trump kept the spaceforce capabilities a secret, there’s a lot more there than we even know. Trump knew he always knows. This was his way of monitoring the entire situation. They thought it was going to be done through the NSA. They thought it was going to be done through this CIA, they thought it was going to be done through the FBI. But remember, the military is the only way forward. And let’s go back to post 443. And it says it’s coming back in a big way. Space is a critical to our national security. Space is critical to our national security was terminated for a specific reason. Godspeed Patriot, he brought it back for a specific reason. He knew they were going to cheat in the 2020 election. He needed the entire space monitored. And that means they knew exactly what they were doing. They have it all. What did he make the space force look like? He made it seem weak. They’re unimportant. It’s a joke. Actually. They’re laughing about it. So he made it seem weak. When it was actually everything. Yes, Trump is going to take them down. Yes, he has it all. Yes. The space force was very important. In this mission. It was critical.

And when Trump says he caught them, he caught them all. He’s not kidding. He doesn’t lose. He wins. But before he can just go in there. You need to build public opinion. You need the people to see what’s really going on. It needs to be completely transparent. He just can’t come out and attack his political opponents. optics are very important. And Trump, he’s getting ready to strike and he will strike hard when he does. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening be well be safe and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.


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