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X22 Report: Stimulus Passed, What Entity Audits Where The Money Goes? Trap?

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Hi, and welcome you listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 2424. And today’s date is March 10 2021. And the title of the episode is stimulus past what entity audit where the money goes, trap. Let’s talk about retirement. So are you making full use of your savings think the times you yearn for better returns after real inflation charges and taxes or even making the profit with food clothing rental more than doubling over the last 10 years you need to do something different gambling on Robin Hood or stocks might lose you the lot. And like 1000s of others you want to retire stress free a precious metals IRA with noble gold could be the answer. And this month no gold is gifting a genuine rare Carson City minted Morgan silver dollar with every qualifying IRA or 401k. These coins were around when an ounce of silver was worth $1. In 1893. For example, in mint condition, it is now worth more than 3250 a staggering increase of 325,000%. That’s a return of over 2,500% a year. This is the power of long term precious metals investing. So get in touch with the experts at noble gold and talk through your options today. You can call them at 877-646-5347 or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse financial news. Now the deep state, the central bank, the mainstream media, they’re completely exposed with the economy, everything that they’re trying to do right now. It’s not going to be blamed on Trump. It’s going to be blamed on them. Trump remember in the first four years of his presidency, yes, there’s going to be another four years. He went ahead and he reversed the globalist plan. Yes, the establishment the globalist the central banks. They were very, very angry at him. They tried to bring down the economy multiple times they tried to stop him from doing this. Remember, the central bank needed to show the people that everything that Trump is doing with tariffs with regulations with taxes with all of it, it was going to hurt the economy. And they tried multiple times to bring down the economic system under Trump’s rule. It didn’t work. Now, what’s very interesting is that during his presidency, I’m talking about Trump right now. The stock market went up to all time new highs. Now, financial pundants economists, even George Soros, they’re all out there saying that the stock market is overheated. It’s in a bubble, it’s going to pop. And yes, during the first month or so of the pandemic, they tried to pop the stock market. It didn’t work. The four years people were very worried about Trump taking responsibility for the stock market. They said he shouldn’t be doing this. Because the stock market’s going to collapse. It never collapsed under his presidency. Now he brought the stock market to heights that we’ve never seen before. The stock market is continually moving up. That is very interesting. So if they were talking about the stock market overheating when it was around 20,000, or just barely hitting 30,000, what is the stock market doing right now? Do you think this was a trap? Yes, yes, it was. This was a trap to expose the entire central bank system. While all of this is happening, Biden is now responsible for the stock market. Biden is responsible for the economy. And we can see that with everything that he’s doing. The people are watching very, very closely. Remember, he destroyed the pipeline jobs. We’re seeing gas prices start to move up. And they’re moving up very, very quickly and people are noticing this, which means people will have less to spend out in retail. Yes, the states are now opening up. Those states that were locked down under Trump. They just magically started to open up as soon as Biden was inaugurated. The who decided, listen, we’re going to recalibrate the test. We’re not going to go out to 40 cycles. So cases are going to drop the same way.

And then we have the vaccine. So yesterday, we reported on how the OECD They were saying that the economy was going to completely take off in 2021. And that’s exactly what we’re going to say. We’re going to see the economy take off. Why? Because everything has been turned back on. But people notice the differences. People see the differences. Look at the gas prices right now. And this is coming from gas buddy analysis, Patrick de Han, he predicts a national average of about $3 a gallon as early as April, people are going to notice this, people are going back to work, people are driving again. And now they have to pay more money out of their pockets the same time that Biden said, Okay, we’re getting rid of the jobs that have to do with the pipeline. People, they see this. And once again, people have the same thing in common. They don’t want to pay out more. They don’t want to earn less. They want to have a job. They want to support their family. So it doesn’t matter if you’re Democrat, doesn’t matter if you’re Republican, doesn’t matter if you’re independent. You have the same thing in common. Now, what’s very interesting is that we know Trump has been always saying that the United States is paying for way too much across the world, NATO, the Who? The World Trade Organization, other countries where we keep our military there. And he wanted South Korea to cough up some of the money to keep the troops in South Korea. He wanted them to pay 5 billion annually for the military protection. Now, what happened since Biden became president, is South Korea now paying 5 billion to keep our troops there? No. South Korea approved a 13.9% increase in payment for the 28,500 station US troops. South Korea will pay 1.0 3 billion this year, not the 5 billion. That is it. So once again, people are seeing this people are saying well, wait a minute, why is the US flipping the bill for this for the protection of South Korea? Remember, Trump ended the endless wars. Yes, the Biden ministration is trying to start the wars again. Trump was doing this on purpose. Why? Because the petrodollar system is coming to an end, there is no reason to keep troops in the Middle East. We don’t need to protect the oil. They’re actually the United States became energy independent. And now what’s happening, Biden and his puppet masters, they’re reversing all of this. Now let’s talk about retirement. Now, you know, inflation is killing your retirement, their real rate of inflation? Well, it just won’t let you keep it up or make a profit. You need a different approach precious metals, not Robinhood are stocks that can crash and leave you losing money in IRA or 401k. But noble gold is the answer. And this month number gold is gifting a genuine rare Carson City minted Morgan silver dollar with every qualifying IRA or 401k. So to find out more, go to 877-646-5347 or click the link in the description. And Biden just went ahead. And I wouldn’t say him himself. He’s going to sign it. But Congress went ahead. And they approved the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill. Now, the democrats voted for it. The Republicans, they did not. So this wasn’t a bipartisan bill. Democrats wanted it except for one, and the republicans did not want this. Very interesting. And here we have this stimulus bill where 9% is going to the American people, the other 91% is going where to all different payoffs to pay off the establishment to pay off those states, those cities that locked down during the pandemic. Why because they’re in trouble. It’s going to bail out policies, territory is going to bail out. Schumer’s territory. Looks like about 86 billion was going to bail out the union pensions. So 86 billion bailout for nearly 200 Union pensions was included in the democrat massive stimulus package. Why are we bailing out the unions?

Here we are once again, bailing out things that we shouldn’t be bailing out. And how do we know this? Money actually goes to where they’re saying it goes? Who audits all of this? How do we know for sure? Well, nobody wanted to this because when the US sends billions in aid, to climate or to other areas to certain organizations, What entity audits all this? Which entity tracks this to confirm the intendant receipt that they receive this money? Nobody. Nobody tracks this money down. Now what’s very interesting about this is that we know that Trump and the Patriots, they’ve been setting traps left and right for the deep state. Is this a trap? Did Trump Understand? And did he know that they were going to create this gigantic stimulus package? And 9% was going to go to the people 91% was going to go everywhere else. And this money was just gonna be out there someplace. Yes, he did. Remember, before he left office, what did he do? He read off the stimulus package that they were proposing. A lot of those funds went overseas. Now they switched it up, and now they’re delivering it to other places. So do you think the Patriots know that this was what they’re going to do? Absolutely. The Patriots most likely are tracking these funds. Remember, these funds are delivered electronically. Remember, the space force, they track it all? They know, everything that goes on that has to do with the cyberspace. And I do believe they have the good guys, the white hats inside tracking these funds. Actually, if you go back to post 1241, this is April 23 2018. It says, when the US sends billions in aid and or climate end, or etc, who are what entity on its tracks to confirm intended receipts received? None. Nobody tracks it. And I do believe the Patriots, most likely they’re tracking these funds to see where they go, because we know that these funds are laundered through certain banks, and then brought back to certain individuals. Yes, portions of it will go to these different programs. But the majority of these funds, they don’t end up there. And I do believe the Patriots, they’ve set another trap for the deep state for the central bank. Remember where we’re moving? At this point? We’re moving away from the private Western central bank. We’re moving away from the deep state. We’re moving away from all of this. And yes, there will be a crisis. To tell the people this is why we need to move look what’s been happening in the last couple of days. Yes, the central bank. The powers that be the establishment, they’ve been pushing down gold, silver cryptocurrency. But as we know, they can only do so much, especially with cryptocurrency they’ve been manipulating golden silver for a very long time with paper contracts. cryptocurrency is a little bit more difficult. The people that are in cryptocurrency at this point, they realize that this is a store of wealth. They understand that this is decentralized, they understand that this could be used as some type of currency in the future. And institutions are starting to realize this. This is why they’re going to start to accept this the central bank, they won’t be able to control the crypto world. Yes, they’re going to try to create their own digital currency. And this will be a controlled digital currency, but it will not be a cryptocurrency on the blockchain. And what we’ve noticed is that, yes, they try to push it down. Yes, they try to use information to push cryptocurrency down. So people think that, oh, maybe I should get out of it. Actually, every time you see them do this, and this is what I do. It’s time to get a little bit more. Because that’s their way of trying to force people out. And for those people that are in the know that those people that understand it, it’s time to purchase a little bit more. And look what’s been happening. They brought it down to what 43,000 45,000 and here we are once again up to 56 to $57,000. Again, yes. Will they try this multiple times? Yes. Will they try it with golden silver? Yes. But as this continually rises, it puts pressure on the fiat currency. It shows you that the currency is worthless. As cryptocurrency moves up, gold is going to follow and it puts a lot of pressure on fear and it turns the spotlight onto Fiat. Why is Fiat?

worth nothing? Why is it take $57,000 Federal Reserve Notes to buy one coin? Why does it take 1800 US dollars to buy one ounce of gold among gold and silver starts to move up people are gonna say well, why does it take 3000 US dollars to buy one ounce of gold now. That tells you something about fiat currency. Yes, people are going to take notice it’s already begun. The war against the central bank has started. And people are watching this very, very carefully. Remember, Trump wasn’t gonna come out and say, Hey, by the way, the central bank is bad. We need to move our system. He wants everyone to think that it’s completely natural. That this is a natural occurrence. This is how it’s going to be. It’s almost like the mainstream media during the 70s. They made you think that yes, there were speculators in the market. We just need to come off the gold standard for a temporary period of time. And this was natural. This is normal, we get some speculators. We’re going to just detach from the gold market and people said, okay, temporarily, that’s fine. And it’s been 5055 years now. The same things happening with crypto, but now the people are going to make their own choice of where they want to be and what currency they want to use. The war has already begun. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening be well be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.


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