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X22 Report: The Decision On Timing Was Left To Trump, Decision Was Made, Message Sent

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X22 Report: The Decision On Timing Was Left To Trump, Decision Was Made, Message Sent

The [DS]/MSM are now pushing forward with the impeachment. They did not get the votes for the conviction. Trump sent some messages and Flynn is confirming that their is a plan in place. Trump was given the decision on timing and he made the decision during the rally. Buckle up because we are about to see fireworks.

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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

Hi, and welcome you listening to the X 22 report. My name is David. This is Episode 2388 bn today’s date is January 26 2021. And the title of the episode is the decision on timing was left to Trump decision was made. message sent. Let’s talk about your health. The general idea among Americans is that our indoor air is safer than outdoor air. But this isn’t the case indoor air is actually two to five times worse than air outdoors. Studies show we spend roughly 90% of our time indoors. Ironically, those most susceptible to poor air quality are the ones who spend most of their time indoors, invest in your health and get amazing clean air today. Amazing clean air is going to give everyone 50% off their own purifier if they order today, go to amazing clean That’s amazing, clean or click the link in description. I highly recommend it. Let’s get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news.

Now it seems the deep state the mainstream media, the corrupt politicians, they’re pushing forward with the impeachment. And yes, there was a vote today. And I do believe they’re headed in the direction to broadcast this out to the public and make an entire circus out of this. Is this what the Patriots want? I do believe so.

I do believe that. When q told us that the Senate was the target. I have a funny feeling that there were two different meanings that go along with this. And actually, General Flynn. In an interview back in December, I

told everyone what Trump needed. He needed some time to play out. Why? Because the decision was left to him. And he made a decision of when the attack is going to take place. Do we know that time? No.

But we can see different signs we can see how he’s preparing. And we’ll be talking about all of that a little bit later in this report. But you can see how Biden and team every member Biden is a puppet. He’s not calling the shots, the invisible enemy behind him. Those people hiding in the shadows. They’re telling him exactly what to do. And this is not normal, like people believe, like, well, when Trump came into office, he just started to reverse everything. Well, it’s a little different this time, because look what Biden has already done. When Clinton came into office, he wrote two executive orders in his first week. Bush did two of them. Obama five, Trump for Biden is up to 30. Plus, he’s using executive orders to remove every single thing. Why? Because it was never supposed to be this way. They never thought she was going to lose.

And you can see that Biden with everything that he’s doing and what the puppet masters are telling him to do. People are starting to question things. Like for example, The Washington Post put out that biting, Biden is tapping a nurse to be acting Surgeon General.

And this is Susan or Sega.

So he’s selecting a nurse to be the Surgeon General now that she has the qualifications to be the Surgeon General. She’s not a doctor. I find that very interesting. Jen Psaki, she is struggling to explain why Joe Biden South Africa travel ban isn’t Zena phobic, because remember what Biden said in the past, remember everything that he did, and everything the mainstream media did, it’s coming back to haunt them.

Back in March 20 2020 Biden put this out. A wall will not stop the Coronavirus banning old travel from Europe or any other part of the world will not stop it. This disease could impact every nation and any person on the planet and we need to plan to combat it. Well, the Why is he putting a travel ban on South Africa. Then he said on March 18 2020. Stop the Zena phobic fearmongering Be honest. Take responsibility do your job. So Isn’t he doing the same exact thing? He’s placing bands. He’s saying South Africa you can’t come here. Isn’t that Zena phobic? Do we see articles and articles written about it? That Biden is now Zena phobic.

No, the mainstream media is just letting it slide. We see already we know that Trump went down right before he left office, he went to the Alamo, talked about the wall, said I hope they don’t tear it down. And it seems that Biden has ordered the contractors to stop construction. So all Customs and Border Protection construction on the US Mexico border wall will stop today. And they’re ordered not to build the wall. He’s doing everything opposite of what the people actually want.

That was very interesting. Trump before he left office. Do I really think he left office? No, I think this is just part of the plan. I’ll be talking about that in just a minute.

before he left, he says, I do believe that Biden and all the others are going to stuff the Supreme Court and all the other federal court systems and Schumer came out. And he said the following that they can make up for the large amount of judges that were confirmed by the Senate Republican majority. If we add seats at the district and circuit court levels, we have Eric Holder, who is urging Democrats to pack the Supreme Court. Actually everything that Trump said is now coming true.

But what’s very interesting is that all the judges that Trump put into place, the federal judges, they’re much more important than anyone could imagine. And they’re doing their job. What do I mean by this? Well, remember, when Biden came into office, he was going to put a freeze on deportation nationwide. Then Texas, Paxton, he decided to sue. And the federal judge in Texas, temporarily blocked a move by Biden to halt the deportation of certain immigrants for 100 day period. So this is a setback for Biden, Trump put everyone into place on purpose. And, yes, this is going to be used when there are trials. Now, Schumer says only an impeachment trial of Trump can bring healing to the country, really putting someone on trial that the people voted for. The majority of people voted for in a landslide. This is going to bring healing. And then on CNN Biden says impeachment trial has to take place doesn’t believe Trump will be convicted. And he’s right about that he won’t be convicted. But does this bring unity?

This goes against everything he said in his speech, doesn’t it? Yes, the world is watching.

And remember, they’re trying to use the 14th amendment. They’re trying to use the clause to bar Trump from future office. And section three of the 14th amendment to the Constitution, ratified in 1868, three years after the end of the Civil War states that anyone guilty of insurrection or rebellion against the United States shall not be eligible to hold elective office in the United States. Think about that for a second.

This impeachment trial is to prove that he was the cause of the insurrection.

Now, what happens if there’s evidence that shows the opposite of all of this?

Remember Trump, the Patriots, they have a stage.

This is going to be broadcasted to everyone. And I do believe a lot of people are going to be watching this.

And what happens if he presents evidence that counters are actually shows that it wasn’t him, but it was others? We’ll be getting into that in just a sec. But the US Senate, they voted today, and they had a 55 to 45 vote and it rejected. Paul Rand Paul’s motion to declare the impeachment trial unconstitutional. Senator Minority Leader McConnell voted with Paul, which is very interesting.

Five Republican senators sided with Democrats who voted no on dismissing the senate impeachment trial, Collins, Murkowski romney sassy, and to me, not really surprised. But 45 senators believe the impeachment of former President Trump is unconstitutional. That conviction now is highly unlikely as two thirds majority is required. So it doesn’t look like he’s going to be convicted. But it seems that they’re going to be moving forward with the impeachment.

Now that is very interesting, because we need to go back in time to certain posts. And when I had the conversation with Dave Hayes and he read

an email from an individual who understood read one read too

Where if certain lines are crossed, certain actions happen. And when you start to look at the cues, posts, we all thought that these posts were part of the plan while Trump was president. And now,

if you want to confuse your enemy and actually confused us, what happens if the plan is after Trump is president?

For example? Yes, it could be used during the first impeachment. But it could also be used

after because look at post 3625.

Hunter, this is in bracket all caps hunter with the S at the end, so hunters become the hunted. So Hunter is laptop, Joe Biden with Ukraine. And then when you say Senate was the target in this post, when q said that

is the senate the target? Now? Yes, in his first impeachment, the Senate was the target. So they had the majority to get Trump off. And he was not impeached. But when now when you read it, the Senate was the target.

The Senate has always been the target with the second impeachment, where Trump and the Patriots might reveal the information. Think about that for a second. Now, what’s very interesting

is that poll came out. And it says one in five Americans have confidence, Biden can unite the country one in five, it’s probably a lot lower than that. It’s probably like zero and five. But let’s say one in five.

That shows you that the people that they’re saying voted for Biden, you know, the 80 million that don’t exist. It doesn’t seem like they’re with him. They don’t believe his message. Now was very interesting to Senator Ted Cruz. He tweeted out the following. Today, my colleagues and I reintroduced a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on members of Congress. The amendment would limit US senators, two to six year terms and members of the US House of Representatives 232 year terms. Now, why did he reintroduce this? Why did he think that this is the right time? Now think about that for a second? Why in the world, would this be the right time?

With Biden in office?

The dems, they’re controlling everything?

How would this ever pass?

it? Wouldn’t you think they would go for this? So why would this be the right time to introduce it? or Why did he mention it?

I do believe there’s a reason for this.

I do believe this is setting up for what is coming. What happens when information comes out. And it shows that these individuals were part of the insurrection. What happens when information comes out and shows they were involved in election fraud? I believe they have this information already. We’ll be talking about that in a sec. What happens when it shows that hunter Joe Biden, and many others Blinken and the rest were involved in quid pro quo, Ukraine, embezzling Money, money laundering, and many other things crimes against humanity.

With this, come into play

with this create a crisis where Yeah, we need to stop this. Now. If we go back to post 2983.

This is what it says. Why is POTUS pushing for term limits? time equals corruption.

I do believe people are going to see this. And I think they’re going to see this very soon. Now, as we know, with this pandemic, we see a lot of states opening up their businesses. The latest was California now the signatures to get Gavin Newsome removed. Well, they’re getting very close. I think they’re 300,000 away or something. I think he’s getting nervous. But we can see in Michigan and Chicago, New York and many other places. They’re opening up businesses right after Biden took office. This was done on purpose. And then we also saw the who were there saying, okay, we’re going to be cabling recalibrate the test, we’re not going to use so many cycles, which means the number of cases are going to drop. They set this all up, and it’s going to show that everything is starting to normalize. Then we had Dr. Anthony Fauci out there. After Biden said, okay, masks have to be mandatory. I don’t see Jen Psaki wearing a mask during her press conferences. Biden was caught after he wrote the executive order not wearing a mask, which is very interesting. And then Dr. Fauci is out there, which we know is completely corrupt. He’s paid off. He’s out there saying that double masking.

It really, really works. I like to see the science for that.

Why would he be saying this?

I believe what they’re going to do is they’re going to try to make the case. Listen, if everyone’s double mask, we can make this go away. It was going to go away No matter what, actually, it never really existed.

Where did it exist? It existed in the data, the manipulated data, now that they’re undoing this,

and they’re no longer manipulating, and they’re not manipulating the test, we’re going to start to see things drop, but they’re going to try to convince everyone that Oh, all this worked. And you see, if you followed what we said, we can make it all disappear. But they already started things in motion.

Remember this virus? Yes, it’s real. But it’s not as bad as everyone was making it out to say it’s like a cold. What the mainstream media did was they blew it out of proportion. What the Who did is they

blew it out of proportion. And they manipulated the numbers. What the CDC did was they changed how you reported COVID they changed their procedures. What else did they do? Well, they decided to say that hydroxychloroquine once Trump mentioned it, well, that will kill you, that will give you heart problems. They banned it, you don’t ban something, because first of all, it’s not over the counter, you have to get a prescription. You don’t ban something if it harms you who wants to take something. If it harms you, it makes no sense. Plus, the drug has been around for 65 years. And Dr. Simone gold came out and she was one of the frontline doctors. And she discussed with an audience, that hydrogel hydroxychloroquine actually really works. And she’s never seen anything like this. And actually, she’s saying that I wouldn’t take an experimental vaccine. Now, once again, do you really need a vaccine for the for cold or even something that’s a little bit worse than the cold maybe halfway between the flu and the cold? No, because most of the people, their bodies can fight this off normally. Let’s talk about your health. The general idea among Americans is that our indoor air is safer than outdoor air. But this isn’t the case. Indoor Air is actually two to five times worse than air outdoors. Studies show we spend roughly 90% of our time indoors. Ironically, those most susceptible to poor air quality are the ones who spend most of their time indoors, invest in your health and get amazing clean air today. Amazing clean air is going to give everyone 50% off their own purifier if they order today, go to amazing clean That’s amazing, clean or click the link in description. I highly recommend it. But again, what do we see happening right now? We see the mainstream media, we see the who we see all these organizations. They’re starting to backtrack on what they did. Why? Because they’re going to show that hey, if you follow what we said, look what happens. Everything just disappears. Didn’t Trump say it was just gonna magically disappear one day? I think we’re headed in that direction. Now what’s very interesting is that former White House press secretary Kaylee McInerney. She signed on to work for Fox News. That was very interesting. It’d be funny if she was in the White House press pool. And she was able to ask Biden certain questions. Just like she had to endure the ridiculous questions that CNN MSNBC and all the restaurants, that’d be funny if she went in there with other questions, and she hit Biden, or she say Jen Psaki, or if Biden is up there, hit them with these type of questions to see how they would react. We’ll see if that happens, I don’t know. But we see that Lieutenant General George Charles Flynn, he’s been nominated to lead us army Pacific. And he’s the younger brother of Michael Flynn, who served as the National Security Advisor in 2017. And he’s the one who has given us certain messages over time, which we’ll be discussing in just a moment. But it seems that Trump he decided to create to pro Trump think tanks. Now that’s very interesting, because we know the deep state, they’ve been creating think tanks. And they’ve been using this against the American people. Now we see that Trump and his team, they’re creating their own thick tanks to go up against the deep state think tanks. The other thing that Trump did, he established the Office of the former president. And what’s very interesting about this, and everyone freaked out when they saw this the saying, Oh, it’s over. Nothing is over. A lot of times, what you’re seeing is not what’s really happening. If you look at the logo that he has, where it says the Office of it almost looks like the seal of the President of the United States, but it’s a little different.

But if you really look at it,

it means something completely different, which we’ll be discussing in just a sec. But what’s very interesting is that since Trump has been in Mar a Lago, we understand that Mar a Lago.

It has a bunker in Mar Lago and it has a skiff in Mara Largo where Trump

can go in and nobody can eavesdrop on him.

Now the reason why there’s a skiff there is because during a White House press briefing on February 14 2017. They were criticizing Trump saying listen, every time you go to Mar a Lago, you might be discussing sensitive information and our enemies might be able to receive that information. So Trump, he installed a skiff in Mar a Lago and what’s very interesting about Mara Largo when you dive deep into it, this is the winter White House. It’s funny a winter White House during this dark winter. And the woman who built Mar Lago in the 20s presided over for almost a half a century. This is Marjorie Merriweather post, and then gone to great lengths to turn the mansion into an official wintertime presidential retreat. So Trump is in the winter White House, he is now forming the Office of Donald J. Trump.

And when you look at this logo,

it tells us something about this, but first, I’m going to go to post 2056. This is September 1 2018. And it says former presidents are still able to arrange skips,

which Trump has in Mar a Lago where he can discuss the plan with those individuals without the deep state, knowing anything. And then when we look at this logo, this logo is the doorset die. Now, what’s very interesting about this, and it also looks like the pierced dye. But when you look at this, it seems that this might have been the first

seal of the United States.

Now, let me just read this section, it says tentatively called the pure seal, die because it was discovered by john Pierce from Rhode Island. This engraved metallic dye is identical to the doorset seal die now in the collection at Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home. Evidence suggests that America’s first president own the doors at seal die. Now, this came from a family from a kinsmen who had received it from a nephew of George Washington. And the doorset seal may be counted as either the immediate predecessor or their earliest example the seal the President of the United States.

Now that is very interesting, because it throughout the Q posts, q has been talking about George Washington, George Washington, riding in a Durham boat, Crossing the Delaware. We also have messages from General Flynn, about George Washington, which we’ll be getting to in a second. But I want to go back to post 902. And it says seals now a lot of people thought it might have meant navy seals. What happens if it meant the new seal of the United States?

For the president, it says seals where there was once darkness, there is now light sea to shining sea, Godspeed. And then if we go back to post 26

it says think about it logically. The only way is the military.

fully controlled, save and spread one to 11 three verifies as first marker, biggest advanced drop on pole. Now 11 three, as we know is not a date, Trump, he’s forming to think tanks. He’s in the winter white house right now there’s a skiff inside of Mara Lago

he showed that he’s using a seal, which might have been one of the first seals, and it might have been something that George Washington had but never used.

And then we have 11 three, which verifies the first marker. Now remember, 11 three is from the Department of Defense Law of war manual. And let me just read a portion of this and it says, end of occupation and duration of GC obligation. Geneva Convention obligations so it says the status of belligerent occupation ends when the conditions for its application are no no longer met. Certain GC obligations with respect to occupied territory continue for the duration of the occupation after the general close of military operations 11 three, one and of occupation. belligerent occupation ceases when the conditions for its application are no longer met. In particular, as discussed below the status

A belligerent occupation ceases when the invader no longer factually governs the occupied territory, or when a hostile relationship no longer exists between the state of the occupied territory and the occupying power. belligerent occupation ends when the occupying power no longer has effectively placed the occupied territory under its control. Now think about this for a second.

What did the deep state do? What did ease do? They brought in the National Guard.

Are they occupying this territory? Yes, they are. What happens when they’re no longer occupying the territory?

Well, once 11 three verifies as first marker, which means once the National Guard leaves.

That’s the first marker. They’re no longer occupying the territory.

And then I want to go back to post 2300. It says define treason, the crime of betraying one’s country especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government, divine to find subversion, the act of subverting the state of being subverted especially a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by persons working secretly from within. Now, think about that for a second. And we know that people have been working secretly from within white infiltration from within.

And then we have Trump,

who used save America, remember, instead of Make America Great Again, he changed it. It says save America. And it was used by Trump in the recent statement in support of Sarah Huckabee. And it says save America president, Donald J. Trump. It just doesn’t say Donald J. Trump underneath it says President Donald J. Trump.

So now I want you to listen to Flynn, because he discuss

what he meant by George Washington give me 30 days remember that tweet that we read out? We’ll take a listen to what he said about George Washington, and how we need some time,

historical moments, right, and definitely over the next 30 days. So I I don’t know how much you follow Twitter. I am a big fan of George Washington, General Grant General Sherman, Lincoln, Jackson, some of the some of the historical figures of our time. And here. I’m already jumping into the conversation here, but it doesn’t matter. Let’s go. You know, I because I’ve studied what’s called America’s first battles. And it’s actually the name of a book. It’s a great book, America’s first battles. And one of the very famous ones has to do with George Washington’s Battle of Long Island where he really got me George Washington didn’t had his rear end, beaten most of the time during the Revolutionary War, all through 1775 1776 and was struggling and

anyway, famous, you know, Delaware crossing of the Christmas Eve, right, the famous battle there. And, and actually it was, it was a, it was wasn’t just a fight on Christmas Eve where he was going up against the Hessian force across the other side of the river. But then it ensued for the next couple of weeks. And actually on the 31st of December, so yesterday, right. But yesterday was the was New Year’s Eve 31. December, on 31 December, he had to plead, literally, with the men that he had under his command at the time, would they stay for another 30 days because he ran out of money to pay them. And he’s and he basically encouraged them in a way and he the great quote from General Washington, where he’s talking to his men after they had been fighting, many of them had already lost their lives. They hadn’t seen their families in probably a year. So here he is on the 31st of December 1776. And he says to them, Look, man, if you believe in the cause of liberty, I need another 30 days out of you to go beat the son of a guns right. And and from that moment, then they attack down to Princeton and they had the Battle of Princeton and it was really an insurgency that he was he was part of and they were fighting the British and and about only about two thirds of the men actually stayed on about two thirds said on the other third said I can’t I can’t do it any longer. I’ve seen too much death seen too much destruction. I’ve missed my family. You know the minor were those general were were the people the third that left were they and Mitch McConnell’s family tree

part of this old blood line.

Show no

tell you that story because we’re in a moment where he said, he said George Washington said on the 31st of December 1776, he said, Give me 30 more days for the cause of liberty. And so as I, if you go to Twitter for those of you that follow me on Twitter or don’t, at Jen Flynn, you go, and you read that quote, because I’m, you know, not doing it justice.

Give me 30 more days for the cause of liberty. And so I’m telling you here, I’m telling your audience that our president, our president in a in a funny way, he hasn’t said it. And I wish he would say it. But he’s asking the American public, he’s in his own way and his own style as he can only do he’s saying, I need I need more time for the cause of liberty, if you believe in the cause of liberty. No, I don’t believe that this is over. I believe this operation is continuing. Because if we go back to post 970,

and anon on the board said, free Flynn, but q said done in 30. That’s interesting. That’s what Flynn said. house cleaning, White House secured, final stage.

So let’s think about what’s happening during the protests in DC. How did they identify so many so quickly?

But did everyone have a cell phone?

Do you think they were monitoring this?

Now think about the elections? What did everyone have during the elections? cell phones?

Do you think the military doesn’t understand what happened here? Do you think they weren’t following and tracking all this information? Of course, they were Why do you think Trump continually says that we’re gonna count every legal vote?

Remember, Trump is now letting the deep state do what they do best destroy themselves. Think about all the things the mainstream media said, that was impossible, all the things, no one ever thought was going to happen.

And bring yourself back into that time.

He was never going to end the endless wars. He was never going to stop what was going on in Syria, Libya, Lebanon, he was never going to bring peace to the Middle East. He went four years until he released the Middle East peace plans.

Actually, Obama said you can’t bring back manufacturing, it’s impossible. What did he do? He brought that manufacturing mainstream media said, after the pandemic, you can’t bring the economy back to life. Trump said there was going to be the recovery. What did we say, of a recovery? And now with the other states opening up? What are we gonna say? We’re gonna see everything start to boom.

Remember, when they said that he would never get the money for building the wall. And the DS, the mainstream media try to stop them at every turn. He got the money. The wall was built, still being built. Actually, Biden put a pause on this, but that’s okay. Remember, when they said that he would never be able to put out a vaccine by the end of the year, he put out a vaccine by the end of the year.

If you don’t think he’ll reveal everything, election fraud, treason, sedition, etc. You’re fooling yourselves.

what he’s doing right now he’s building public opinion. This is the last stage, remove your anger, remove your emotions, remove the fear.

Remove all of that think logically in what he’s doing here. Let’s go back to post 1581.

This is what it says. We serve at the pleasure of the President. We left the decision on timing to him. Today at the rally, he made his decision shift in tactics, attacks, which means they had a completely different plan. And he decided to shift everything.

And we can see why he shifted it.

Because if he was president and he went after all these individuals, they would say he was a dictator. He was doing this for political reasons. He always knew it had to be in a way where he wasn’t actually going after these individuals. It had to seem like they’re the ones who were doing this.

He had a win public opinion.

He didn’t just declassify information before he left and have it be a nothing burger. Does that make any sense? Why would you even do it then? It makes no sense. I don’t believe any of its being dripped out. Or portions of its being dripped out but I think they’re holding it. Remember, q has told us about a flood drip, drip, drip, then flood? I think they’re going to use this the

Military, they’ve been sitting on top of the election fraud. They haven’t acted yet. They’re waiting for the right moment.

This is going to be produced, for all to see.

Remember, it was the deep state, it was the mainstream media’s idea to have this impeachment. It was their idea to put him front and center.

And when you do something like this, it comes back to bite you.

And I do believe we’re going to see something like this. Now, when is this going to happen? It might happen during the impeachment. We’ll have to see how this plays out. According to Flynn, you can see that in one party said this, is that something that Trump wanted? He needed 30 days now does that mean it was 30 days from December 31 to January 30? Or was it 30 days from when Biden came into office to when the impeachments going to start?

We’ll have to see how this plays out. But it seems that the message was sent. Trump is sending us other messages, and the plan is continuing. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening be well be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.