X22 Report: The [DS] Is Projecting Their Crimes Onto Trump, Slings And Arrows, Boomerang Coming

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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

Hi and welcome you listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 2401 bn today’s date is February 10 2021. And the thought of the episode is the deep state is projecting their crimes onto Trump slings and arrows Boomerang coming. Let’s talk about being prepared more than 76,000 citizens in the Bay Area found themselves without power last month because of high winds from a previous night’s storm. That’s why I highly recommend the light bug. The light bug is a solar powered, ultra bright portable light with it, you’ll never have to worry about blackouts again, get the light bug for 20% off during the Valentine’s month special by going to light bug calm that is light bug.com or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news. Now the deep state, the corrupt politicians, the invisible enemy. They’re doing exactly what the Patriots want them to do. Think about what they’ve done so far with this impeachment trial. First of all, Trump is out of office so they can’t remove him out of office because he’s not in office. Plus, they are now setting a precedent where anybody can be impeached. This is very important. And the other things that they’re doing is they’re bringing up election fraud. They’re bringing up insurrection, and everything that they are doing right now. They’re projecting their crimes, what they have done on to Trump. We’ve seen this before. Go back in time. Go back to when Trump was first elected in 2016. What happened then? They started with the Russian collusion, the steel dossier. They hired a special counsel to investigate him. His name was Muller. during his presidency, for the first two and a half years, three years, we had a special counsel investigating everything that Trump has done. We also had individuals with the crossfire hurricane spying on President Trump and his campaign and spying on him while he was in the White House. Trump now has turned the table on them. Biden is in the White House. And he has two individuals one looking at Hunter Biden with his taxes, didn’t they look at Trump’s taxes? Yes, they did. They also have the special counsel, his name is Durham. He’s investigating Biden and many others. While Biden is in the White House, that’s called a boomerang. Remember everything that they did during the 2016 election, and while Trump was in office from 2016 on was everything that they did when they’re talking about Russian collusion, when they’re talking about crimes, when they’re talking about everything. It’s what they have done with taxes, you name it, they projected that onto Trump. Trump now has turned this around left office and left Biden and all the others with a special counsel. And another individual that’s looking at Hunter Biden’s taxes. Very interesting. Yes, Biden went ahead and said, Listen, I’m going to get rid of all the other federal judges, but I can’t touch Durham and the other individual, because people would question that. Why are you getting rid of that you afraid that they’re gonna find something? So he can’t really touch it, just like Trump didn’t touch it. And now, we see this impeachment trial, where they’re bringing everything up that Trump and the Patriots want to be brought up during this trial. Because how do you inject evidence legally? If they’re going to accuse him of something, he has the right to protect himself with evidence. We’ll be talking a lot more about this a little bit later.

But first, it seems that certain individuals like Mark Cuban who is the NBA Dallas Mavericks owner, he’s saying that his team, they’re not going to be playing the US National Anthem before each game. Now we know that the NBA is pretty much controlled by China. But the NBA, it seems that they got a lot bit nervous because, well, the fans, they’re not going to like this. We’ve seen what happened in the NFL. We’ve seen what’s happened with Major League Baseball. And the NBA came out and announced that all teams are required to play the national anthem. So it seems that Cuban got caught up in this. And once again, Americans across this country are scratching their head saying, why wouldn’t you want to play the national anthem? Why would you kneel during the national anthem? Think about all the people that died. So you can have a basketball team. So you can make millions or billions of dollars. These people put their lives on the line fighting for our way of life. Yes, some of the wars, they were tricked into Yes, the elite tricked many of our soldiers, our family members into these wars. But still, that what they thought they were doing is they thought they were going out and they were protecting America, which they were. And for these people to come out and tell everyone, that we’re not going to respect these individuals. We’re not going to respect America, we’re not going to respect all those people that died so they can have this way of life. Well, the people of the United States, they don’t look kindly on this. I mean, think about what has happened with President Trump. People were displaying the American flag, all over the place. People took their flags, they put them on their cars, they put them on their houses, they put them everywhere. People are showing their patriotism. Patriotism is not an evil thing. Patriotism is where you love this country, you’ll defend this country, you’ll defend the rights of the people in this country. But again, we know that the deep state, the private Western central bank, China, the rest, they don’t want this. They don’t want patriots. They want slaves. That’s what they really want. And you can see what the social media companies they are following exactly the plan of China, or Nazi Germany, or Russia, where they use censorship, to shut the opposition up. They don’t want people speaking, actually, it just came out that media matters now is going after pod bean. Because before they went after megaphone, which was purchased by Spotify, they decided anyone that is talking about q or opposing the official narrative of the mainstream media, you will not be able to use their service. Now we have media matters, going after pod bean, saying the same thing. And this is how they move forward with shutting down people that want to speak the truth. So I wouldn’t be surprised. In a days or weeks, we see all those individuals that are using pod bean Yes, x 22 is using pod bean. All of a sudden that is shut down. Yes, there are backups in place. But we also see Google. They’re going after websites now.

They’ve quietly escalated censorship of its market dominated search engine, adding a range of new topics where human monitoring or moderators are allowed to manually penalize websites, suppressing them in search results. And here’s some of the things news and discover policy violation, dangerous content, news and discover policy violation, harassment, content, news and discover policy violation, hateful content, news and discover policy violation, manipulated media. And it goes on and on and on. So they’re gonna make a decision of what people can or cannot see. When you have your own website. They’ll just remove you from the searches now. Yes, there are other search engines. But will they follow suit with Google? Maybe, maybe not. I remember if everything goes south, and I need to make this very clear. We are not finished with this operation. With this plan moving forward. What we’re witnessing right now if you look, we’re still witnessing a communication blackout. They’re still taking people down on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, actually, they’re going after telegram now. telegram is one of the biggest apps now on Apple and Google right now. Yes, x 22 is on telegram if you want to go on and see where I am on telegram, I would say go to the X 22 report comm site up top on the desktop menu It says everything x 22. Look for official accounts. If you’re on the mobile version, look for the three lines on the top, upper left corner, click that down, everything is 22 official accounts, or scroll down to the bottom and look for official accounts. And then you can click on the link and you can see everything on telegram. Yes, they’re trying to shut everyone down, they shut down parlor, and they’ll be shutting down a lot more as things start to heat up during this impeachment. Now, what’s very interesting is that Twitter CFO says that his company will uphold its ban on Trump, even if he was elected president again, that he will not be allowed to come onto their platform, I don’t think Trump really cares if he goes on that platform anymore. I don’t think anybody cares anymore. If you go onto Twitter, because we found other places to go. And each time they remove everyone from one place, we jumped to another place, and everyone follows along. So yes, they can continue to do this. But what happens when you shut people down? More and more people want to know about what’s going on? They want to understand why they’re being shut down. Just like during the impeachment, if evidence starts to come out, when it’s Trump’s turn, will they black things out? We’ll be talking a little bit more about that in just a minute. But what’s very interesting is that we know that in Myanmar, the military took over because there was election fraud. We also know that it’s a place where there’s a lot of human trafficking, drug running, and a lot more so Biden, right now, they slapped fresh sanctions on Myanmar’s military leaders, because they want them to relinquish power and give it back to those people who cheated in the election. I guess they would want the same thing here in the United States. But what’s very interesting about me and more, is that the people here in the United States, they would most likely see it a little differently because the mainstream media, who is the bullhorn of the Deep State, they would have gone all out to try to stop this. Look what they did with hc Q and old Trump did. He just came out and said, Listen, I think hydroxychloroquine is something that we should be using to help with the pandemic. They went crazy. I do believe that was a test case, to see how they would react. Now Trump, I do believe that he wants us to be as natural as possible. It doesn’t he doesn’t want it to look like Well, here’s the election fraud, say he cheated. He wants to show the people how far these individuals will go. What lengths they will go to, to stop him from showing the election fraud. Because remember, they’re the ones who are impeaching Trump. They’re the ones who are saying that he incited people to go into the Capitol, which is insurrection. They’re the ones who are saying that Trump lied about election fraud.

Now, can Trump respond to this? Absolutely. Of course he can. We’ll be talking a little bit more about this a little bit later. But the other day, I mentioned how Biden was saying, Listen, we can’t be supplying arms to Saudi Arabia, we need to stop the war in Yemen. And then we had a report from the Department of Defense, saying that listen, we’re warning the Houthis right now do not attack Saudi Arabia. Because if that happens, we’re going to go in there or something is going to happen with the United States getting involved again. Now this is how they play the game. They come out with the announcement. We want peace, we want peace. And then all of a sudden, we have something happened. Now, Mike Pompeo tweeted this out. It’s a fact that Iran is sponsoring the Hutus. It’s a fact that Hutus are conducting terror. The reality is that the revoking the terrorist acts and that designation of the Hutus is a gift to the Iranians and will allow the Houthis to continue to foment terror around the world. And then all of a sudden, we have a passenger plane which was engulfed in flames at the Saudi International Airport after a drone attack. Hit the plane and the hotties. They’re saying Yeah, we did it. Now just the other day they came out and they warn them and all of a sudden we have this happen. Coincidence? I think not. This was planned. Because remember, what does Joe Biden and he’s the puppet? What are all the people controlling Joe Biden, what do they want? They want everything to go back to the way it was. They don’t like all these peace deals. They don’t like peace in the Middle East. They don’t want to remove troops from Afghanistan. They don’t want the Syrian war to end. They don’t want the Yemen war to end They want this to continue. They didn’t want peace in North Korea, they didn’t want Trump walking across the DMZ. They didn’t want any of this. They’re trying to reverse everything as quickly as possible. But it’s not going to work. People are seeing this and they’re scratching their head saying, why are we getting back into war? What is going on here? Trump was ending the endless wars. And why are we reversing everything right now? Now, what’s very interesting is that the CDC, they came out, and they’ve come to the conclusion that two mass are better than one. Why not? were three or four. I mean, let’s just go for it. Why don’t we just take the whole box of mass and just wrap it around our face? But remember, Fauci just a week, a couple of weeks ago, he was backtracking on wearing multiple masks because there’s no evidence. They didn’t do any clinical trials. I didn’t have peer review. But let’s go back in time a little bit a little bit of history on mask recommendations by Fauci and the CDC. On March 8 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci advise healthy Americans against wearing face masks. In April of 2020. The CDC said Americans should be wearing face masks for COVID. In May 2020, Dr. Anthony falchi, and New England Journal medicine have admitted that mass are a little more than symbols. On January 25 2021, Dr. Fauci told healthy Americans to wear two masks instead of one. On January 31 2021. Dr. falchi, backtracked on that insane idea of wearing multiple masks and now we have the CDC come out and say, you know, something, wearing two masks would be pretty darn good. Well, Phil kerpen tweeted this out. CDC is recommending double masking, based on mannequin study that expressly warns against assuming it applies to real world settings. Also, they want it might obstruct breathing, you think more masks, it will suffocate you. And he points out and highlighted certain things from the CDC. The findings of these simulations should neither be generalized to the effectiveness of all medical procedures, masks or cloth mass nor interpreted as being representative of the effectiveness of these masks when worn in real world settings. Second, these experiments did not include any other combination of mass such as cloth over cloth, medical procedure mask over medical procedure mask, or medical procedure mask over cloth. Third, these findings might not be generalizable to children because of their smaller size or two men with beards or the facial hair which interfere with the fit.


all those using double masking. Well, this might obstruct your vision, and it might impede your breathing. So what kind of study is this? This is not a study. Nobody should be wearing don’t actually we don’t even need to wear masks. Masks don’t do anything. I’m still waiting for someone to show me. Clinical Trials peer review that these mass stop viruses. Because if you’re using science, you look at the size of the particles. Do these masks stop a virus particle? And have you done a test? on the dollar store bandana, the T shirt that this individual is wearing? The surgical mask that’s made in China, the homemade mask by Grandma, the homemade mask by your sister? What materials are they using? Let’s talk about being prepared more than 76,000 citizens in the Bay Area found themselves without power last month because of high winds from a previous night’s storm. That’s why I highly recommend the light bug. The light bug is a solar powered ultra bright portable light with it, you’ll never have to worry about blackouts again, get the light bug for 20% off during the Valentine’s month special by going to light bugs calm that is light bug calm or click the link in the description. Have we done tests on all of these masks? To say that it stops it? No, we have not. And this is why they don’t want to show any tests because it would show the opposite is true. And we’ve had clinical tests, peer reviewed that show these mass don’t work with viruses actually. It makes it worse. Now what’s very interesting is we know that the who went in to China to check to see if the blue hand lab leaked or that’s where the virus originated from. And we know that they came up with nothing. But what’s very interesting is that a who adviser came out and said Listen, you know why they came up with nothing? Because the who investigators were basically receiving ports from the Chinese officials. They really didn’t look into it. The Chinese said okay, here you go. Here’s a report. We found nothing. It’s almost like a murderer saying. I didn’t find anything. No murder weapon. In no blood, nothing, here’s my report. So why would you believe the Chinese and they went in a year later? And then they had to wait two more weeks? What happens to a crime scene? After all this time, you can scrub it. And especially when you have the criminal handing you the investigative report? Well, you’re gonna find absolutely nothing. Now, what’s very interesting is that high powered explosive, they’ve gone missing from the National largest Marine Corps Base. And this is out in California, and they don’t know where it is, and they’re searching for it right now. Which tells me something, are they going to use these explosives for something later on? Is this part of a false flag operation? Hopefully, they find these explosives sooner than later. Now, we know that Biden, the mainstream media, the corrupt politicians, they were all telling us that in 2016, Russia, hacked the elections, Trump was working with the Russians. That’s how he won. Remember, they couldn’t believe that Trump was able to pull that off. Do you think Trump is going to use the same exact strategy during the 2020? election? No, because he wasn’t in it just to win and get into the White House. He already did that. This time around. His plan was to destroy the system to destroy their election system of cheating. That was the objective. And yes, the objective is much, much larger than that. That’s one of the objectives. But since Obama, Biden Hillary, the mainstream media, all they’ve been talking about is how Putin directly ordered the hacking of the presidential election in 2016. And remember, the head special counsel Muller confirmed that this was an act of war. Why hasn’t Biden taken action against Russian Putin? What has he done so far? As He punished them?

Has he done anything? No, I don’t think so. Now, Cindy Powell, she brought us up to date on elections, and this is what she put out on telegram. This is a very important case, still active in Georgia, there was a very important case in which discovery is being granted in Michigan. That’s why the Michigan Gov. ag and Secretary of State are trying to have us all sanctioned and disbarred. All their claims are frivolous, and they’re going nuts. And there’s a big fight in Arizona citizens need to make their voices heard to all their state officials and demand full forensic audits by computer experts. There is evidence still in the machines. Why do you think dominion and smartmatic are fighting so hard to keep us from accessing their machines, even though federal law requires all records to be kept for 22 months to make certain our elections are valid? So why would you fight so hard? Why would you panic? If the elections were done? on the up and up? Wouldn’t you be completely transparent? Wouldn’t you let the American people see the elections were down on the up and up, that there was nothing wrong? Well, this tells you a lot right there. It shows that they cheated. The only time you hide something is if you cheated. What other reason would they have not to allow them to look at the systems? Well, remember, they’re not going to do what they did. They’re not going to keep those people from observing them inspecting the machines, they would have them there to make sure that nothing was being altered. This is what they’re afraid of. They’re afraid of Sidney Powell and the rest finding the evidence. Now, during the trial today, the impeachment trial, we have, I think, 16 hours of them trying to make their case that Trump incited insurrection. He was out there telling everyone there was election fraud when there really wasn’t election fraud. And he was the cause of all this. But you need to remember if you back up a little bit, Mark Meadows was out there. And he told them that listen, we should deploy 10,000 National Guard troops in DC ahead of January 6, to make sure that we keep everything in order. They didn’t want to do this. Why? Because they had a different plan. They had a plan where they were going to have BLM and Tifa and Ukraine Ukrainian neo nazis drive this insurrection plan. They didn’t want the National Guard there, the National Guard would have stopped all this. They wouldn’t be able to impeach Trump. Now, during this entire impeachment here, they’re just trying to make the case that Trump was the cause of all this and all the tweets and everything that they’re putting out there actually is working in the opposite way. It’s not showing that he told people to storm the Capitol. He was telling people to peacefully go to the Capitol. Make your voice is heard. I mean, if you take what they’re giving everyone, and you look at what they said like Jamie Raskin, look what he said, this is a flashback record and this is coming from the Trump boardroom. Representative Jamie Raskin on May 9 2017, this is our democracy, fight for it. And then here’s Jamie Raskin on September 23 2020, we must fight like hell. Now this was in reference to the tweet that he put out, the GOP rush to replace Justice Ginsburg is all about destroying the Affordable Care Act, women’s health care, reproductive freedom, and the voting rights and civil rights of the people. We must fight like hell to stop this assault on healthcare and the Constitution. And then we have Ted Lou. This is what he wrote. When they go low, we fight back. So all these individuals, they’re saying the same thing that Trump said, Let’s go out there and fight fight for our rights. Actually, what they’re doing right now, is going to work in the opposite way. Look what happened during the first impeachment. Did that go well for them? No, it did not. Actually, it worked in the opposite way. And look what rasheeda Talib said during the cabinet hearings. She said keep fighting. And this was in reference to Kai Newkirk saying breaking for women survivors, just arrested sitting in at Jeff flakes Phoenix office after sharing their stories and demanding that he commit to vote no, on Kavanaugh. And she said keep fighting.

So you think Trump and his attorneys are going to be pulling out all of these different things? Absolutely. They’re going to show that they did this same exact thing. Now, is that the important part? No. I think what these attorneys are going to do is they’re going to respond to what the deep state what the corrupt politicians have been talking about insurrection, election fraud. Remember, they’re projecting everything onto Trump right now. Everything that they did. Do I think Trump has evidence of this? I do believe so. Now what the mainstream media is doing and what the invisible enemy is doing, they’re trying to make it seem like Trump. He is in trouble with his impeachment legal team. The New York Times reports that Trump was furious, as he watched his lawyer Bruce Castro, Jr. deliver his opening argument after the gripping visual and emotional performance put on by the Democrats, citing people briefed on this reaction. And on a scale of one to 10. Trump was an eight political reports Trump grew increasingly frustrated as the trial continued, citing people familiar with his thinking. Now, the question is, is Trump putting this out. And this is disinformation, to make it seem like he’s in trouble. He’s weak. I do believe so. Remember, appear weak. When you’re strong. These individuals, they think they hold all the cards, they think they’re in control. They think they have the upper hand. So now the deep state the corrupt politicians. They’ve set a precedent that anyone can be impeached. They’re now introducing how election fraud doesn’t exist. How Trump was making false accusations, how Trump pushed the people into insurrection, attacking the Capitol, and this is what swalwell said, which I think is very interesting. He built this mob over many months, with repeated messaging until they believed that they had been robbed of their vote. Now, the first part of this, he built this mob over many months with repeated messaging built this mob. What did the corrupt politicians do? What did the deep state do? They built the mob. They gave them instructions to go into the Capitol, and Tifa BLM john Sullivan, and many others. They film themselves. Do you think Trump of the Patriots have this evidence? Yes, they opened all of this up. Now, what’s very interesting about this is that if Biden won like by at 1.2 million votes, why are they so worried about Trump running for office again? If Biden was so popular, why are they worried about Trump? Because he really didn’t win. They know this. They know this whole thing is fake. And they know that 80 to 100 million people, Americans they’re quietly watching They’re every move. They’re watching this. And they’re saying yet and and this is not how it happened. This is not how it happened. You cheated. There was no insurrection. Remember, this is a political trial. It is remove him from office. He’s not even in office. How are they going to remove him? They never want him to run again. They’re using insurrection. Now, what is insurrection? Whoever insights sets on foot assists or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States, or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort there to shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 10 years or both, and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States. So why would they impeach him? Think about this for a second. If he was the cause of insurrection? Why isn’t he being fined? And why isn’t he being in prison? He’s not the president anymore. At least that’s what they tell us. Or is he? If he’s a normal citizen, where’s the Department of Justice? Where’s the military? Why don’t they arrest him for insurrection? If he actually caused it, where are they? Do they have the evidence? No, they do not.

That’s why they’re using the impeachment. There is no real evidence, what they’re producing right now with his tweets. And with these videos. It doesn’t show that he went ahead and he told these people to do these things. Actually, most of the people that were doing this, they were part of a completely different group. Does this open it up for Trump to come in and prove that these were not Trump supporters to prove that he had nothing to do with this to prove that it was happening from another place? Yes, he does. And I want to go back to post 16 is October 31 2017. Get the popcorn Friday and Saturday we’ll deliver on the mega promise. POTUS knows he must clean house government in order to free up and demonstrate who has authority in order to pass important legislation. This was always a priority. Remember, ag sessions cannot look like an impartial player. That is out to get all former Obama team members as we need him for other important work. All will come into focus. And for anyone to think POTUS is not in control is kidding themselves. Also, he’s 100% insulated with zero risk of impeachment fact. Remember, the Senate was the target. If the deep state right now believes they have all the cards. They have the power. When do you play the trump card? When do you play the winning hand? Well, let’s go back to post 3724 December 18 2019. It must be done right. It must be done according to the rule of law. It must carry weight. It must be proven in the court of law. There could be no mistakes, good things sometimes take time. Attempts to slow block the inevitable justice will fail. These election interference 2016 Clinton Hussein illegal Pfizer, these election interference 2018 Mueller these election interference 2020 impeachment. Now that is very interesting. We’re seeing the impeachment of Trump but they set the precedent where everyone else can be impeached. projection. These people are sick. We the People are the cure. Now we can see that this is going to be another day of them trying to convince the American people that Trump was the cause of the insurrection, that he was lying about election fraud, that they wanted the people to attack pence. What makes for a good movie, great actors. Trump completely set them up. Do you really think he’s going to let them get away with this? Do you really think he’s just going to be impeached? Never to hold office again. Because if he gets impeached, what do you think is going to happen next? They’re going to bring him up on charges of insurrection? Because they’ll use the impeachment to do this. Do you really think that Trump brought in these no names? Just to say, Hey, I don’t have a case. These people are terrible. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Or does Trump have another plan? I do believe the plan has already been worked out. Trump has been waiting for the right moment. He needs to show the people how far these individuals will go. how desperate how criminal how treasonous. They all are. How do you do that? Without making it look like you’re attacking them? How do you do that? How do you show the people of this country on both sides, just all the people that I’m not attacking them, I’m defending myself. And to defend myself, I have to show the proof. And here it is. This is what these people have done. Here’s the audio of individuals talking to an Tifa. Here’s the video of these people doing something else. Here’s the documentation. Here’s everything. Here’s the election fraud. We caught them, we caught the real votes, we counted them. And then they cheated. The spaceforce or whatever agency that’s going to come out and do this. They could show them the evidence. Now again, if this was me, I would use this point in time to do all of this. Now remember Trump, he has plans, the military has plans. They know exactly what they’re doing. Forget about time, forget about, oh, it has to happen at this time. No, it doesn’t. Nothing has to happen on a schedule. Actually, the schedule is in our minds.

What the only thing that has to happen is that we hit the goal of arresting all these people. Because once it happens, you’re going to look back and say, Wow, I can see how all this happened. I understand it now. And as we move forward, you won’t even care about the timeframe anymore. You’ll understand why it had to be this way. And I do believe this is what Trump the Patriots have done. They brought us down this path. They took everyone and they started to wake people up. They wanted more people to wake up. people wake up at different points in time. Yes, you if you’re woken up for a very long time. Yes, you just want it over with. And it’s funny how people said, Well, you know, if it doesn’t happen now I’m just out of it. I’m done. Where are you going? It’s almost like a war or something. Where there’s a battle going on? Where are you going? What back to your house, you think your life is going to be the same as it was before. With all the changes they’re making, and everything that the deep state is doing? You think when the colonists were fighting the British, and they’re like, you know something, this war is just too much for me. You know what, we didn’t win this battle, George Washington said, we were going to win this battle. And we didn’t win it. I’m out. I’m going back to my house. Do you really think they had a place to run? Know where you’re running? If they’re planning to do what everyone thinks they’re going to be doing? Which we can see it happening in real time? Where are you going? Do you think there’s any place to hide? No, this is the last stand. That’s the point we’re at right now. And we have to keep fighting. If you want your way of life back, you hold the line, you move forward, and you fight on. It doesn’t mean you go in and attack the capital. It doesn’t mean you attack individuals. You do what the Constitution says to do. We as a people, we make our voices heard, peacefully. Not 1000, not 50,000. But millions upon millions. Not doing do I believe we’re gonna reach that point where we all have to do this. No, I think Trump and the Patriots, they needed the people to vote. This is why he didn’t stop the voting in Georgia. For the senate primaries in Georgia. He wanted people to vote. Because they needed to collect more data. They needed to monitor all of it. And they needed to show how there was cheating, just like in the presidential election, because if no one voted, they wouldn’t be able to show it. I think Trump has everything that he needs now. I think they’ve been collecting it since 2018. I think they’ve been monitoring and Tifa. I think they have those individuals that put that together. I think they caught them all. And Trump has told us go home peacefully. I believe they’re in control. And all of this is going to Boomerang on them. And I think that time is coming. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening be well be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.

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