April 14, 2021

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X22 Report: The Economy Is Waking People Up To The [CB] & The [DS], Thanks [JB], [NP]

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X22 Report: The Economy Is Waking People Up To The [CB] & The [DS], Thanks [JB], [NP]

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Hi, and welcome you listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 2418. A and today’s date is March 3 2021. And the thought of the episode is the economy is waking people up to the central bank and the deep state. Thank you, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. Now let’s talk about retirement. Now you know, inflation is killing your retirement, the real rate of inflation Well, it just won’t let you keep it up or make a profit. You need a different approach precious metals, not Robinhood are stocks that can crash and leave you losing money in IRA or 401k with noble gold is the answer. And this month, double gold is gifting a genuine rare Carson City minted Morgan silver dollar with every qualifying IRA or 401k. So to find out more, go to 877-646-5347. Or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse financial news. Now what we’re witnessing right now is the destruction of the Deep State and the central bank. No, Trump was not just going to come out with the military fly across the United States and round up the people. Trump, he’s been telling us for a long time, cue has been telling us for a very long time the people have to take back the country. And the only way for the people to take back the country is to see how bad the country is with the deep state with the central bank with the mainstream media running it. What do you think we’ve been witnessing right now. And what better way to show the people how bad it is how bad the corruption is, than to show them the truth, the truth of how these corrupt politicians, how the mainstream media, the central bank, the deep state, how they are ripping off the people. Remember, we all have the same thing in common. We want to earn a living. We want to make money, we want to support our families. We want to pay our bills. And when you see corrupt politicians stealing this money, where the taxpayers have to pay it back, people start to wake up. People come together and say no more. This is common ground. Yes. So is crimes against humanity. It’s common ground. And the the only way to get everyone on the same page is to show them the truth. Allow the central bank allow the deep state to do what they do best. And that’s exactly what they’re doing. Remember, when Trump was reading off the stimulus bill when he was in his presidency, this was done on purpose to show the American people what they were planning to do. Remember, we’re in this pandemic, as the mainstream media as the corrupt politicians, the deep state continually tell us that we’re in it’s deadly. It’s awful businesses are being destroyed. Children can’t go back to school. And they created a stimulus bill that went everywhere else, except to the people. Now Trump is out of office. What are they doing? They’re doing the same exact thing. They created a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill. And where is this money going? Well, 9% going to the people, the other 91% is going everywhere else. Now remember, they call this bill the American rescue plan? Well, let me correct this. This is the deep state Deep State central bank payoff plan. That’s what this is really called. Now, what’s very interesting is that certain senators, they’re not going along with this stimulus bill. Senator Pat Toomey. He’s out there saying listen, the 100 and $40 million earmarked to extend the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit transit system, the subway system, Bart, well, this needs to be removed from the bill. What does this have to do with the pandemic? It has nothing to do with the pandemic. It has to do with payoffs. That’s what it has to do with. Now, what’s very interesting is that the COVID relief, they are showering states with 600% of lost tax revenue, turning the rescue into stimulus. They’re bailing out certain states We knew that this was coming. The states were promised. If you keep it locked down, if you shut everything down and hurt businesses, and make it look like it’s a lot worse than it really is, we will reward you afterwards. But, like I said before, there are certain senators that are doing

what Trump did, where he sat in front of the camera, and he read the stimulus bill off to the American people. We’ll be talking about that in just a sec. But what’s very interesting, this is coming out of breaking 911. President Biden, he has agreed to narrow eligibility for a new round of 14 $100 stimulus payments in his 1.9 trillion Coronavirus relief bill. stimulus checks now will now go out to fewer people than under Trump. Is he keeping his promises? No. Are any of these corrupt politicians keeping their promises? No. And Senator Ron Johnson. He’s doing the same exact thing that Trump did. He plans to read off the 1.9 trillion COVID relief bill on the Senate floor. Yes, this is going to take time. Most likely, it’s going to take what 1020 hours to read this thing. I think it’s like 630 pages. But he wants the people to understand where these funds are going. Remember, remember when Obama was president and Nancy Pelosi came out said Listen, if you want to know what’s in the Obamacare package, the Affordable Care Act, you have to pass it, then you can read it. I think they’ve learned their lesson. Now they’re going to read it to the public, which they should, it should be completely transparent. And the people should understand where all this money is going. How else do you hold them accountable? How else? Do you know what’s really in it? People now we’re going to be questioning this. Actually, what are Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi doing? And we know it’s not just them. We know they’re our puppet masters behind them. They’re pushing their agenda so hard, so fast, that it’s waking people up, especially when you push the economy in the completely wrong direction. When you tell people, we’re going to be removing jobs, when you tell people that the economy the way you know it today. Well, we’re gonna reverse it all. You like low taxes? Well, we’re gonna give you high taxes. You need $2,000 checks? Well, we’re not actually going to give you $2,000 checks for the pandemic, oh, you need funds for your small business? Well, that’s really not going to happen this round. Why? Because we have to pay off a lot of other people. Now let’s talk about retirement. Now, you know, inflation is killing your retirement, the real rate of inflation, well, it just won’t let you keep it up or make a profit. You need a different approach precious metals, not Robinhood are stocks that can crash and leave you losing money in IRA or 401k. With noble gold is the answer. And this month, double gold is gifting a genuine rare Carson City minted Morgan silver dollar with every qualifying IRA or 401k. So to find out more, go to 877-646-5347, or click the link in the description. What they’re doing right now and what Trump was counting on. He was counting on the deep state, the corrupt politicians to wake everyone up through the economy. And that’s exactly what is happening right now. Because people, they all have this in common. Everyone understands that, listen, I need to make money to live, I need to pay my bills. And if I have higher taxes, if you reinstate regulations with my small business, if you take away the tariffs on China, if you remove what Trump has done here, this is not going to help me it’s going to hurt me. This is what this plan is all about. It’s about waking the people up to the fact that these individuals are completely corrupt. And it’s not just with the economy. It’s with everything. As more and more people see this, as more and more people watch this. What happens to the central bank, what happens to the deep state? They’re burying themselves. Actually, when this is all said and done, they will cease to exist. Is this going to happen in the next hour, two hours the next day, the next week? No, it will take a little bit of time, just like everything else, but this is part of the plan because in the meantime, what is Trump doing? He’s building strength. This is the whole point of it. If you want to take back a country, if you want to call out the central bank, the deep state What do you do? You wake the people up, you make them understand you let them see the corruption, you let them see everything. And that’s exactly what they’re doing. Because when this is all said and done,

the deep state, the mainstream media, the central bank, they’ll cease to exist, because not one person will trust them. Now, in the meantime, what’s happening? We’re seeing a transitional economy. If you notice, the central bank, they don’t want Bitcoin. They don’t want any other currency. Except what their own? Yes, they’re going to push gold down. Yes, they’re going to push silver down. They have been for many, many years. They’re going to do whatever it takes to push Bitcoin down, because when Bitcoin moves up on cryptocurrencies move up, it will reflect on to gold and silver. Because gold and silver kryptos very similar, people might think they’re different. Yes, one is in electronic form. One is physical. But they do have something in common. Gold is mined, Silver’s mined, cryptocurrencies is mined, it takes energy to mind these things. And there’s a limited amount. And once crypto takes off, gold and silver will follow. Yes, the central bank, they’ll do whatever it takes to try to keep them down. Even kryptos. Because they don’t want people understanding and knowing that there’s another another currency out there that will protect your wealth that will allow you to thrive, that will show everyone that the fiat currency is worthless. They don’t want people to see this. And what better way to transition the entire system out of a central bank Fiat system and into a new system than to maintain people’s wealth will actually make them richer. This is an incredible plan that the Patriots have created. Yes, it will gain momentum as time goes on, people will start to use it, people will start to understand it. It’s not that much different than the digital currency that we’re using today, which is the Federal Reserve Note. So people already know that, Oh, this is very similar. Once people get the hang of it, there’s no stopping them. And this is what they’re hoping for. Actually, institutions realize that this is the direction that everyone will be going in. Because they wouldn’t be getting into the market. If they didn’t know this. That’s why they’re getting into the market. This is why Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay. And the rest. This is why they’re getting into it because they know this is the future. Will people still buy gold and silver? Of course they will. Why would you just put everything in one basket actually, when cryptocurrencies is the currency? Yes, gold and silver will no longer be 1819 $100 as everything starts to move up, gold is going to move up. Think about it. If you purchase cryptocurrencies today, or if you purchase them three months ago, a year ago whenever it was and you decided you know something, I’m going to take that cryptocurrency and now I’m going to purchase gold. Does it take a lot more cryptocurrency to purchase that gold? What does it take a lot more of the Federal Reserve Notes to purchase that gold? Think about cryptocurrency right now to buy one coin? How many Federal Reserve Note notes does it take 50,000 of them 50,000 of them to buy one bitcoin? How many Federal Reserve Notes does it take to purchase one ounce of gold? Where does gold is that between 17 and 18 $100 17 to 1800. When everything starts to move up when cryptocurrency is moving up, when gold is moving up, what happens to the Federal Reserve Note? It goes down. So now as the Federal Reserve Note goes down, you’re going to need a lot more of the Federal Reserve Notes to purchase that same ounce of gold. How about with cryptocurrency? Will you need more cryptocurrency? No, because it’s keeping up with inflation. It’s keeping up with the devaluing of the Federal Reserve Note.

Actually, the Patriot plan is absolutely incredible. It’s up Brilliant to move people from one system to another. Actually, most of the people won’t even realize that they’re moving from one system to another. Just like when we came off the gold standard in 71, most of the people had no clue. One minute, we’re on the gold standard, the next minute, we’re off of it. And all people saw was, Hey, I can’t purchase gas. Hey, why are interest rates now at 16 17%? Why did my house go up in value? Why did my salary go up in value, because as soon as we came off of gold, the value of that fiat currency, the Federal Reserve Note dropped like a rock. But people, they didn’t know this. They just went along with it. Now we’re on the flip side, the Federal Reserve Note is losing value, or it has lost value over all these years. And now we’re transitioning to something that maintains your wealth. So people are going to see something completely different. Oh, wow, this is incredible. I’m going to go from federal reserve notes. And I like to use Bitcoin. I’m gonna use it for shopping. And I’m going to put some of my money into it. And all of a sudden, I have more wealth. Oh, this is very nice. Actually, it’s a reverse method of the central bank, right? Because when we came off of the gold standard, in 71, people thought they had more money, didn’t they? They thought, wow, look, my house went up, my salary went up. Well, that’s because the dollar devalued here, what is Bitcoin doing? What is gold going to be doing? That’s protecting your wealth, you’re not losing wealth. That’s the difference. Because every time the value of the Federal Reserve Note goes down, Bitcoin and gold will move up. And each time the Federal Reserve Note loses value. You’ll maintain your wealth, you won’t lose it. brilliant plan. Patriots are in control. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening be well be safe and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.