X22 Report: The People Are Now Being Presented With New Economic System

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Hi, and welcome you listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 2422. A and today’s date is March 8 2021. And the title of the episode is the people are now being presented with the new economic system. Now let’s talk about retirement. Now you know inflation is killing your retirement, the real rate of inflation Well, it just won’t let you keep it up or make a profit, you need a different approach precious metals, not Robinhood are stocks that can crash and leave you losing money in IRA or 401k. But noble gold is the answer. And this month number gold is gifting a genuine rare Carson City minted Morgan silver dollar with every qualifying IRA or 401k. So to find out more, go to 877-646-5347. Or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse financial news. Now we know from the beginning, when Trump came into office, his plan was to take the private wasn’t central bank system and move it into a brand new economic system. This is why he had Andrew Jackson hanging on the wall in the White House. His entire plan is to get rid of the private Western central bank to get rid of the Deep State to get rid of the corrupt politicians. This is what makes up the swamp. And he knew that the biggest battle was going to be with the private wasn’t central bank. Because they just don’t give up control. They stay around. And if we hit them head on, it would be completely noticeable. It would be a tough battle, the central bank would fight back very hard. So Trump took another approach. And it wasn’t just for the private Western central bank, he took this approach because the optics of everything that we’re seeing is very important. If he decided to say okay, here’s the new economy, everyone, we’re gonna move away from the private Western central bank into this new system. The private wasn’t central bank, the mainstream media, the deep state, they would go crazy if the new economic system was presented to the people, and the people decided that this is something they would like to use. What would the private Western central bank do? Well, they would try to convince everyone that this system is not good. The system is bad for you, the people? How would they do this? Well, they would suppress it, just like golden silver, they would try to push it down. They would say that criminal entities use it. It’s not safe, I would steer away from it. The mainstream media will continually do this, the corrupt politicians, the private Western central bankers, they will continually do this. But if the people saw that this system was beneficial to them, that people would say, you know something, we’re going to go with it anyhow. We’re going to give it a whirl. And we’re going to try it out. And as more and more people moved into that system, I’m talking about a currency system. The only weapons the private Western central bank system has is to suppress it, and try to convince people with information. Now, as we can see people, they realize what’s good, what’s bad. And once they realize how good something is, and why it benefits the people. They’re not even going to listen to what the mainstream media saying. They’re not even going to listen to what the private Western central bank is saying. And this is what Trump the Patriots, this is what they were counting on. They were counting on we the people. And I do believe this is what we’re seeing right now. Yes, we’re in the beginning phase of all of this. It’s not going to be over tomorrow. It’s going to continue on. Just like with the Fiat system. We were on a gold standard for a very long time. And then in the 60s, they started prepping for the Petro dollar system. Yes, they were able to switch everyone because they convinced the people that something was happening. Now, the opposite is happening. We the People have different information. We have different sources to go to back then all we had was the mainstream media. That was it. Today, you can speak to different people on social media, you can get information on the web, and you can make a decision. And this is what the central bankers, this is what the deep state do not like. They like control. And they’re losing control every single day.

And we’ll be talking about the difference between Fiat gold and cryptocurrency a little bit later in this report. But first, I wanted to talk about what has been happening since Biden became president. Now remember, there is an individual in the basement that is calling the shots. His name is Obama, he actually came out and said, I would love to have someone in the White House where I don’t have to be there. And I can stay in the basement and just talk to this individual through a microphone. And they would wear an earpiece, so they can listen to what I have to say. But ever since Biden took office, the economy is falling apart. Yes, Trump built it up, yes, Trump. He pushed it back to almost where it was before the pandemic. But now we are starting to see problems with the economy. Since Joe Biden has been in office. Think about it, he went ahead and he said, Okay, we’re gonna get rid of the pipeline. And now we’re starting to see fuel prices start to shoot up. Now, Molly tweeted this out. She said, I heard so many people complaining about gas prices that I looked it up. The average gas price in the country has risen from 2019 cents to $2.80. Since the election. And yes, people are starting to notice this. They’re starting to realize that yes, now I have less money in my pockets. Same thing with the stimulus. People are noticing that. Now what’s very interesting is that we know the central bankers, they’re undoing everything that Trump did, they need to bring the economic system back to where it was prior to Trump because what Trump did, when he said, Let’s make America great again, he showed the American people how great the economy can be. Now he was able to do this, within the private Western central bank, illusionary economy. Remember, it’s controlled, the stock market is controlled, the interest rates are controlled. This is not an open and free market. But he had the magic wand, he was able to show the people, if we just do a couple of these little things, if we just remove some regulations, if we lower the taxes, or get rid of some of the taxes, replace tariffs on certain countries. If we renegotiate trade deals, we bring manufacturing back, look how great the economy could be. And people don’t as this people saw this and said, Wow, this is incredible. And now they’re seeing the opposite. Now they’re seeing the economy completely fall apart. Now we know the central bank, they want this to happen. They want to go back. before Trump now Trump knew this. He knew that they were going to move very, very quickly to bring us back to where we were. Before he became president. He was counting on it. Now let’s talk about retirement. Now, you know, inflation is killing your retirement, the real rate of inflation Well, it just won’t let you keep it up or make a profit. You need a different approach. Precious metals, not Robin Hood are stocks that can crash and leave you losing money in IRA or 401k. With noble gold is the answer. In this month number gold is gifting a genuine rare Carson City minted Morgan silver dollar with every qualifying IRA or 401k. So to find out more, go to 877-646-5347 or click the link in the description. He wanted everyone to say he wanted everyone to take notice. He wanted everyone to see the difference. Yes, for many, many years, we’ve had the same politicians telling us the same thing. And now you can see what happens when you have someone completely different in office, how the economy could be actually it could be a lot better. Because once we transition away from the private Western central bank, once we move into a people system, once we moved into move into a decentralized currency system, once we move into a system where we don’t have to borrow the money from the private Western central bank, you’re going to see an economy like you’ve never seen before. But he was counting on all this. He was hoping they would move with lightning speed to reverse everything. Because then it’s really noticeable and people are noticing. Now what’s very interesting is that the central banks, they’re talking about the interest rates right now.

We are seeing that the central banks, they’re thinking about raising the interest rates. Now, once the private wasn’t central banks decide, and I’m talking about the Fed, once they decide to start raising rates, well, that’s Game Over, this is an indication that they’re going to bring down the economy, they’re gonna make it seem like it’s a great thing. But with all the stimulus out there, with all this debt, with all this QE, this is not going to make the economy better. Yes, the mainstream media is going to convince you that by raising the rates is going to be incredible. But you know how this works, you know, when they raise the rates, what happens, everything will start to fall apart. Now, when they start to do this, I’m not saying that’s happening tomorrow, and the next day, they’re talking about doing this. There are certain financial institutions, certain individuals that are betting that in the coming year, they’re going to be talking about raising the rates, about increasing the rates very, very slowly, we have to be careful about this doesn’t matter how quickly or slowly you do it. As you raise the rates, the economy will start to fall apart. And that will be a signal that they are now ready to bring it down. They’re ready for the great reset. Do I think we’re gonna get that far? Most likely not. But they’re talking about it. Now, we’ve been talking about a new economic system, a currency system that is controlled by We the People. Now, we need to remember that the private Western central bank, they don’t want this to happen. They don’t want people looking at precious metals. Yes, they’re going to try to push this down as much as they possibly can. They’ve done it in the past. Yes, they’re going to attack cryptocurrency they don’t want this moving up higher than it should be because once it reaches a certain point, and more and more people take notice there they know that this is going to be a snowball effect and they will not be able to stop it. And what will happen is precious metals even though they have the ability to suppress it, it will follow along with cryptocurrency and they know this but when we start to look at the difference between Bitcoin gold and Fiat and we the media put this out, which I think is very interesting, they put out a little chart and it has grades on durable portable, fungible, verifiable and here are the differences between these types of currencies. Bitcoin durable, gotta be gold got an A plus and Fiat got to see portable Of course, cryptocurrency going to a plus gold D Why? Because it’s heavy to carry Fiat be fungible Bitcoin got be gold a CI B verifiable Bitcoin got an A plus gold got to be and Fiat gotta be divisible. Well, Bitcoin a plus gold see very hard to divide, Fiat be

scarce Bitcoin a plus gold, a Fiat F. They’re just printing like crazy. Established history. Bitcoin. Well, it hasn’t been around that long. So got a D. Gold a plus it’s been around for 1000s of years. Fiat see censorship resistant, Bitcoin, a gold sci fi, D. So when you look at this, the winner is Bitcoin, then gold, then Fiat. And I do believe that gold is going to play a very important role in the next economy. Yes, cryptocurrency is going to play a very important role Fiat not so much. And we can see that why cryptocurrency is going to be very important and easy to use. Because we are in the digital age. Yes, it would be very difficult to move around with gold. It’d be very difficult to do that. And we’ve seen in the past, when you hook paper currency or even electronic currency to gold, it can be manipulated. cryptocurrencies, a little bit different. How will gold be used? I do believe this will be used as a confidence builder, just like they’ve used it in the past where the central bankers kept gold, but pushed fiat currency out to the people they kept gold for a specific reason. Countries kept gold for a specific reason. Yes, precious metals, they will hold their value, especially when we come off of the manipulation. When we move away from Fiat and we move to cryptocurrency we’re going to see a very big difference in the precious metals market. Get a cryptocurrency the people as they see this continually rise, the people are going to realize that this is beneficial to the people. And it’s not just the currency, it’s the smart contracts and everything else that goes along with it. And once people start to use it, and more and more retail shops start to take it, people are going to see how easy it is to use. And they’re not even going to really notice the difference between Fiat. And cryptocurrency, the big difference they’ll notice is that it doesn’t lose value. The other difference they will notice is that you don’t need a bank. And people will start to realize, okay, this is an easy switch. And as more and more places come online that accept it, more and more people are going to use it. And this will be a slow move to a brand new currency. And this is something that private Western central banks are going to have a very difficult time to try to stop. Are they going to try to stop it? Of course they are? Yes, they’re going to use everything they have to try to stop this. Yes, they might come up showing that people are using it as ransomware. Yes, they might show people being arrested because they stole someone’s wallet or they did something. Yes, they will also bring up stories about gold and silver, they will do everything in anything to show you why to show you how bad it is, and why you shouldn’t move to it. And that tells you something that tells you that’s the place where the people are going to go. Because once people get a taste of it, and once people see their sees their wealth increasing, not decreasing, like with Fiat, they’re gonna realize that this is a benefit to them. And we’ve always talked about how we would make this transition from one system to another. Well, moving from one system to another, and keeping your wealth or increasing your wealth. This is one way to do it. So it seems that we are on that track and it’s a people’s movement right now. Something the private Western central bank is going to have a very difficult time trying to stop. This is just the beginning. The best is yet to come. Listen, everyone thanks a lot for listening be well be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.

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