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X22 Report: The People Must See It All, The MSM/[DS] Lies Have Been Exposed, News Unlocks

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X22 Report: The People Must See It All, The MSM/[DS] Lies Have Been Exposed, News Unlocks

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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

Hi and welcome you listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 2403 bn today’s date is February 12 2021. And the top of the episode is the people must see it all the mainstream media Deep State lies have been exposed. News unlocks. Let’s talk about our health. New studies show that by the time people reach their middle ages the body often produces less than half the college and it did in youth collagen is the main building block in our skin making up to 70 to 80% of it. This is why we get sagging skin and wrinkles as we age if you want to look younger, you must supplement collagen supplementing collagen will improve your skin’s elasticity make it smoother, more plump and more youthful looking. But the right type of collagen is difficult if not downright impossible to get into typical diet or supplement your risk ingesting dangerous ingredients or wasting money on a diet that doesn’t truly combat aging. That’s why I highly recommend health with x 22 ages multicolored and is a powerhouse of the right ingredients to improve your youthful appearance quickly and effectively get multi collagen for 51% off today by going to help with x 22 comm that is health with x 20 two.com. And you’ll get a 60 day money back guarantee. And there is free shipping with every order that’s health with x 20 two.com or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news. Now today was another day of the impeachment trial. And this is a complete and utter clown show. Trump’s team came out and basically shut down the entire case in two and a half hours, a case that they built up on emotions for 13 1415 hours, whatever it was. And all they did was continually use emotion and I’m talking about the Democrats. Trump, the Patriots, they control the entire situation. And they exposed all the lies the mainstream media, the Deep State has been telling for a long time. They showed clips of Trump during Charlottesville, remember, they’ve been using this for a very long time showing that he said very fine people. Well, most of the people have never really seen the full clip. Now people have seen it. They played the full clips with everything else. People are now seeing it. They are even seeing how they doctored tweets in this case, which means they lied, which means the case should have been dismissed. Actually, Raskin said, that’s where I come from. in Philadelphia, if you had doctored evidence, that case is thrown out. This is exactly what they’ve done. But what does all this do? This allows the people to see it all. This allows the people to understand what this is all about. Remember, this is not just about an election. It’s not just about throwing a couple people in jail. This is much deeper, wider than anything that we can even imagine. It’s a system. It’s a system where the mainstream media is the bullhorn of the Deep State and the invisible enemy. And yes, Trump, he’s in the process. And he has been in the process of getting the American people on board. Yes, we understand we’re awake. Yes, we know what’s going on. Yes, we just want arrests. Yes, we want this to be over with, yes, you understand this. But go out into a crowd, even if they voted for Trump. Ask him if they understand. Most of the people are going to say I don’t know what you’re talking about. What are you talking about? This makes no sense. Look around you go into a Lowe’s or Home Depot or any store and stand up and say this virus is not real. The mainstream media, the who and the rest. They manipulated the numbers, mass don’t work. Here’s the clinical trial. Here’s the peer review trial. I’m showing you the truth. Believe me. People are gonna look at you. Like you’re crazy. You just can’t spring it on people. People have to understand and and get the information so they can interpret it. Just like when you were first being woken up, if you just received all that information, you would have a nervous breakdown. So put your emotions aside because you know what’s going on. And think about what Trump is dealing with. He’s dealing with the population of this country. It’s not just the republican population.

He’s talking to the people of this country. He wants the people to understand. He wants the people to realize that these individuals, they’re not working for them. They’re working against them. They’re liars, they’re cheaters. And during this trial, this is exactly what you’re seeing, actually allowing Biden to be inaugurated, more people are waking up than ever before. This had to be done. Because when you step back, and you really think about it, it wasn’t about a small select group. It wasn’t about, Oh, these people that have woken up and they know the truth and doing more research. It’s about the country as a whole. And I’m not saying 100% of the people are gonna say, Oh, no, you’re right. 100% gonna say yes, we understand. He’s not looking for 100%. He’s looking for the majority. What is the majority is that 60% is a 70%. He needs the people behind him. The only way to do this, and even on the other side, who may be voted for Biden, they have to show that he lies. He doesn’t hold up to his promises. Think about all the people that lost their jobs. Think that people that are watching this, people are starting to understand and realize all of this. But this trial? Well, it’s set a precedent. It brought up interesting facts. And it exposed. The mainstream media, the deep state, the mainstream media is working very hard right now to explain away everything Trump’s lawyers put out there. And it’s not holding up. Yes. They like to use emotions. Yes, they like to tell lies, but people are questioning it. I mean, think about the tweet, which we’ll be discussing in just a minute. The one that we mentioned yesterday about the blue checkmark, the mainstream media is out there saying, Well, you know what, they had to recreate Trump’s tweet. And that’s why they might have put the wrong date on there. Well, you can go to the Wayback Machine and get the exact tweet, by the way. But that doesn’t explain the blue checkmark because Jennifer’s Twitter account wasn’t suspended. Her account is still up. Why did they add the blue checkmark, people are noticing this. And people are scratching their heads. That’s what this is all about night. When I look at this. The plan is definitely moving forward. And they are doomed. Because you need to listen to the questions they’re asking. You need to listen to the information that’s coming out. And all these democrats are doing all they’re doing right now is They’re digging the hole deeper and deeper. Now, what’s very interesting is that Biden, he made a promise to fire people on the spot if they treated others with disrespect. Well, it looks like it’s another day and another broken promise. Three weeks ago, Joe Biden promised he would fire anyone working for him on the spot if they disrespected others. Well, what happened? It seems that Deputy Press Secretary DJ tuck low, it was revealed that he used Vogel and misogynist language toward a reporter for pursuing a story that he wanted to kept that he wanted, kept secret. He became angry when he found out that the political reporter Jennifer Palin, Mary, was pursuing a story about his romantic relationship with an axios. Reporter. And he threatened to destroy her and ruin her reputation in a series of phone calls. So what happened to this individual? Was he fired? No, he he was suspended for one week without pay. So Biden right there, went back on a promise. He didn’t follow through once again. What else is he doing? Well, the Biden administration has announced

plans to allow 25,000 asylum seekers with active court cases into the United States while their cases are processed. Wait, wait, he’s allowing 25,000 people into the country to stay here while we’re in a dark winter pandemic. Does that make any sense? Well, people are listening to this. They’re watching this and they’re asking questions about it. It doesn’t make sense now very interestingly, We’re seeing a lot of election, fraud cases move up in the court system. And I know during the impeachment trial, they keep saying that Trump has lost every single one of the impeachment cases, which is completely fake, phony and false. But Georgia’s election board this week, referred 35 cases of voter fraud for prosecution. election fraud is not tolerated in Georgia. Now, the cases include for instances where authority say convicted felons voted or registered to vote, and for other cases of non citizens voting or registered to do so. Authority said a group called the new Georgia project submitted 1268 voter registration applications after a deadline causing voters for to be disenfranchised in the 2019 special election. So we’re starting to see that they’re cracking down on voter fraud. Now, is this big enough to say, Hey, this is something that might have overturned the presidential election? No, I do believe that this will be presented later on. This has not ended. This is building up now. And it seems that the news has unlocked now what’s very interesting is that there was an operation called Game Over, and 75 were arrested in the Superbowl human trafficking sting. Now this was in Hillsborough County, and detectives uncovered an anti human trafficking operation. Sheriff Chad Chronister announced that 75 individuals were arrested during Operation Game Over describing it as a record number of arrests. Among them three men are facing Human Trafficking Charges. Others were trying to exchange money for sex, and the sickening, sickening practice of human trafficking is a crime. That is nothing less than modern day slavery. And basically, all these people have been caught. And we’re starting to see this happen across the country actually worldwide now. Now, yesterday, it came out that the Biden administration, they were going to stop Florida, residents from traveling outside of the state. And then we had the governor governor De Santis speak up and say, This is absolutely absurd, this is not going to happen. And then all of a sudden, the White House came out. And they backed down and said, we’re not currently in the process of implementing domestic travel restrictions on Florida. Because it doesn’t make sense because there are many more states that are doing a lot worse than Florida. Look at New York, for example, population 19 point 5,000,230 deaths per 100,000 46,000 deaths 15,000 nursing home deaths, 1 million job loss 1.8 million vaccines, compared to Florida, population 21 point 5 million 130 deaths per 100,000. And we’re not locked down like New York was 28,000 deaths 400,000 jobs lost 2.1 million vaccines. So which do you think the media attacks more viciously? York or Florida, or any other states, which are a lot worse now? Yes, I know, these numbers are manipulated. Yes. Are they all COVID? No, it’s the flow, we’re going to start to see as the tests continually drop, because they change the cycle number, we’re going to see the number of deaths from COVID. Drop, we’re going to see the number of cases from COVID drop, and then we’re going to start to see the flu cases start to rise again. And of course, they’re gonna have no explanation will try to explain it. But it’s going to be very confusing, actually, the probably just not report on it, because they never reported on it really before. And they’ll just pretend that it doesn’t exist. But once again, you can see that they have no standing on why they need to stop Florida residents from traveling. And Joe Biden, his white house back down, but it was a dictator ship type of move. Now,

Biden, he’s continually moving the goalposts right now, he’s saying that the mask mandate, he’s moving it from 100 days to next year. So he’s saying that we’re gonna have to wear masks until next year. Why if the cases are dropping, if we have the vaccine, why do we need to wear masks actually, when the mass start to work? Anybody have that answer? When did they start to work? Because all those states that had mandatory masks, when do they start to work? When do they start to protect you? They don’t. It’s been proven. They don’t protect you. Let’s talk about our health. New studies show that by the time people reach their middle ages, the body often produces less than half the college and it did in youth collagen is the main building block in our skin making up to 70 to 80% of it. This is why we get sagging skin and wrinkles as we age. If you want to look younger, you must supplement collagen. That’s why I highly recommend health with x 22. Ages multicolored is a powerhouse of the right ingredients to improve your youthful appearance quickly and effectively get multi collagen for 51% off today by going to health with x 20 two.com. Or click the link in the description. That’s why they’ll never work. That’s why they’ve never worked in the past. That’s why when you had the flu virus and all other viruses, that’s why they never told you to wear a mask before because they don’t work. What do you think virologists? What do you think they’re in a sealed suit with their own oxygen supply? And they’re trying to tell us this most deadly pandemic? We can put on a homemade mask and we’re protected. No, it doesn’t work. But what we’re seeing right now, is that China, they are refusing to provide the who with raw data on COVID-19 cases. They don’t want to hand out anything over. Not really surprised because China was behind all of this. It originated and will hand No, there was no investigation. China just handed the who a report after a year. Well, what happens to a crime scene after a year passes, they can scrub everything. And nobody even went in there to check. But it seems that Andrew Cuomo, he’s having problems. We have Melissa derosa. She just admitted that Yeah. Andrew Cuomo was covering up what happened with the nursing homes. We have the New York Attorney General, Letitia James, she’s also looking into this and investigating, it seems that it’s all falling apart on andrew cuomo. It looks like this is a ticking time bomb. But we knew that this was going to happen. We were told, and remember timeframes. You can’t base everything on timeframes because an investigation doesn’t happen overnight. Yes, evidence could come out. Yes, information can come out like we’re seeing it. But just because you’re told three months or four months ago, doesn’t mean that nothing is happening. Most of the investigations are under wraps until they’re ready to produce the information like Durham haven’t heard much about him. That doesn’t mean he’s not doing anything. That’s how a real investigation is done. It’s kept under wraps until they’re ready to show everyone. Because why would you produce the information while you’re doing the investigation? You don’t want those who are being investigated to know what you’re doing. So just because you don’t hear about it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. We were told it was happening. And look, Andrew Cuomo is being investigated. Now what’s very interesting is we know that Biden, he’s removing a lot of the attorneys, federal attorneys and federal judges and whatever else he can remove. And it seems that john Huber, he was, he has announced that he is resigning under the instruction of President Joe Biden. His last day is going to be February 28. So it seems that he’s leaving right now. But what’s very interesting about this, if we go back to post 1514, this is June 16 2018. And there’s other posts in this from 1279 to 1278. And it says we have it all the right people have the information. And then it says think Google think Eric Schmidt departure thing North Korea, many drafts Gmail comms post 1278 says precursor some top eyes on first are calling for immediate arrests reveal Gmail draft coms. And under this it says think this queue. We have it all. Huber question mark. Q says news unlocks while Huber is leaving, it seems that news

is going to unlock about everything we remember the one of the last posts that q gave us was Durham term is still they’re still investigating. Think mirror. The same thing that happened to Trump is now happening to Biden. He has a special counsel that is investigating. There’s another individual Weiss who is investigating hunter Biden while he’s president. Then this happened to Trump. Trump just turned the tables on all of them. Now we know that Trump during January 6 before January 6, he said listen, let’s bring in the National Guard. We’re gonna need about 10,000 people to handle the crowds just in case something gets out of hand. He knew that an Tifa BLM and Ukrainian neo nazis were going to be there. And during this impeachment trial, we can see there were certain questions and certain information that came out. Take a look into what Raskin had to say about what happened at the Capitol.

It is apparent that extremists of various different stripes and political persuasions, pre planned and premeditated and attack on the capital. One of the first people arrested was the leader of an Tifa. Sadly, he was also among the first to be released. From the beginning, the President has been clear. The criminals who infiltrated the Capitol must be punished to the fullest extent of the law, they should be imprisoned for as long as the law allows.

Now, if you noticed, he mentioned an Tifa. He mentioned they were other individuals there. This is to have people question about what really happened there. They just brought that in to the discussion. Doesn’t mean it has to be out in the open now during the trial. No, this is the beginning of the narrative. But what has been done? Well, a precedent has been set, where you can impeach a president that is no longer president. Number one, for the first time. Trump’s lawyers, they were able to show the American people what happened during Charlottesville. What happened during the impeachment, they were able to show millions of people who are watching on mainstream media, the truth, the full clips of what really happened. Remember, the mainstream media never wanted to show the full clips before and now. It was unfiltered for the first time. Paul Sperry tweeted this out bombshell. Big Three TV networks carrying live the Trump impeachment defense, forced to finally air full remarks of Trump’s Charlottesville remarks condemning neo nazis, putting the lie to Joe Biden’s repeated mischaracterizations during the pains that Trump said they were fine people. Why did Trump need this to be done? He needed his name cleared. Finally, now the American people finally saw what he said. And they just realized the mainstream media has lied to them over and over, actually, Joe Biden has lied to them. And then we come to those tweets where they had Donald J. Trump and Jennifer Lawrence, where they manipulated the dates. And they added a blue checkmark. Now Raskin called them out on this and said, You manipulated evidence where I come from Philadelphia, if you do that the case is thrown out. But here, you just continue on. Remember this whole impeachment? It’s a clown show, I think people are starting to realize it is a clown show. So far during this entire trial, the house just like the first impeachment. They can’t tell you why they’re impeaching him. They can’t prove it. They can’t connect the dots. It’s like a murderer, who’s sitting trial and there’s the body and they keep circling the body showing blood, showing guts showing the weapon, showing how the weapon was used to murder this person, but never ever making the connection to the murderer? Yes, they’re using emotion. Yes. They’re showing you things that that makes you emotional, but they never show the connection. This is what they have done during this trial. Where did Trump say go in and break into the Capitol? Where did he say? Go ahead attack everyone you say? He never said it. He said peacefully marched over to the Capitol actually. If you look at the timeframe, the attack was already started while he was giving a speech. And then they had the FBI and many others say, Well, this was pre planned. Well, if it was pre planned, he couldn’t incite anything. Somebody else planned it. This is why Raskin mentioned and Tifa and others. They just exposed the democrats with all their lies. And what’s very interesting is that most of the people that were arrested during the sixth, well, these individuals, they never voted for Trump. What were they doing there? This is what Paul Sperry tweeted out. arrest records reveal many of the capital riders never voted for Trump, further separating the hooligans from the 74 million law abiding American voters who did the who did vote for Trump. And they kept on asking the question, did Trump know about this? His attorney said no He was giving a speech. He didn’t know what was going on. It was a mile away. Yes, he got reports later on. But this was pre planned. The mainstream media, they’re in a panic right now. They lost control of the narrative. And one of Trumps defense lawyers shows his best line. He said the following. The Democrats aren’t just trying to cancel our culture. They’re also trying to cancel the Constitution. We’ve been talking about this for a very long time. Their whole agenda was to cancel and it still is their agenda to cancel the Constitution. Why do you think they’re ripping down statues? Why do you think they’re destroying things?

Why do you think they want to rewrite history with their 1619 project? That’s their push. Their push is to destroy this country. But as we can see, it is game over for them. There was a question asked, Does raising bail for writers encourage more writing now? senators asked this question. I think it was Graham, and others. The defense attorney said yes. And that reminded me of post 4699. And this is what it says, Does an Tifa fear prosecution? Why would they continue to operate if they did? What organized groups are bailing out riders within 24 hours of arrest? What happens post bail out, do charges remain enforced or dropped by da da will act our E low level arrests? Have all refusal to bring charges been related to low level arrests? sympathizer other? What happens when prosecutors Board of County Commissioners members, volunteer firefighters etc are sympathetic to the cause? What happens if the organization and Tifa itself is aware? infiltration, not invasion? I do believe that question was asked on purpose. And I want to go back to post 2624 because in this post is this is from December 12 2018. And anon on the board says queue. Please tell us who or what the wizards and warlocks are now queue answered, guardians of intelligence. Now remember, we know that Trump started the space force. I do believe the space force has all the information which will be used later. What I have used it in the impeachment trial. Yes, but the impeachment trial is not over yet. But if you look at the spaceforce it says the following heritage, mission, culture, guardians a name chosen by space professionals for space professionals spaceforce. They are the guardians of intelligence. They have it all. And throughout this trial, people now can see very, very clearly, the DS are liars that these have no case. they manipulate evidence. They are threatened by Trump. They had no case from the start. They couldn’t prove their case. Let’s go back to post 2635. The D party will cease to exist once it’s all exposed. Fake News can no longer control damp and public awareness of the truth. The fake news is having trouble right now. dark to light, and then we go to post 953 this is March 17 2018. Now this is very interesting. It says how bad as the corruption that says FBI number one, number one number two past present. Same thing with Department of Justice and state. And it shows how deep the corruption is with all these different positions. Down below. It gives us a timeline here. It says removal is the least of their problems. projection. Russia, de HRC Hillary Rodham Clinton, Twitter bots, Google operated not Russia. narrative and political slant. Biden China big development traders everywhere. America for sale, Flynn targeted why, who knows where the bodies are buried, cleared of all charges. Trump admin version two which means Trump is coming back and he’s going to have version two of his admin. Then it says Election Theft. last hope congressional focus in peach. That is where we are right now. In peach. They think you are stupid. They think you will follow the stars. They openly call you sheep cattle. There will come a time none of them will be able to walk down the street. You think that time is coming? I think people are seeing this very, very clearly now. biggest fear public awakening now What’s very interesting is that during this whole time, they keep talking about the big lie about election fraud, how he lost all the cases. I believe Trump wants them to build this up. I think he wants them to continually go down that path, that this whole thing is a big lie. And then we have Dan scavino, who changed his header on Twitter. It’s him working in the Oval Office with Trump. And I do believe this is a message.

I do believe that we’re still going through the plan. People are waking up. People are seeing the truth. People are questioning everything. Yes, the time is coming. We just don’t know when. But the goal will be reached. All these individuals will pay. In the end, the people will see the truth, the people will understand the truth. It’s not on our timeframe. It’s not on yours or yours. It’s on the Patriots timeframe, because they know the inner workings of what’s really going on here. They understand what they have to do, and how to wake the people up of America. They understand that they have to expose all of this. And I do believe that’s what is happening right now. So as Q always says, sit back and enjoy the show. And that’s exactly what it is. It’s a show people have to see it all. And you know what the people are? Listen, everyone thanks a lot for listening be well be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.