X22 Report: Think Football, The Super Bowl Will Look Like A Puppy Show, No Escape For Players

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Hi and welcome you listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 2389 bn today’s date is January 27 2021. And the title of the episode is think football the Super Bowl will look like a puppy show. No escape for players. Let’s talk about your health more studies have come out that prove the effectiveness of a little known spice called tumeric. Health experts are beginning to agree that consuming tumeric is a crucial as it gets to renewing and revitalizing how we look and feel in fact a jaw dropping 5000 peer reviewed scientific articles have come out providing evidence of the fountain of youth like benefit found in tumeric if you want to try this proven spice yourself get age with x 22 calm is enhanced core foundation is built off an extract found inside tumeric called pure Quinn tumeric not only helps you look better, but it makes you feel better too. And having more energy is going to be essential if you want to achieve your New Year’s resolution. So go to age with x 20 two.com. That is age with x 20 two.com. And get the best tomorrow check for 51% off today or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news. Now it seems the Patriot plan, it is now working the American people on both sides, they’re starting to wake up. They’re starting to realize that Biden is not helping this country. We also see certain other anomalies occurring during the transition from Trump, to Biden. And we’ll be talking about that in just a minute. But first, like I said, the people in this country, they realize that Biden is not helping whatsoever, actually Gallup poll, they did a survey and 11% of Americans, they are satisfied with the direction of the country. So that’s 11% they’re satisfied with the direction we’re headed. What about the rest of the people? You know, 89%? They’re not really happy about this. So this poll that was released, it found that 11% of Americans are very or somewhat satisfied with the way things are going, while 66% of Americans are very dissatisfied. Why is that? Because they are starting to wake up. They’re starting to realize with 37 plus executive orders with Joe Biden killing jobs and reversing everything that people want.

Well, this is not what the people want. Remember, the mainstream media. And those people that are for Biden, they’re the minority, the majority do not want what is happening right now. And the Punisher put out a tweet, which is very interesting. And it says the following Trump red pilled normies Biden is red pilling, lefties, the military is about to red pill, the world think about what has been happening over the last four years. The mainstream media has been losing their audience. People are no longer believing them. They question what the mainstream media says. They’re following news on social media. Yes, they might look at mainstream media, but then they go to social media and they question these things. People are asking questions about what is going on right now. Now, if Trump stayed as President, first of all, how would you prove election fraud? That would be pretty darn impossible because he won. And he would have to say, yes, there was election fraud, but I want anyhow, no, he had to lose the election. And when I say lose the election, I mean, the appearance of losing, even though he won, what do I mean by that? Well, from every data point that we know of Trump won by a landslide. Joe Biden had to cheat and those working with him how to cheat like there was no tomorrow. And it was very, very noticeable. That’s the only way you can bring in the idea that there was election fraud. And yes, the military has this. Yes. Ratcliffe submitted the report. Yes, they have at all. One, are they going to use it? Well, they’re you. They’ll use it when the timing is right. And we’re going to look at what might happen in the next couple of weeks here. But Trump, he needed certain things to play out. First. He needed the people to see everything that Joe Obama which is really Joe Biden, and Obama’s down In the basement, telling him what to do. So his name is Joe Obama, Joe Obama, he is now doing what the people don’t want. The people are waking up to this. And since the deep state, the corrupt politicians believe that he is the president, they decided to move forward with their plan. What is their plan? Well, now since the elections are over, we can open up businesses again, we can go ahead and get rid of the pandemic. We can do all these things. Yes, they’re going to try to bring in other agendas associated with it. Like other things that we’re going to talk about in just a sec. But Trump, he knew that if he was still president, first of all, he couldn’t prove election fraud. Secondly, they would have ramped up the pandemic, those in power would have kept businesses closed and hurt people. Trump of the Patriots, they knew this. So he allowed this to happen because he needed certain things to happen. He needed the deep state to move forward with getting rid of the pandemic. He needed them to open up businesses. And he needed the people to see what Biden was about things that he promised he’s going back on his promise already. And then people needed to see those people coming into certain positions. For example, Biden’s energy nominee, who is she Jennifer Granholm? Well,

she divvied out millions in taxpayer funds during her two, two terms as Michigan governor to alternative energy companies that eventually went bankrupt. In one instance, her administration provided 9.1 million refundable tax credit to a renewable energy company registered the address of a single wide trailer and run by a convicted embezzler named Richard short, short was found to be in violation of his parole and sent back to prison after appearing on stage with grant home in 2010. To accept assistance from the Michigan Economic growth authority. What else a 123 systems, which also received 249.1 2 million federal grant by the Obama administration filed for bankruptcy in 2012. The company is still in operation today as a subsidiary of a Chinese firm. winching America. Another manufacturer of electrical vehicle components that receive Michigan’s taxpayer funded assistance under grant homes watch was absorbed dynamics. They filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and laid off 120 employees. So only 2.3% of the 434 projects funded by the Michigan Economic growth authority under grant homes watch were successful 2.3% I wonder how much money everyone made off of this. It looks like they made millions or maybe even billions of dollars. Now, what’s very interesting is we know that Trump he declassified information on the 19th around 449. And this information is being dripped out. Now it seems that john Solomon from just the news, he’s putting this out, and this new newly declassified FBI memos and that’s very interesting that these are all memos, because the memos are just the beginning. Q has told us this, these newly declassified FBI members provides startling new details that undercut the frenzy 2017 effort to investigate Trump for obstruction revealing that the FBI new Director James Comey firing had been conceived by Justice Department leadership, long before the president pulled the trigger during a key moment in the Russian probe. Also from the declassification, we come to find out that these newly released documents, prove the FBI knowingly and willfully lied to the Pfizer court to spy on Trump campaign. The corrupt FBI knowingly and willfully use false reports to spy on Trump, the FBI department of justice that then later continued this lie to ruin lives and continue a fraudulent Special Counsel of Trump knowing there was nothing there. So all this information is starting to drip out now, saying that they lied to the courts to get these warrants. We already knew this to the American public. No this. Well, they do now. And I do believe we’re going to see a lot more information to come out and I don’t think Trump just put this out there, where he declassified the information on the 19th just to declassified and to be a nothing burger. It will be used later on. Just like all the election fraud. Now, we can see that certain states already they’re backtracking on what they did, which was illegal. So Virginia right now, the board of elections. They are now saying well, you know this whole thing about late ballots with the postmarks. That was illegal. A Virginia Circuit Court Judge William Eldridge rule that the state late mail in ballot law violated state statute and permanently banned the law in the future for Virginia elections. So wait a minute. So the legislature’s they didn’t create this law. This law was created outside of the lawmakers. And now they’re saying, this can’t be done. It’s banned. So doesn’t this call into question? If these elections were run properly? Shouldn’t we take a look at all of these ballots, and confirm, to make sure that they’re on the up and up? Or maybe we should disregard all the mail in ballots at this point? Because it was illegal. It seems that all of this is coming out after the election. Is this part of the plan? It’s starting to seem that way. Even Bezos came out and said, Listen, I don’t want the union workers to use mail in ballots, this fraud and that they have to do it in person. Why would he say that? Why would Virginia reverse the mail in ballots?

Because they know it was done illegally, which calls into question the entire election, because it was completely unconstitutional. Remember, the judges in the lower courts, the upper courts, the Supreme Court, they never saw the evidence, actually, they never wanted to see the evidence. Because they know if they saw the evidence, and other people saw the evidence, it would be game over. This is why they dismissed the case at every turn. But again, Trump, he had to give them the chance. He had a follow the rule of law. He tried to do everything by the book. And they stopped him. And that’s why the military is the only way forward. Now what’s very interesting is they’re dragging Trump back in to the impeachment realm. And we can see that they didn’t have enough votes to convict them. And Senator Rand Paul was out there, and he tweeted this out. The Senate just voted on my constitutional point of order. 45 senators agree that this Sham of a trial is unconstitutional. This is more than we will need to acquit and eventually end, this partisan impeachment process. This trial is dead on arrival in the Senate. Now we know that q has told us that the Senate was the target the hunters become the hunted. Now, yes, there was a meeting where the Senate was the target, where Trump in his first impeachment, the Senate went ahead, and they acquitted him. So this time around, is the senate the actual target, the target, where information is brought out into the light? Because at this point, it doesn’t seem like he has anything to worry about. It seems that this whole thing’s dead on arrival. But will this allow him to bring out or inject certain evidence it’s starting to seem this way. Plus, it also sets the precedent right now that you can impeach former presidents who are no longer in office. Now, that’s very interesting. Do you think Trump and the Patriots are going to use this against them? Absolutely. Now, what’s very interesting is that we know the federal judges around the country with very, very important Trump was filling many, many spots. And I think he wants to fill a lot more spots. Now, the DS, the deep state, they’re a little worried about this. And they’re already talking about packing, the court system, the lower courts, the federal courts, the Supreme Court. But what’s very interesting is that as soon as Biden took office, and this is coming from Zoe Tillman, a bunch of federal judges have announced that they’re taking senior status or retiring since Biden took office. Now, that’s very interesting, because now it leaves other individuals open to be replaced. Now, is this something that Trump of the Patriots want? Can Biden replace everyone at this moment? No. Look how long it took Trump to replace everyone. And I still, I think I think he’s still going to be doing this. But I see that now. Since there are more openings. There might be a chance when Trump comes back as President, and we’ll be talking about that in just a sec. He’ll be able to fill even more spots. I think what’s happening right now is Trump and the Patriots knew they needed this time. They needed the deep state to do exactly what they’re doing right now. waking people up, removing the pandemic, opening up businesses, restoring the economy, opening up the borders, which we’ll be talking about in just a sec. And a lot more. I think all of this had to be done at this point. Because it wasn’t going to be done while Trump was president, because the Deep State was going to push back this way, it seems like oh, yeah, look, everything’s just opening up. Trump has nothing to do with this. Now, yes, Biden. He’s trying to reopen the 167 border crossings in Canada, and Mexico, which means everything will be opened up again, the economy will be roaring, the borders will be open, the pandemic will be gone, people will be back to work. And it seems that people are waking up because on the other end, Biden is issuing 37 plus executive orders, reversing everything that Trump has done. Now, of course, can those be reversed? Yes, they can. But we can see that this needed to be done an optics are very important. Now we are seeing a communication blackout continued now YouTube, they’re extending Trump’s suspension and might be suspended indefinitely on YouTube.

They already took down team Trump, Twitter’s account, my pillow, Twitter account, and they’re trying to limit as much communications as possible. Remember, this operation is still continuing. This has not ended. If it did end, they wouldn’t be worried about this. Why? Because Biden’s in the White House, they have full control. What are they so worried about? They were able to win. But why are they panicking? Why are they still remove removing certain people? Because they know they didn’t win? They know that Trump is going to hit back. Yeah, they do. And what we see right now is that all of a sudden, the US Treasury came out with their latest update. And they’re saying that in Afghanistan, under the Taliban’s protection, Al Qaeda is building up, they’re gaining strength, and ISIS is gaining strength. Now what’s very interesting because Trump was bringing the troops home, there was a peace deal in place. And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, everything starts to reverse. Are people seeing this? Absolutely. Think about what else Biden is doing right now. He’s talking about North Korea, talking about Taiwan, you can see that other countries are on edge right now. They’re pushing as hard as they possibly can. Now, what’s very interesting with this pandemic, we know that California and the rest of the states they didn’t open up because, oh, it’s safe to do so now. Because if you really look at it, look at California, for example, they locked down on December 23. They had 1673 ICU beds available. And then when they reopen on January 25, five days after inauguration, there are 1100 66 available. Remember, they kept telling us there’s hardly any beds Well, now it’s less beds that are available, but it’s okay to open up. They have the most deaths right now, of course, the way they calculate it, but it’s okay to open up. We’re in a dark winter, but it’s okay to open up. Does that make any sense? No, it doesn’t. But we can see they’re going to push forward with their agenda. And we know that they had a certain agenda with the pandemic. It was to basically track people control people. Yes, vaccines did come into this. They wanted people to have mandatory masks mandatory vaccines mandatory testing. And we can see that Biden is already considering making COVID tests for all air travel mandatory. Now, this might hurt the airline industry. Because people might say, you know something, I’m not flying. But people are seeing all of this. And they’re saying this doesn’t make any sense. And the deep state, the central bankers, the corrupt politicians, this is where they always make their mistake. once people start to wake up and they start to question things. Well, you can’t put them back to sleep, they’re going to continue to question things because now they’re thinking logically, once you’re awake and you’re no longer sleeping, just like in the matrix. Once you come out of the matrix, and you know all about it. Let’s talk about your health. More studies have come out that prove the effectiveness of a little known spice called tumeric. Health experts are beginning to agree that consuming Turmeric is a crucial as it gets to renewing and revitalizing how we look and feel in fact, a jaw dropping 5000 peer reviewed scientific articles have come out providing evidence of the fountain of youth like benefit found in tumeric if you want to try this proven spice yourself, go to age with x 20 two.com at age with x 20 two.com and get the best to work for 51% off today or click the link in the description. Well, it’s very hard to put yourself back to sleep very difficult to The same thing with what’s going on right now. People are awake, they’re realizing this makes no sense, just like Fauci who came out and said, you know, to mass would be a lot better, we’ll have to mass work a lot better. How come? He wasn’t wearing two masks all the time? Actually, why isn’t three better? Wouldn’t four even be better than that? How about if we just stopped breathing? That would be the best, right? I mean, that doesn’t make any sense. We could just put 10 masks on, and we can be safe. Think about what they’re saying here. And if he was so convinced that two masks were the way to go, he should have been wearing to mass all the time. Was he? No, actually, Biden put out an executive order. And we see Jen Psaki and many others. They’re not wearing masks in the White House, why not? Shouldn’t they be having the press conference with masks on? I guess they don’t really care about that. This is has nothing to do with the virus. The virus is a cold virus. It’s not as

deadly as they say, How did they make it deadly? you manipulate the statistics. You keep pushing it out there that it’s deadly. Its deadly, death, death, death. That’s all they did. That’s how you convince people. If this was truly a pandemic, like they’re telling us, in the beginning stages, you would have seen homeless people dead all over the streets. It would have been a disaster. You would see dump trucks going throughout the cities picking up all these dead bodies. Because their immune systems are compromised. They’re not really wearing masks. In the beginning, it would have been a disaster. Did we see that? No. Are we seeing it now? No. This is how you know it’s completely fake, phony and false. Now what’s very interesting is that strange things happen with the stock market today with GameStop and AMC. Now that’s very interesting, because GameStop they carry video games. And we can see that there are players in a game. And the other company where their stocks were going a little crazy. Was AMC where their movies? So again, this is like a movie, enjoy the show. I find it very interesting. And if we go back to post 571, it says at jack MZS, jB EM sh, mainstream media, etc. Do you know what we know? Do you know that we see all? Do you know that we hear all fear the storm? Nobody playing the game gets a free pass? Nobody. And it seems there might have been a message in that. Now, we know that Joe Biden he kept Christopher rea. And in Q’s post, there’s one post that says trust right? Then we have re crossed out. And another post it says future marker. And that’s post 3537. Now we know from cue. There were sleepers in the Trump administration, and they were activated at certain times. We also know that Obama was a shadow president.

What happens

if Trump is doing exactly what they did to him? What happens if ray is a sleeper but not for the black hats, but for the white hats, because in the post, it says ray is a sleeper it just says future marker. Then I want to go to post 4118. This is may 6 2020. It says locked on target. And this is in brackets. It takes time to remove install the right people. sleepers. We are ready. Now that’s very interesting. What happens if this was set up to go after the Biden administration? Remember, we know there was a plan. We know there is a plan. There’s an operation going on? Why would you tell the deep state exactly what you’re doing while Trump was president? Would you wait until there was election fraud? And you can prove election fraud? Would you wait until Biden was in the presidency where he committed a treasonous act with many other individuals? Would you wait for the Durham report to come out? Would you wait for crimes against humanity? When the optics are completely off Trump because if Trump actually went in and he started to arrest people, the mainstream media would have gone crazy. They would have said he’s a dictator. He’s just arresting people, and they would have gone crazy. Look what happened when he mentioned hydroxychloroquine. What did the mainstream media do? Look what happened when he said let’s open up businesses. What did the mainstream media do and what a certain states do? I believe what’s happening now is Is this part of the plan going after these people was after Trump was removed from the optics? Does that mean he’s not in control? No, it means he’s still in control. And we’ve talked about that in just a sec. But let me go to post 4951 where it says, shall we play a game? And it says nothing can stop what is coming now? That is NC. SW. I see. And we know this has to do with Cisco. gov with monitoring the elections. So do you think they have everything with the elections? I think that’s why this was pointed out. And down below, it says how do you show the public the truth? How do you safeguard US elections post POTUS? Well, you have to show that they cheated. If Trump won, you can’t show that they cheated. Trump had to lose, and they had to cheat to win. Now you can show how they cheated. And it says how do you remove foreign interference and corruption and install us own voter ID laws and other safeguards? Well, you would do this after the fact. It had to be this way. Sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light. And we are walking through the darkness right now. Then we move into the timing of all this going down. Remember, Flynn tweeted out a quote from George Washington give me 30 days. Now again, is this we also heard Flynn on the interview saying they need 30 days or a little bit longer. Was this from December 31? Or was this 30 days from the inauguration I have a very funny feeling. It’s from the inauguration, they needed 30 days. Now this puts us past the Super Bowl, doesn’t it? Now I find this very interesting. Because in post 2843 it says the following fear the fun begins directly after will make the Superbowl look like a puppy show. Now this post was put out on February 20 2019. Now a lot of people thought Oh, okay, in 2020, that’s when we’re going to see this. But that’s not the case. Why because another post came out. And this was June 20 2020, which was after the Super Bowl in 2020. And this is post 4484. And it said the stakes are high. They will fight Super Bowl puppy show. So if all this is going to take place after the Super Bowl, it fits into what Flynn has been telling us and seems to fit into the impeachment trial. But let me take this a step further here. 4587. Now this says see 19 narrative killed a Election Day plus one while the election ended, when Biden was inaugurated, the day after what happened, all of a sudden the who announced that they’re going to be redoing their tests. We had a couple days after that we had certain states like California, Michigan, New York and the rest saying they’re going to be opening up for business. But under this it says prepare for a zero day. And this is in brackets massive cyber power attacks, attempts on 11 for now, 11 four is not a date 11 four has to do with the Department of Defense war manual,

remember 11 dot three and 11 dot four. So let me read 11 dot four legal position of the occupying power. military occupation of enemy territory involves a complicated trilateral set of legal relations between the occupying power, the temporarily ousted sovereign authority and the inhabitants of the occupied territory. The fact of occupation gives the occupying power, the right to govern enemy territory temporarily, but does not transfer sovereignty over the occupied territory to the occupying power. So this is very interesting, because in 11, for even though Biden occupied DC, well, it doesn’t transfer sovereignty over to them. And I believe this is what Q is trying to say here. And this goes on. And I’ll just read the headers here 11 four dot one right of the occupying power to govern the enemy territory, temporarily 11 for two limitations on the power of occupying power stemming from its lack of sovereignty over occupied territory. So right now, Biden is occupying a territory with the National Guard they shut everything in, but they are not controlling the sovereignty of the rest of the nation. So prepare for a zero day on 11 for when that starts to happen. When that is, starts to come out, I think that’s when we’re going to see it. So let me take this one step further post 647. q gives us day of days, but highlighted D. of, indeed, Department of Defense, letting us know, we’re following the manual of the Department of Defense. Then if we move to post 3579. Now, we all know that Trump did not go to the inauguration. I do believe he’s one of the first presidents that didn’t do this. And this caused a problem with handling with handing off the football, the briefcase that with the nuclear codes, remember Pelosi, going to the joint stat, Joint Chiefs of Staff asking questions about the nuclear weapons and the codes there were very nervous about Trump firing nuclear weapons. I don’t think it had anything to do with him firing nuclear weapons. They wanted to know about the football and the codes. And I think what happened here is that Trump, the Patriots, they’re in control of the football. Remember, post 3579. It says route department defense 11 dot 11 dot 18. Now a lot of people thought that was a date. But then we come to find out that 1111 dot 18. That’s an IP address that had to do with the Department of Defense. And if we go back to post 2187 What is it say? Test Thursday, by God to confirm free flow of direct comms. POTUS spec authority required, think the football, NSA monitoring for any attempts to disrupt and or term access Central Command, we will come back to now let’s think about this for a second. Cue has been telling us think football, Trump did not go to the inauguration to hand off the nuclear football briefcase. We know that the IP addresses have to do with department defense. And I don’t mean that we’re running through the IP addresses. But I think this is all connected.

So the nuclear football also known as the atomic football, this is the President’s emergency Central. There’s not a button inside that he pushes and, you know, things start to go haywire and missiles blast off. basically what’s in there are certain codes that they use to launch the nuclear weapons. So let’s think about this for a sec. This is coming out of Business Insider. Trump says he’s skipping the Biden’s inauguration. Here’s what happens in a nuclear football if he’s not there. American presidents are accompanied by a military carrying a briefcase with tools necessary for nuclear war, during presidential inaugurations nuclear command authority and the nuclear football, as the briefcase is called, are transferred to the new president. But Trump says he will not participate in President Elect joe biden’s inauguration which could complicate the transfer. So what happens to the nuclear football that accompanies the president the Trump if Trump doesn’t show? How does it get to Biden? That’s a good question. Well, this individual Hans Christensen, and nuclear weapons expert at the Federation of American Scientists said it is an unprecedented situation. In the nuclear age, no president has skipped their elected successors inauguration. If Trump is not at the inauguration, then the transfer process will be different. Now, was this done on purpose? Because if you go back to the post, it says, think football, NSA will be monitoring for any attempts to disrupt. So the question is, are they monitoring Biden’s football? his briefcase? Because if they try to manipulate it, the NSA is monitoring it. Does Trump have the actual football because he’s the legitimate president. They got Biden, on treason with election fraud and many other things. Are they do they want to see who he’s going to give access to to this nuclear football briefcase? Remember, Pelosi? She went to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, because she was worried about a nuclear strike. I don’t think she was worried about nuclear strike. I think she was worried about who actually has the access to the football. Does Biden or does Trump still have it? I think that’s what she was worried about. And the Pentagon did not give her an answer. So let’s go back to post 4414 So far with red one, we saw a POTUS, his Twitter was removed YouTube is suspended Facebook, Instagram, you know, the rest. A lot of people are being brought down. We didn’t really see central communication blackout in the continental US. I think that is coming. I think when information starts to come out, we’re gonna see certain things happen. Did we really see the class movement Pelosi or pence? Well, during this fake pro Riot that they say was insurrection? Yes, they move Pelosi and pence. But now since Biden is office, will they move pence? No, they’re going to move Pelosi. During the planning of this, they probably didn’t know when they were going to pull the trigger. Remember, Trump decided during a rally, he decided the timing when they were going to attack. Red four is the movement of military assets. Now, this is very interesting, because we see the 10th mountain, then we also have the first marine. And we also see two central locations under guise of citizen riot control. Now, what just happened recently, DHS issued a national terrorism advisory. And they have no information to indicate that there’s anything going to happen. But there’s an advisory that was put out now we know the impeachments coming up. Now, will they use this to move certain assets into certain positions? Was this done on purpose? I’m starting to feel that way. And we haven’t seen the National Military communication center, the nm cc that is the Emergency Alert System. That’s where they run it out of we haven’t seen that either. Now, the other things that we really haven’t seen is the United States Secret Service in Castle Rock. I believe that all has to do with Biden, when we read this before we thought it was going to be Trump in the White House. But I think this all has to do with Biden, on how they’re going to rock the castle, which is the White House, the United States Secret Service is going to be involved. And I think certain things are going to happen when this starts to all go down. When does this happen? Well, remember Timing is everything. Right now the deep state, the mainstream media, the corrupt politicians.

They’re doing all of Trump’s work for him. They’re bringing back the economy. They’re getting rid of the pandemic. They’re doing what he needed to be done. People are now being red pill because they see what Biden is really about. They see that the country is not headed in the right direction. They’re Destroying Themselves, while at the same time red pilling everyone else. Why interfere with an enemy while they’re in the process of Destroying Themselves? You wouldn’t remember Trump, he put a seal on the Office of Donald J. Trump. And the seal goes all the way back to the beginning. It’s one of the first seals was never used. But it seems it could be used now. And it seems that things are being put into place. And those in the White House. They’re panicking because they don’t understand why Trump hasn’t made his move yet. He’s making them feel pain. While at the same time, they’re destroying themselves. And with everything that Flynn said, everything that we know about q posts, Q’s posts, everything that we know about what’s going to happen, it seems that this plan is about to happen very soon. And I do believe it’s going to happen, most likely, around the impeachment time because we’re going to have networks that are going to be carrying this social media that’s going to be carrying this because they believe they got him. He’s going to be impeached. But what happens when Trump, the Patriots, Durham, the military, all start producing information, while they’re televising all of this while it’s all over social media. Do you think they’re going to try to shut it all down? Yes, that is one scenario. But I do believe it’s going to happen soon. It seems that Trump of the Patriots, they’re putting everything into place and they’re getting ready to attack. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening be well be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.



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