X22 Report: Transparency Brings Accountability, Freedom Thrives In The Light

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Hi and welcome you’re listening to the X 22 report. My name is David This is Episode 2428 bn today’s date is March 16 2021. And the title of the episode is transparency brings accountability. Freedom thrives in the light.

Let’s talk about our

health. A new study reveals that a tiny fish in the Amazon is able to survive Parana bites. Here’s how the three striped Coria small catfish is able to survive multiple buys from Puranas completely unfazed. The secret lies inside at specialized scales, scientists found that these fish are able to survive Parana bites due to their collagen and their unique scales. Just as collagen is the main protein that protects these fish. collagen is also possibly the most important protein inside us humans get multi collagen for 51% off today by going to help with x 22 comm or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news. Now Trump in the Patriots, they’ve been strategizing planning all of this from the very, very beginning. And Trump knew that the power had to come from the States, the laws had to be created by the legislature. And what do we see happening right now, in all those swing states, we’re starting to see laws being passed laws that are going to stop the deep state laws that are going to protect the people from voting. This is something that deep state does not want. But Trump, the Patriots, they allowed this to play out.

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They allowed the deep state the corrupt politicians the invisible enemy to cheat in the election, as they continually deny that there was any type of election fraud, as they make up different documents to show that China was not involved, that there was no cheating. There were no cyber attacks, there was no altering of the election results. What are they doing? They’re digging their hole deeper and deeper. Because the more they come out with this fake information, this is going to hurt them in the end. Trump the Patriots, they’ve been counting on this. Remember, they’re going to pull the trigger. They’re waiting for the right moment. They have it all, as Trump would say, We caught them all. And they did not just with the election, with spying on Trump, crimes against humanity, treason, you name it, they caught them. And yes, we’re in the middle of a great awakening. Yes, people are waking up. Yes, you’re gonna talk to people that are going to sound like yet they have no idea what you’re talking about, just like the silent majority. When people thought there was no one out there voting for Trump, people thought the silent majority didn’t exist. And then all of a sudden you saw boat parades. You saw these incredible rallies, you saw people lining up on the streets. And then all of a sudden the silent majority just came out. And they started to realize, wow, we’re not so silent anymore. The same thing is happening right now. People are looking at all the information. Yes, people might be a little confused. Yes, pipe people might be believing COVID. But as more and more information comes out, and you have to introduce this introduce all of this very, very slowly. You just can’t take it and just boom, blast everyone with it. People will not believe just like if we go back in time to May of 2020. Now, when we mentioned and cue mentioned that these five governors, forced people into nursing homes, if you went out and you told people that during the May of May of 2020. People would look at you like you’re a freakin nut. You’re absolutely crazy. That doesn’t exist. You’re lying. I don’t know what you’re talking about Cuomo. He is the golden child of the pandemic. He’s a pro approval rating is what 70 80% there’s no way that he did anything wrong. But look what happens over time when information is introduced a little bit at a time a little bit at a time. What happens? People start to question it. People say What’s going on here? Then people say, Well, wait a minute, Did he really do this? Then you see the documentation from it. And people start to realize, well, wait a minute. Maybe He isn’t this golden child anymore. And then all of a sudden, you see, the Attorney General’s in Michigan, you see them out in California. And charges might be brought up against these individuals. Same thing in New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. People start to say, Well, wait a minute. It wasn’t just Cuomo, there was others. This is how you wake people up. You don’t throw everything at once they can handle it. It has to be a slow movement to bring them to the truth. That’s what we’re experiencing. The same thing is happening with Election Form. Remember, the social

media companies, the deep state, the corrupt politicians, over and over and over and over, told the people there’s no such thing as election fraud. They even censored as many people as they possibly could. And they’re still doing it. Anyone that mentions election fraud, they are brought down. And they’re continually doing this, it has not stopped. More and more people are being brought down. James Corbett, his YouTube channel being brought down. Scott Adams has YouTube being brought down there being censored for mentioning different things. But remember, the deep state, the corrupt politician, the invisible enemy, they spent a lot of time convincing you that there’s no such thing as election fraud, that Biden won. Fair and square, there was no cheating whatsoever. And they’re going to continue to do this. Meanwhile, what do we see happening? We see laws being changed. We see evidence being produced. We see the legislator, questioning certain things. We’re seeing people question certain things. This is being done on purpose. Just like with Cuomo, Murphy, Whitmer, Newsome, they’re introducing the information very, very slowly. So people understand that something happened. Yes. Are we going to see a lot more of this? Absolutely. Because it’s going to wake up the people, they’re going to question the elections. We’re going to be talking a lot more about this a little bit later. But you know what else people are questioning? What’s happening at the border? people, they understand there’s a crisis going on. The people understand that the children are being kept in cages. They also understand that Biden, he has no plans on visiting the southern border. Why? If there’s a crisis going on, why wouldn’t he be down there? Why wouldn’t he be at the border, because he doesn’t want camera crews down there. Maybe eventually he’ll show up there. Once everything is settled down. But he doesn’t want the press. He doesn’t want people down there with cameras until they can control the situation. Because the situation right now is a lot worse than we’ve ever seen before. And what do we see happening? Well, we have Biden’s DHS Chief, he announced his plan to expand economic migration into the United States. So he’s going to be bringing in a lot more people a lot more than we’ve ever seen before. This is part of their agenda. And what else are we seeing? We’re seeing that at least 3000 immigrant teens, they’re going to be held in the Dallas Convention Center. Now, these are individuals between 15 and 17. Now, of course, they’re changing the name to decompression center. But in this area, we’re going to have a lot of children, and I don’t even they’re not even children, they’re teenagers, they’re going to be kept in these areas. Now, once again, this is not about bringing in people having them vetted, and having these upstanding citizens in our country. This is just accepting anyone. It’s almost like opening your front door. And I’ve said this many times before. Go ahead, open your front door and say, guess what? Anyone who crossed the border, you’re allowed in my house? Let me know how that goes. It’s not going to go too well. And this is what’s happening here in the United States. People are now taking notice. Yes, the pictures are starting to come out of these areas. People are starting to realize it’s a real crisis. And Jen Psaki Well, she’s circling back on all of this, because she understands that she’s caught up in all of this, and it’s becoming very, very difficult to explain, just like the and Tifa BLM riots, they kept saying was peaceful protests, until people said, Well, what about these fires? What about all these businesses that are destroyed? What about these people that were shot? This is not peaceful? Well, that’s just an isolated incident. Well, what about this town then? What about that town, then? It’s happening in all these different areas. That’s when they had to change their story. The same things happening at the border. Yes, Trump of the Patriots. What do they do this is a setup, a setup like we’ve never seen before. He’s bringing the spotlight the focus onto everything the puppet masters are doing right now. That was his plan from the beginning. Make America Great. Now I’m going to show the people, I’m going to show them the truth. people now are seeing the truth. Yes, people are getting fed up with it. People don’t like it.

Actually, it will get a lot worse. Because once the people start to take the jobs away from Americans, and they start to entering enter their towns. And they start to realize what’s going on just like it happened in Europe, people are going to become very, very upset. Trump of the Patriots, they know this. But sometimes you have to bring the people to the precipice. And what’s the precipice for one person is not the precipice for another. So people need to see this, especially those people that have been sleeping. I’m not talking about the people that are awake right now that have been following this and they understand what’s going on, I’m talking about all those people that you’ve been talking to, maybe in your synagogue in your church, your next door neighbor who doesn’t understand soon, they’re going to be talking about something completely different. And they’re going to start to realize, because they’re gonna start to realize something is wrong here. One thing will just tick them off. And it will wake them up and say, This is not right. I spoke to someone the other day. Now, if I spoke to this person, a month ago, two months ago, they wouldn’t agree with me, they would have no idea what I’m talking about. Then all of a sudden, I don’t know why the border crisis took this person off. But all of a sudden, they didn’t like what was going on down at the border and why the press was not reporting on this and showing what was going on, and why Biden wasn’t really looking at the situation. Each person has their precipice. But I do believe as they’re shown more and more, they’re going to reach that precipice. And we’re reaching it pretty darn fast. And what’s very interesting is that Project Veritas, they struck again, they went ahead, and they did an undercover interview with Benny Thomas, the global, the global planning leader, Facebook, and he said some pretty darn scary things here. And you should watch the video to this, but let me just break it down for you. He said, I work for a company that is doing a lot of damage in the world. He said, it’s doing a lot of good, but it’s doing a lot of damage. I mean, no king in history, has been the ruler of 2 billion people. But Zuckerberg is. He said, He’s 36. That’s too much for a 36 year old, he should not have the power over 2 billion people. I think that’s wrong. And he went on to say that AI is going to replace humans. So humans are going to be obsolete. We won’t need humans anymore. He says it’s like eugenics. And he’s saying that these big tech companies, not just Facebook, but Google Twitter. They’re way too powerful, where they can control the people. Um, what are we seeing right now? And actually, in the first report in the economic report, this is what fascism is. corporations, tech companies, they take control. They have more power than anything else. Look at the social media companies. They have the power to censor people, if they don’t like what they’re saying. They can shut them down. Yes, they’re taking instructions from the puppet masters, but they use corporations to push forward their agenda. Now, what’s very interesting is that Russia, they said they’re going to be banning Twitter from their country in 30 days, if the platform does not remove illegal content, including child pornography, information on committing suicide and drug related content. Now, as of right now, Twitter is not paying attention to them now. Vadim so Bolton, he is the equivalent to the person who heads up the FCC. He said Twitter was not reacting to the regulatory request to remove illegal content as they should, and that the social network would be blocked in the country in a month if its failure to comply continues. Now Twitter is not reacting to what they’re saying. They’re continuing with whatever they’re doing. So let’s see if Russia actually brings them down. I wonder if this is going to happen in other countries, where the country the

people say, Listen, if you don’t do what we say, we’re going to bring you down. And stop you because the things that you’re doing are completely illegal. Now, what’s very interesting is that we know the deep state. We know that they’re trying to push their wars once again, Trump, remove that from them. He ended the endless wars in the Middle East. He spoke to Kim Jong Hoon in North Korea. And we can see that they’re trying to push this once again, I’m talking about the deep state, the puppet masters, the invisible enemy. And remember when Trump was president, when the mainstream media came up with that fake story that Kim Jong Hoon is dead in his sister’s taking over? And Trump said no, I don’t think he’s dead. I think he’s very much alive. I think that’s a fake story. They were trying to push their agenda at that time, we see the same thing happening once again. We see Kim yo Jong sister of Kim Jong moon published a media statement, warning Joe Biden not to cause a stink unless he wished to suffer through sleepless nights. Now, he didn’t she didn’t mention his name, specifically. But she said the following that America is now governed by a new US administration. So she’s saying Biden, because it’s a new administration. What does this mean? It means the clowns are putting out information, trying to get something started again with North Korea. Remember Trump, he speaks to Kim Jong Hoon, via letter. So they have no idea what Trump has been talking about with Kim Jong Hoon. But just like before, when Trump was president, they were talking about how Kim Jong Un was dead. And now we can see, they’re trying this once again, remember, they’re trying to get back on track to where they were before Trump came into the picture. And it’s not going to Well, people are looking at all of this. At the same time. They’re even looking at the pandemic, because amazing things are happening with the pandemic. We’re seeing states open up. They’re loosening restrictions like Nevada right now. They’re saying that they’re going to increase the capacity for restaurants and bars. This is Governor Steve sisolak. He signed an executive directive 041, which went into effect on Monday, the director of increases the number of people allowed at public gatherings, the number of people in restaurants and bars conserve indoors, the number of people who can attend church services has been increased. And all of a sudden, in all these different places, we’re starting to see them remove the restrictions slowly but surely. And like I said before, if Trump was still president, they would have never let this go Trump the Patriots, they knew this. And this is why they’re allowing Biden the invisible enemy, the deep state to do what they do best. They created the pandemic out of statistics and fear. Now they’re removing it. And they’re removing it by what changing the statistics, removing the fear. This is what they’re doing. And pretty soon, this is going to completely disappear. Yes, they’re out there trying to say there’s a variant and stuff. But if you know anything about viruses, as viruses go along, they weaken as time goes on, they don’t get stronger. So I know there was a report out there today saying that there’s a variant that’s that can’t be tested with the PCR test, well, then how do they test for it? How do they know that it’s there. And as the virus replicates, and it mutates, it gets weaker and weaker and weaker. This is just another scare tactic that they’re using. They’ve used it since the beginning. But what they’re doing and remember, they’re different factions that are doing this right now they’re trying to make it seem and you have to remember how they like to play these things. They’re not just gonna say it disappeared. They have to show that Oh, look, mass work, double mass work. We’re doing the vaccine. But look, there’s another variant, but don’t, don’t worry, we’ll take care of that. And at the same time, where they’re saying all this, we have the states opening up, we have the cases dropping, we have the death count dropping, because they’re changing the statistics behind the scene. They’re changing the test behind the scene. So the story that they’re telling you and telling the world that’s the cover for what they’re doing behind the scenes. Forget about what they’re talking about. Look at the actions, look at what they’re doing. Look how they changed the PCR test, that change the statistics. That’s why it’s going away. We said this right at the beginning as soon as the who announced it. We knew that this was going to disappear very, very quickly. Actually, Trump knew was going to disappear. A year ago. He You mentioned April, and now we’re approaching April and we’re starting to see it completely disappear.

I think when we hit May June, we might not even see it anymore. mass will be off, and people going about, there’ll be going about their business. This is what Trump and the Patriots wanted. They wanted it gone. And I do believe they’re going to get their wish. Because they didn’t need this in the way from their next operation. What is their next operation? It’s to bring the deep state down, it’s to save America. Look what’s happening in me and more. Look what’s happening there. Right now, the military took control because there was election fraud. Who doesn’t like it? Biden, and all the other leaders of the world. Why because they’re involved with election fraud, but the middle dairy, they seize control of the bank accounts of billionaire George Soros, the open society foundation in Myanmar, and announced that it will take legal action against the Foundation, which is accused of violating restrictions on the activities of such organizations. Now that is very interesting because we know from cue that they’re going to be let’s talk about our health. A new study reveals that a tiny fish in the Amazon is able to survive Parana bites here’s how the three striped Correa small catfish is able to survive multiple bites from Puranas completely unfazed. The secret lies inside a specialized scales, scientists found that these fish are able to survive Parana bites due to their collagen in their unique scales. Just as collagen is the main protein that protects these fish. collagen is also possibly the most important protein inside us humans get multi collagen for 51% off today by going to help with x 22 comm or click the link in the description going after Soros is a special place for Soros. But I want to go back to post 15 here and this is October 31 2017. And it says there are more good people than bad the wizards and warlocks inside term will not allow another st tannic evil POS controller our country realized Soros Clintons, Obama, Putin, etc. are all controlled by three families. The fourth was removed post Trump’s victory 11.3 pedesta indicted 11 out six oma indicted Manafort was placed into Trump’s camp as well as others, the corruption that will come out is so serious that deals must be cut for people to walk away otherwise 70% of elected politicians would be in jail, you’re seeing it already begin. A deep cleaning is occurring and the prevention of defense of pure evil is occurring on a daily basis. They never thought they were going to lose control of the presidency, not just the DS and thought they had control since making past mistakes, JFK Reagan. And under this it says Godspeed patriots, PS. Soros is targeted. And Soros is targeted. We can see that. Now it’s very interesting. We talk about how Biden how Kamala Harris, during the inauguration, they flew in on private planes. And there have been many, many cases where Biden flew off and his plane was not designated the callsign was not Air Force One. That’s very interesting right off the bat. And it seems that they’re having problems with their planes. And it seems that Kamala Harris is continually taking

different planes, then Air Force One or Air Force two, it seems that she’s flying on maybe private planes. And this is coming from George news. It says Harris and M Hoff arrived at the tarmac at 8:26am. Pacific time, they boarded the plane at a 29 Pacific. Noting transportation change today. Press won’t be on Air Force to PR VPS office. The plane that Harris and mo off took to Los Angeles had to be replaced overnight, with a smaller plan because of required maintenance. Press, a majority of staff will fly on a support plane to Denver and Joint Base Andrews. It always seems that they need to switch out planes. And they’re not writing or flying on planes that have the proper callsign. That’s very interesting. Then today we had the DNI they released their report on election interference of 2020. Now this report was put out there, March 2021. So this was not Radcliffe. This was the new DNI that put this out. And what did they say? Well, you can just imagine, China. They did not try to influence the 2020 election. Russia and Iran did claims that just classified declassified odni report on foreign threats to the 2020 US federal election. Now the Director of National Intelligence says Russia tried to help Trump in 2020 election denigrate by But no cyber attacks that altered votes. So Russia and Iran, they tried to help Trump. Does this make any sense? No. They just trapped themselves. They just trapped themselves because they just lied to the American people. Trump of the Patriots, now this Trump has the real report. Remember, when Ratcliffe was odni, they tried and the people that are working all the different agencies, they tried to give them a report that said Russia and Iran, were part of this. They’re the ones who were interfering. Ratcliffe looked at this and said, No, this is not true. Let’s go back and take a look at this. He got the real report, handed it off to Trump, they have the real information that it was China, that it was the DS, that it was the invisible enemy, the deep state, Trump. Remember, what they’re doing here is they’re trapping them in this gigantic sting operation. The more they do, the deeper their hole goes. Now, Vernon Jones, he tweeted this out, I enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with President earlier today in Florida, Georgia will never be a blue state. We’re going to make sure of it. Stay tuned. Now there’s a picture of Vernon Jones, President Trump in front of Air Force One the 747. Very interesting. What’s very interesting about all of this is that Trump now he’s building the power from the state up and calling out the elections. Now, does this mean he’s going to produce his evidence? No. They’re creating the laws. And now the legislature’s and Oh, the other people in the state. They’re questioning the election. Now this is after the election. But it’s slowly coming out now. Yes. Will it make news? Will it make the mainstream media eventually, it will, just like the border crisis, just like Cuomo. But this is the beginning stages of this to bring people into the fold. Now, Techno fog, because we know that the Washington Post, they corrected their mistake, it wasn’t a mistake. They did this on purpose. The person who fed the information, gave them fake information. They corrected this. And now people are saying, Well, wait a minute, maybe this didn’t happen the way the mainstream media was telling us it happened. Because it seems that people I now remember when this start, this information starts to come out. And people start to get caught up in this and they start to realize they’re coming after me. And these are the low level people. They’re going to sing. Because they’re gonna say it wasn’t me. I was told to do this. Watch how it happens. Look at Cuomo. Look at Whitmer. Look at Newsome. They’re all sticking by him. No.

This is going to happen as time goes on now techno fog as the question Who was the anonymous source and this is what technophobe tweeted out. We asked the Washington Post reporter, if they disclose the source who lied. The Washington Post VP of communications gave us this response, The Washington Post our source and not been precise. Know, the problem isn’t in precision. It’s that those precise words were a misrepresentation. Absolutely. So what do we see happening on the election front? Well, a Georgia JUDGE MAY unseal absentee ballots in Fulton County, so a government watchdog can investigate allegation of voter fraud in the November election. So a lawsuit was filed in Fulton County Superior Court, and it contends that fraudulent ballots were cast and other irregularities occurred as workers counted ballots at State Farm arena on election night. Those allegations were dismissed by the Secretary of State’s office. But Henry County Supervisor court judge Brian amuro, who was overseeing the case said he’s inclined to order the ballots to be unsealed and reviewed by experts hired by garlin favorito a voting integrity advocate. Now if the judge grants it, they’re going to review the ballots, and it could be good. All of this could begin in April. Now that’s very interesting. Then we have the Michigan Secretary of State. A Michigan judge ruled last week Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson broke state law when she unilaterally issued rules related to absentee balloting legitimising a key claim made by the Trump campaign and its legal challenges to the 2020 election. Benson issued several unilateral orders during the 2020 election including sending absentee ballot applications to all registered voters. She also issued guidance on how to evaluate absentee balance. A move Michigan court of claims Chief Judge Christopher Murray held violated The state’s Administrative Procedures Act. So Marie rule Benson violated the law because the guidance issued by the Secretary of State on October 6 2020, with respect to signature matching standards was issued in violation of the administration Procedures Act. And this is coming from representative Matt Hall. I’m glad the court sees Secretary of State Benson’s attempts at lawmaking for what they are clear violation of her authority. Now, that’s very interesting. So now they’re looking at what she has done here, that she was in violation of the law. And this is the court’s opinion, and this is what they concluded. Nowhere in this state’s election law has a legislature indicated the signatures are to be presumed valid, nor did the legislator require that signatures are to be accepted. So long as there are any redeeming qualities in the application or returning envelope as compared with signature on file policy determinations. Like the one at issue, which places the thumb on the scale in favor of signatures, validity should be made pursuant to properly promulgated rules under the APA, or by the legislature. So once again, Trump is right. These laws were not created by the legislature. And now we’re starting to see different states. Look at this, and judges are ruling on these now saying yes, the legislator has the right to make these rules. So they’re looking at absentee ballots, they’re going to be looking at the signatures, they’re going to be looking at the signatures in Michigan. And this is going to turn out to be very, very interesting. Then we have Arizona. Now remember, a lot of these states are creating voter IDs, the legislators, they’re making their laws right now, this is going to be this is gonna make it very, very difficult for the next election and the election after this. Actually, I think you told us that the elections will be safe. 2020 plus not 2020 2020. Plus, remember, the people had to see this firsthand. The laws are being changed. Now. Republican lawmakers in Arizona, Arizona, and other states are voting to prohibit election workers from ever accepting funds. What do I mean by this? Well remember, the private sector. They were funding and giving money to state election officials. We know that Mark Zuckerberg did this. Now, these states are making it impossible for this to happen.

They’re not allowed to accept private funds anymore. They’re cutting them off. They’re blocking the private funds. So think about what’s happening on a state level in all these states, after the 2020 election, they are now changing the laws. And they’re going back and saying well wait a minute. The law that was created was not really a law. It was a violation, because they cannot create laws, only the legislature can create laws, and the judges are ruling. Now what’s very interesting is that Mike Pompeo, he came out and he said for the people act, and that’s the HR one that they’re trying to pass where Pelosi is trying to push this through that would make elections completely fraudulent. He said the for the people act should be called for the politicians act. HR one is a paragraph that threatens our fair and free elections. He’s absolutely right. Now yesterday, we talked about what was going to be the trigger for Trump to make his move with all this evidence. Remember, they’ve been holding the evidence. This is being done on purpose. And Mike Pompeo tweeted this out. When Democrats lost in 2016. They cried collusion in 2020. They deemed it was fair, except in Iowa, where Pelosi is now threatening to overturn the results. Democrats don’t care about election integrity. They only care about power now of Pelosi and the rest if they pull this trigger. I do believe this is going to set a lot of things in motion. And what’s very interesting is that Trump, he made a statement about the Washington Post article and this is what he said. The Washington Post just issued a correction as to the contents of the incorrectly reported phone call I had with respect to voter fraud in the great state of Georgia. While I appreciate the Washington Post correction, which immediately makes the Georgia witch hunt a non story. The original story was a hoax right from the very beginning. I would further appreciate a strong investigation into Fulton County, Georgia. And the Stacey Abrams political machine which I believe would totally change the course of the presidential election in Georgia. Look at that last line with totally changed the course of the presidential election in Georgia. Phone county has not been properly audited for a vote signature verification. Well didn’t judge just rule on this, that they might be looking at these absentee ballots? Absolutely. They only looked at areas of the state where they were most likely would be few problems. And even there, they found large number of mistakes. We are seeking to find and reveal the Lord scale election fraud, which took place in Georgia. Many residents agree, and the anger caused them not to turn out and vote for two Republican senators in the January election. The consent decree sign between raffensperger and Stacey Abrams was not approved by the Georgia State Legislature and therefore should be deemed invalid. And the election result changed. Well, it seems that we’re heading in that direction. Why the governor and raffensperger ever approved this consent decree is one of the great questions, we look forward to an answer. You will notice that the establishment media errors, omissions mistakes and outright lies always slant one way against me and against Republicans. Meanwhile, stories that hurt democrats or undermine their narrative are buried, ignored or delayed until they can do the least harm. For example, after an election is over, look no further than the negative coverage of the vaccine that preceded the election in the overdue celebration of the vaccine once the election has concluded. A strong democracy requires a fair and honest press. The latest media travesty underscores that legacy media outlets should be regarded as political entities, not journalistic enterprises. In any event, I think the Washington Post for the correction. I do believe that this is just the beginning. Now we see the investigations going on in the States and the law is being changed. I believe we’re on our way. Now the New York Post, they came out and said the Washington Post correction points to larger issues with agenda driven anonymous sources. So now they’re going after the anonymous sources. Trump is going to be breaking down the mainstream media. Actually, he mentioned this before that a lot of these outlets. They won’t exist anymore. I do believe we’re heading in that direction. Now, Chuck Grassley, he tweeted out something very interesting on March 15. It says this week is Sunshine week, to bring attention to the obvious the public’s business ought to be public. We need to overcome secrecy in government. As a farmer. I know without sunshine, there can be growth, and both corn democracy thrive in the light. Remember, transparency brings

accountability. Well, first of all, he’s a former. He’s talking about corn, how it’s harvested. And remember, we need to go back and how these misspelled commies name, it was corny. Yes, the RNN looked like an M. So when they did a search, a computer search. It never came up. They change eyes with ELLs. And this is how they got around the Freedom of Information Act. They could never find anything. Now, if you look at transparency brings accountability. There was a post with that. If you look at the light, that democracy thrives in the light freedom thrives in the light. There is a post that’s very similar to that. This is post 4601. It says sunlight kills sunlight kills democracy and freedom. And then it has v two is this Trump’s second administration? I do believe so. Post 4011 This has the statement. Transparency brings accountability. Now, if you read down this list, this is April 30 2020. It says Crossfire hurricane Crossfire typhoon crosswind and then we have classification one through 99. On released redacted. And it says you didn’t think the statement by POTUS RV, calm before the storm was just random, did you? And I do believe that this is a signal to let us know that the storm is about to begin. That transparency brings accountability. What are they going to make transparent? Yes, election fraud. treason, sedition, crimes against humanity. We’re going to see all of this. This is building up right now. And George news put this out. It says we are with and gave us a song and it says future world music. A hero will rise. Let us in letting us know that we are getting very very close then we had dance Covino dance Covino as bidding has been putting out a lot of comms lately letting us know that we are headed in the right direction. And things are about to change. Now this is another fighter jet. That circles back that goes up and around and it comes right back. And I do believe what he’s trying to say here. Is that Trump the Patriots. They’re coming right back They’re getting ready. They’re getting prepared. Remember Trump. He’s been planning this for a very long time. He needs people to be brought into the fold. He needs people to see the information. He needed certain things in place. And it doesn’t happen in a day. Actually, you need an event and a crisis to change things. What do we just have during the election? We had a an event and a crisis, which is allowing the legislators of the states and other states to put in safeguards. Do you think this was done on purpose? Do you think Trump knew that they were going to do this? Yes, he needed people to see that. It wasn’t the legislature that made law. It was the secretary of state. There was the Attorney General’s, they don’t make laws. So that has to be changed. He needed people to see that there were private corporations giving funds to certain states that had to be blocked. Then, Trump needed to move forward with all the court cases, have them all rejected. And then after that, have the truth start to seep out. This is without Trump right now. optics are very important. People are going to see the truth. Just like with Cuomo, just like with Newsome, Newsome is struggling right now. He’s blaming his problems on Q and on on white supremacists and the proud boys. No, it’s the way he handled everything. He was a dictator. And the people see this. This is all of their faults, had nothing to do with the people they were in control. Look how they’re pointing fingers at everyone else. Why? Because they’re panicking. That’s why because the people are going to make a decision. And they don’t like this. Remember, they got into their position by cheating. Cheating in elections. That’s how they gained their position. They’re going to lose their position by we the people. And this is what they’re afraid of. Trump is bringing everyone into the fold. He’s putting pressure on the deep state on the corrupt politicians. He’s building everything up. He’s waiting for Pelosi to pull the pull that trigger. Seems like she’s getting pretty darn close. We’ll see if it happens. But remember, it’s

not the only trigger. We know that Durham is waiting in the background. It could be both that could be one. We’ll have to see how it plays out. But we can see that this is all part of Trump’s plan. And it’s working perfectly. Listen, everyone. Thanks a lot for listening be well be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.


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