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X22 Report: We Are Approaching The Precipice,Power Transferred From DC To We The People

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X22 Report: We Are Approaching The Precipice,Power Transferred From DC To We The People

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Hi and welcome you’re listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 2421 bn today’s date is March 7 2021. And the title of the episode is we are approaching the precipice power transferred from DC to We the People. Let’s talk about protecting yourself online. A new report reveals Tick Tock tracks you even if you never made an account now to put this to the test of ice reported downloaded and use the app but never created an account. He then submitted a GDPR request and revealed his findings. What Tick Tock sent him was shocking everything from his IP address to what he searched which videos he watched when he watched them and his devices digital fingerprints. What’s worse, he found this data was shared with third parties like Facebook tic tocs on privacy policy states that they can collect certain information from you when you use the platform, including when you’re using the app without an account staying anonymous online. So corporations can track you as more important than ever before. And the first step to doing this is to use a VPN. And this is why I highly recommend virtual shield virtual shield is the only VPN I trust for myself and my family. I never used the internet without it, go to virtual forward slash x 22 or click the link in the description to get virtual shield today for 50% off and free for 30 days. Let’s get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news. Now we are receiving messages from the Patriots. And the latest messages coming from Dan scavino. letting us know that we’re approaching or we’re on the precipice of destruction. And we’ve known from the cue pose is that when the people reach the precipice of destruction, they will demand change. And what are we been seeing so far? We’ve been watching the Biden administration. We’ve been watching DC being locked down. National Guard fences are up there keep telling us that terrorists are coming. domestic terrorists are coming to DC to attack the Capitol. That never happened. But people they’re seeing everything that is happening. And while this is happening, and Biden is undoing everything that Trump has done, destroying jobs, bringing in people that should not be in government right now, because they’re not looking to benefit the people. People are watching this 1.9 trillion stimulus bill being passed and only 9% of it’s going to the people. People are seeing all this. And while this is all happening, what a trumpet the Patriots doing. They’re preparing. They’re getting ready for when the people have had enough. Remember, a lot of things are happening in the background. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Just like I said in the first report, go back to the 70s when Nixon took us off the gold standard, because of speculators. Did anyone know that deep state the central bank, they were planning on a Petro dollar system? Did everyone realize that we’re going to be coming off the gold standard onto a full Fiat system? No. People didn’t realize this people had no clue what happened in the background? without you knowing you thought nothing was going on? You thought, Oh, this just happened. Now these aren’t things that just happen. They’re planned, just like what Trump and the Patriots are doing right now. They’re putting everything into place. And there are signs of these things. If you look in the right area, or you read the right thing, you can start to put the pieces of the puzzle together, you can see what they’re doing. Now a lot of this stuff might be hidden from the public. A lot of this information might not be released to the public just yet. It might just be sitting there waiting. We’ll be discussing a lot more of this a little bit later in this report. But first, let’s take a look at Biden right here. Because what is Biden been doing? He’s bringing in people that should not be in government at all. So Joe Biden he hired a new senior advisor who formerly lobbied on behalf of Qatar, the all rich Arab nation that has close ties to Iran, and is central hub for terrorism financing. So the white house they went ahead and they announced that Aaron Pelton is set to join the administration as a special assistant to Biden and a senior adviser on domestic policy. issues. Now. Pelton is a one time Foreign Service officer and flack during the Obama administration. This individual later advocated on behalf of foreign governments, including

Qatar. How do we know this? Well, if you look at the public filings with the Department of Justice under the foreign agents Registration Act, it mandates that Americans who are lobbying for foreign governments disclose their work. Now, most likely This is going to raise questions about the revolving door between the Biden White House and lobbying firms that represent a host of foreign governments. Pelton is just the latest in the Biden administration officials to have questionable ties to adversarial regimes. Now, if you look at Biden’s Asian policies are Kurt Campbell, for instance, he helped found a group that critics say is heavily influenced by the CCP. And if you start to look at this, you can see that Biden is bringing in all these individuals, where these individuals have worked with foreign governments. This is very interesting, because Didn’t they accuse Trump of all of this? And it seems like Biden’s living up to all of this right now. Now, what’s very interesting is that Ben and he was doing a show and he said that Joe Biden is not right. He said, Biden’s eyes are now dead. And we might be seeing someone else stepping into the role of presidency, maybe Kamala Harris. So once again, we know that Biden was going wasn’t going to last we know that Trump was out there saying that he is not affected by the 25th amendment zero chance that Trump is going to be removed by the 25th amendment, but Biden, this might come back to haunt him. And I do believe we’re starting to see signs of this because we’ve already had Don Jr. En Grinnell coming out saying who’s really running the the Biden administration in the White House. And they’re saying it’s a woman now is a Kamala Harris is a Joe Biden, a lot of people think that Joe Biden is signing signing the executive orders, we see that Kamala Harris now. She is fielding phone calls and speaking to other leaders around the world instead of Joe Biden. And that reminds me of post 4014. This is back in April 30 of 2020. And it says, change of batter coming. Why was she saved from officially announcing? Why was she reserved for a last minute change? How do you attempt to sneak one in? How do you attempt to ensure victory? Now this is very interesting. Because what happens if they remove Biden, everything is about to change. And I do believe we’re going to see this very, very soon. Now while all of this is going on Trump and his team, they are setting the stage. They’re preparing everything for what happens next. And what do I mean by this? This is about the people taking back the country. Trump now is removing the swamp endorsing individuals that are going to work for we the people so we can take back this country. And if you notice, we went from let’s make America great again. And the first phase of Trump’s plan was alright, let’s change the economy. Let’s undo the regulations. Let’s bring manufacturing back. Let’s change a lot of these laws. Let’s make America great. The second phase is now we need to save the country, from the deep state, from the Biden administration, from the invisible enemy. How do we do this? Well, Trump sent spent his first four years of removing a lot of the blocks setting things up putting things into place, a lot of it we don’t even know of. We’re getting some signs of it. But he put everything into place. He was setting everything up. This is why he’s on the path now to save America, save it from the deep state, save it from the central bank. He’s putting everything into place now where we the people are going to be taking back the country. And if you notice, he’s endorsing a lot of people like Mike Crapo. He’s endorsing Henry McMaster. He’s endorsing Tim Griffin, and he’s endorsing many other individuals. He’s doing this on purpose. And he’s also going to be going to Alaska. He promised to visit Alaska to campaign against senator Lisa Murkowski. remember her? Well, let’s go back to post 2899. This was February 26 2019. Remember Dianne Feinstein. She was speaking to Murkowski put her up Against the wall, had her hand on the wall.

Down below it says puppet and Puppet Master. So we know why Trump wants her out. Because she’s a puppet. She’s not doing anything to benefit the American people. She’s taking orders. If someone tells her to do something,

she does it. See what Trump is doing right now? He’s removing the swamp. He stepped back. He’s out of the light. And he’s looking at the entire board. He can see now who’s with him, who’s against him, who’s part of the swamp, who’s not part of the swamp, and what people we need to bring in to replace those people that are part of the swamp. And a lot of the swamp. They’re elected individuals. How do you get rid of them? you endorse another person? Do you think Trump carries some weight beef behind him? Of course he does. They know this. Trump now has become so popular that the people will just say, yes, you want this person, we will vote for this person, we’ll get them in. Trump was counting on this. Does that mean Trump is powerful? No, it means the people now have the power to replace these individuals. He’s just pointing them out. Here you go. This person right here, that person right here, and he’s depending on the people to say, You know what? Yep, we got to get rid of that person. The people now are draining the swamp. Now, we know that the DS, the invisible enemy, the deep state, what they’re trying to do here. They want to make it impossible for the people to remove these people that have been in Congress for what 3040 5060 years. You think they stay there because they’re so popular doing such a great job? Who gets reelected so many times like this? Unless you fix the elections? And we’ve come to know that? Yes, the elections are rigged. They’re completely rigged and this is why the dems are out there trying to push HR one. What is this? This is about the elections. The GOP put this out and this is about HR one. HR one bills, Bill entails disregards voter ID laws. taxpayer dollars to politician campaign legalizes ballot harvesting, threatens freedom of speech. Federal government takes over elections, prevents officials from removing ineligible voters from voter rolls. This is what they’re trying to do. Trump, he’s showing everyone, swamp swamp, let’s start removing these people. And the people are going to do it. Now since we’ve been talking about the elections. some very interesting things are happening out in Maricopa County. piles of shredded ballots were located in a dumpster in Maricopa County, Arizona. Now, this is very interesting. Why are shredded ballots out there? Well, we know that they cheated. We know the system is rigged. We know that they didn’t want anyone to follow up to find out what they were doing. So for months, the Board of Supervisors in Maricopa County, they blocked and delayed any independent audit performed by the Arizona senator the county’s results in the 2020 presidential election. And some other interesting individuals in the county stopped by the facility. And they were looking around and they found huge piles of ballots in the dumpster outside the facility. So they started to go through it. Let’s see what this is. What does this have to do with? And they started to put the shreds back together. And what did they start to find that as they were piecing this back together, these ballots are from the 2020 election. And as they keep putting this together, they’re starting to reel out realize that these ballots were filled out. Now, once they put all of it together,


there’s some evidence right there. This is going to be a game changer. And this just didn’t happen in Arizona. It happened in Georgia too. And other states. too amazing how all of this is starting to come out and real hard evidence is starting to be produced. Remember the cover up, always gets you and this is what’s going to get them. Now what’s very interesting is that we know there’s a national emergency at the border. When Trump first became president, the deep state they pushed the illegals up to the border and they created a national emergency. Trump is no longer the president. And Biden is the president and we’re seeing the same exact national emergency. There’s nearly 100 100,000 migrants that were caught and detained after illegally entering the US from Mexico, the highest number caught in the month of February since 2006. Now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a memo waiving COVID rules, limiting capacity at child migrant shelters to deal with the massive flood of children entering the US illegally. The Biden administration is considering renaming the child migrant shelters to reception centers you can rename to anything you want. They’re the same exact shelters that they’ve been using. And remember, Biden also campaigned on saving the country from COVID. But appears flooding the country with migrants is more important to Biden than protecting Americans from COVID. And what do we find out that the CDC is letting child migrant shelters fill to 100%? Despite COVID concerns, Steve guests tweeted, tweeted this out. Biden admin won’t say of Joe Biden supports an unlimited number of minors illegally entering the US, and Saki refuses the answer if Biden is responsible for the border crisis that he created. So right now, what are we seeing that DHS has no plans to test the 1000s of migrants streaming across the southern border. Many of these individuals have not been tested and they’re being allowed into this country. But on the other hand, Joe Biden is telling us that we’re in a stark winter, we have to wear two masks. And we have to do whatever they say. But it’s okay if the illegals come in. And they’re not tested. And even if they are tested, they’re allowed to come into the country. Does this make any sense to anyone and everyone is looking at this right now. First of all, we know the numbers are fake. Just from this, we know that they know that COVID is completely fake just by their action right here. Because if this was truly a pandemic, if people were in danger, they would never let people into the country because they wouldn’t be afraid for their own lives. This is how you know it’s a mainstream media, mainstream media statistical created pandemic. They know it’s not real. Let’s talk about protecting yourself online. A vice reporter who used tik tok but never create an account sent a GDPR request to the app, he wanted to find out what data they had on him. To his surprise Tiktok stored his IP addresses what he searched for what videos he watched when he watched them and his devices, digital fingerprints, but this data was shared with third parties like Facebook, staying anonymous online so corporations can’t track you is more important than ever. And the first step to doing so is to use a VPN. This is why I highly recommend virtual shield virtual shield is the only VPN I trust for myself and my family. I never use the internet without it. So go to virtual shield comm forward slash x 22 or click the link in the description to get virtual shield today for 50% off and free for 30 days. This is how you know through their actions, forget about their words, look at their actions. And this tells you everything you need to know now at the border. We know that Biden’s stop the building of the wall. They never wanted the wall. Why? Because they want their gang members to come in from Ms. 13. They want human trafficking. They want drug smuggling. Trump was shutting all this down. So out in Texas, Texas State Representative Brian Slaton introduced a bill proposing the border wall construction initiated under Trump be completed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. He said that the actions taken by Biden shouldn’t stop the construction of the wall along the US Mexico border in Texas. And yes, it shouldn’t. It should continue. This is what the people wanted. This is why they voted for Trump. They voted for Trump to make America great again. Get rid of the swamp, build the wall and give the power back to the people. And Trump is doing all of this.

Now what’s very interesting is that this entire time we have seen censorship. And we know going back to the post. I think it was 40 414 where we had read one where they took down Trump’s Twitter account. We haven’t seen communication blackout yet. I still believe we’re at red one. We haven’t seen any of the other things happen as of yet. Yes, we saw signs and glimpses but it has not come to pass. We are still at red one. Red two communication blackout. That’s next on deck. But what’s very interesting is if we go back to red one here, and we’re talking about censorship. There is a report that the government put out but they didn’t put it on their website, and it was initiated by Trump while he was in office. What is this report? Well, this is an unreleased February port that concludes that there is no evidence that free speech online causes hate crimes. Now, let me read part of this report. And by the way, this is the report, it’s called NTIA in 1993, titled The role of telecommunications in hate crimes. Trump, he revised it. And they looked into this, and this is what the report found. So this is the NTIA hate crimes report as of January 2021. The report bluntly states that there is no evidence of casual relationship between the growth of internet usage and hate crimes, pointing out that there is not even any correlation as media allegations about a surge in hate crimes over the past five years, are not supported by the Justice Department’s crime statistics from the report. The evidence does not show that during last decade, a time of expansive growth of electronic communications particularly on the internet and mobile devices as well as social media, there has been a rise in hate crime incidents. The report also warns that efforts to clamp down on online communications over unfounded concerns about hate crimes will undermine first amendment values from the report. We caution that efforts to control or monitor online speech even for the worthy goal of reducing crime presents serious first amendment concerns and runs counter to our nation’s dedication to free expression. To quote President Obama, the strongest weapon against hateful speech is not repression, it’s more speech, use it against him. The report also criticizes academic extremism researchers for failing to back up their assertions of casual link between online hate speech and the world world hate crime. From the report, this research and much like it fails to demonstrate any casual relationship between increased social media use and increased violence. This research does not represent even comprehensive descriptive data correlating increased hate speech on social media with increased hate crimes. Finally, the report issues a blistering combination of Silicon Valley’s companies for using the hate speech, panic to undermine freedom of expression on their platforms. Now think about this. This report was done under Trump. They haven’t released it. It’s an unreleased report. Why haven’t they released it? That’s very interesting. That reminds me of post 862. Now, this is very interesting. This is a three year Delta This is March 6 2018. And, and a non on the board said drop the video play it in Time Square. Down below. It’s a stage set, Google Facebook, Twitter etc. are regulated. Mainstream media is controlled. Use logic trust the plan, post 872 March 720 18. Hashtag internet Bill of Rights. Now remember, this is a report that was done under the Trump administration. Trump push this through, they haven’t released it yet. Post 877 it says free speech does not apply in a private company setting the risk loss of revenue. backstopped by the circus by the clowns by CIA, learn social media control is everything the age of the mainstream media is over. So now we have certain publications putting out this report saying why hasn’t this been released? It’s just sitting there. It makes no sense. This should be released. And then we have these posts that correlate to this report that Trump was pushing out there. So the question is, why was he looking into this? Why did they have a study to see


hate speech? on the internet has anything to do with the hate crimes and everything else that we’re seeing? Why did the report find no correlation? Why was he looking into this? This goes back to read one. This goes about regulating the social media companies. This is about the internet Bill of Rights. This is very interesting. So let’s look at the pandemic now because some information now is coming out now. First of all, we know a lot of states are opening up new york city. They’re going to allow the restaurants to be at 75% capacity starting March 19. It’s amazing how everything’s just opening up during the dark winter. But the other thing that we’ve come to find out is that the CDC they came out with a report about masks about the mass mandate. So the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. They released a report Friday in which it quietly admitted that the mass mandate in America were allegedly responsible for less than 2%. decrease in COVID case growth after 100 days, but still, the CDC advises wearing masks. So wait a minute. Masks don’t work. How is this possible? So if you read what they wrote here, it says during March 1 to December 31 2020. State issue mass mandates applied in 2313 of the 3142 us counties, mass mandates were associated with a point 5% point decrease in daily COVID-19 case growth rates one to 20 days after implementation, and decreases of 1.1 1.5 1.7 1.8% percentage points 21 to 4041 to 6061 to 8081 to 100 days. So if the mass aren’t working, and it’s not stopping the virus, which we knew already, why are we all wearing masks? Because the results from before wearing masks were not statistically different than the period wearing masks. It makes no sense. And then Julie Kelly tweeted this out. This study basically admits mass mandates and restaurant openings have a negligible impact on a spread of COVID. Did anyone at CDC read it? laugh out loud? They tried hard, but can’t come up with anything close to a significant spike in case or deaths. Thanks, CDC. Further, there’s no way to confirm a 3% rise in death rate, three to four months later, can be specifically tied to restaurants reopening. Everything they told us is a lie. It’s fake. This is why they didn’t want this evidence out there. Actually. We’ve known about this for a very long time. How did we know about this? There were other studies that were done. Other studies that showed us that mass, they do not work. One of them happened to be the Association of American physicians and surgeons. They came out with a report showing mask facts. And they tested them. And it wasn’t just them. It was many other countries. And they showed that it does not stop the viruses. This is why we have never worn masks during flu season because they already knew this. Now what’s very interesting is Jesse Kelly tweeted this out protip there’s going to be another thing they try to make you panic over might be a disease, it might be something else, but the system is going to try this again. Because you showed the system, you will comply if you’re scared enough. Don’t do that again. Exactly. And he’s absolutely right. People at this point should say enough’s enough. The CDC just came out with this information. That’s all we need. We do not need to wear masks. We don’t need to wear two masks, three masks, they just don’t work. Remember, they created this out of statistics, the mainstream media pushed fear. That’s what they’ve done. And the people are noticing this. They know that we shouldn’t have been locked down. They know that it’s gone on too long. They know that this stuff doesn’t work. How do we know this? Well look at California. Governor Newsome. His recall signature count hit 2 million people. People in California saying we don’t want this guy anymore. Look what’s happening in New York. We have Andrew Cuomo, he’s on the hot seat. More and more people are coming forward. And they’re saying, Wait a minute, he killed people. He rewrote reports to hide the fact that he killed people. Now we have all these people coming out saying sexual harassment. I think they’re up to the fifth person now.

What does this tell you? It tells you the people are finding out about all of this. And if you look out in Vienna, if you look here in the United States, people are saying enough is enough in Austria, in Vienna, Austria. They’re protesting. They don’t want to be locked down anymore. Here in the United States, they’re burning math saying Enough is enough. Actually, with the CDC report, there’s no reason for anyone to wear masks. Actually, with the other studies. It was never a reason to wear masks. This was all about control and nothing to do with protecting you. Because it doesn’t protect you. It’s like wearing a raincoat into a area that’s full full of radiation. And the mainstream media telling you that raincoat is going to protect you from the radiation. That’s what they’ve done here. It doesn’t protect you. It’s a false sense. Security. Now what’s very interesting is we know that the deep state the mainstream media, they’re panicking. How do we know this? Well, this is fed up with swamp. This is swampy on gab. And this is what he wrote. If Q and Trump are out of the picture now, and nothing is happening behind the scenes, then why are Brock Roach shills worse than ever before? And why are the fake magga queue clowns more numerous than ever? And why is the whole arm of the DNC mainstream media TV and Hollyweird attacking q? And why are mysterious? a non Baker’s deleting our notables? And why do Curie search breads? keep getting deleted from a Coon database? And why is YouTube and Google Search hiding all patriot news? And why is Twitter and Facebook still purging? Que magga? folks? And why is DC still militarized? If they’re in control with a Biden puppet? Then why are they so scared? what’s coming down the pipe that creates this type of panic? I think we know. When Julian ROM he tweeted this out. Trump wants the sheep to see the unfiltered reality by keeping his communications to a minimum. He’s removing the mainstream media’s ability to project and distract from Biden them dystopia. They’re in the spotlight now. And there’s no bad orange man to blame. That’s exactly right. And then we had a message from Dan scavino. on his Instagram, he put out a story. And is this individual walking on the top of a mountain on the precipice? Why would he put this out there? Well, let’s look at the definition of precipice. Number one, is a very steep or overhanging place. Number two, a hazardous situation. So right now, we know that people are being brought to the precipice. Dan scavino, just let us know that this individual, well, he’s walking on the precipice on this mountain. is Dan trying to let us know that we’ve hit the precipice? I do believe so. Because George news, put this out. President Donald J. Trump, work for free, with three to four hours of sleep a night on average, you work 24 seven with a passion for We the People like no other president has, in a very long time. He wasn’t still is hated by the DC establishment and swamp. He exposes their weaknesses, their multi term failures and their massive corruption. They have profited off for so long. They never envision an outcome where she would lose. But she did. She lost in the most humiliating way possible. their plans swept away in a huge red tsunami wave. Then they came for him, then they came for us, you me the deplorables. And they will keep coming. Yes, they will. But it was never going to be just another four year election. And this will not just be another four year election. The world sees it. eyes have been open questions that would not normally be asked are being asked all across the world right now. And most importantly, all the questions that you reading this right now may have? Do you remember why you voted and chose who you chose five years ago? Apart from what we know already regarding the election? Has anything changed? As President Trump ever broken a promise? No, he has not. So back to how we started this post. Do you think that he has for one second stop working for we the people since January 2021? Do you think that he has stopped losing sleep over the things that matter? You already know the answer to these questions, a promise made is a promise kept. It was never just a campaign slogan, or a line pump full of hopium. When President Trump says the best is yet to come, or our best days are yet to come, they are promises. Faith is being sure of what we hope for. And certain of what

we do not see there is much we do not see. So have faith, believe that our best days are yet to come. And I do believe our best days are yet to come. Because if you listen to that video where it was Trump back in 2016, where he was going to be elected, and he was talking about the establishment and taking the power from DC and returning it to the people. This is what we’re experiencing right now. That’s the phase that we’re in the phases save America. And I do believe he’s already started the process of removing the power from DC and giving it back to we the people and we the people are taking the power back. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening be well be safe and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.

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