May 5, 2021

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X22 Report: You Are Watching A Show, Moves & Countermoves, Establishment Panic

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X22 Report: You Are Watching A Show, Moves & Countermoves, Establishment Panic

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Hi and welcome you’re listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 2435 bn today’s date is March 24 2021. And the top of the episode is you’re watching the show moves and countermoves establishment panic. Let’s talk about our health. A well known curry spice is changing how scientists combat aging. What is the spice tumeric tumeric, which was revered in ancient cultures for its anti aging properties has been proved in recent studies to reverse or slow the symptoms of aging. However, to optimize the anti aging properties of tumeric, you need the right kind of tumeric in its scientifically corrected proportions, which isn’t easy to do with a typical American diet. This is why you need to get aged with x 20 This product is an anti aging solution that uses the scientifically correct types of tumeric in the right proportions. Go to aid with x 20. Do calm that’s age with x 20 Get the best tumeric for 51% off today or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news. Now everything that we’re witnessing today is a show. A show brought to you by the Patriots. Everything that we see Joe Biden doing today. And remember, it’s not just him, he’s a puppet. Obama sitting in the basement me speaking into his microphone Joe has his earpiece on. Obama’s telling them exactly what to do. Obama’s taking orders from the invisible enemy. Everything that we’re seeing right now is a show so enjoy it. What do I mean by this? Think about what Trump has done and we discussed this multiple times. Do you think it’s by chance that Trump went ahead and secure the border? Do you think it was by chance that he created a peace deal in North Korea? walked across the DMC met Kim Jong Hoon? Do you think he wrote letters to Kim Jong Hoon? Do you think this was all by chance? Do you think he decided to go out to Afghanistan, go out to Syria and create peace deals and remove the troops? Do you think it was coincidence? For the timing was just happened to be the timing, where he decided to announce that there were peace deals between Israel and a lot of the Middle Eastern countries? Do you think it was a coincidence? And it just so happened to be that he decided to cut taxes, cut regulations? Bring back manufacturing. We discussed that. In the first report where the heritage foundation came out and said this was a boom to the economy. Do you think this was all by chance that he did all of this? No, he said he was going to do it. He said it was going to make America great again, within the deep state system within the private Western central bank system because he knew that he needed to show the people the truth. We could have told the people the truth, but no one would have believed it. No one would have believed any of it unless they see it first hand. And the only way to wake people up and have them understand what is happening is to show them to show them the truth. Show them how incompetent the deep state is. Show them the agenda. Show them what they’re really trying to do.

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And if you think this is the end of it, no, this is just the beginning. No, this show is going to get a lot more exciting as we move forward. Now remember, Joe Biden, he’s going to be holding a press conference on March 25. Now that is very interesting, because if we go back to a post back on March 25 2019, it says the following. Yes. There was a Twitter link. It’s gone now. Yes. It says listen very carefully. It says digest the full gravity of what the president united states says In this clip. Now, what’s very interesting is that this is the same date. Two years prior that Biden is going to make his first press conference as president where they’ll be able to ask them questions. I wonder how long that’s going to last? Probably not that long. But don’t worry, with the border crisis. And we know that pictures have already come out from the border. And the mainstream media is going crazy over this, you asking them questions. Jen Psaki, Biden. They’re trying to dodge all of this, but people are starting to realize, well wait a minute, during Trump administration. It wasn’t that bad. Trump use the cages that were presented to him. to him. Obama Biden, they built it. Now Biden, built cubes, and tents. And they’re keeping the people crammed in these locations during

a dark winter, a pandemic, which they tell us we, we can’t be next to each other. But all these people are crammed in next to each other. But they decided they’re going to allow one TV camera into the child migrant holding facility in Texas. Let me translate that for you. First, we need to create the area, we have to set it up. We will allow one camera in there to film and then this will be distributed to all other mainstream media outlets and you believe what we say you think this is all going to be staged to make it look like it’s not as bad as it is? Of course it is. But the pictures are already out there. This is going to be a complete and utter disaster. Now what’s very interesting is they’re blaming everything on Trump. Well, this is Trump’s fault. Well, it wasn’t Trump’s fault, Trump. He had a surge during his presidency. And he shut it down. And since that original search, there’s never been another one. Until they heard Biden was running for president until they heard that Biden won. Actually, the illegals even said, the only reason we’re here is because a Biden had nothing to do with Trump. And remember, they’re very angry, because Trump, what did he do? He undid all their regulations, all the things they had in place. And he put his policies in place. Now when they try to introduce their old policies. They don’t work. This was done on purpose. Now, what’s very interesting, and we all remember Trump was down at the Alamo in Texas in front of the wall. And he was saying, I hope he doesn’t tear down the wall. Hope he isn’t stop building the wall. He knew he was going to. He said that on purpose. And once again, what did Trump do? This was a complete and utter setup. He knew the playbook. He knew what Biden was going to do. He was going to shut it down. Remember, Trump is in construction. He knows contracts. He knows how this works. So what do we come to find out, we come to find out that Biden he might be in violation of budget rules that are designed to give Congress control of dispersing cash. The Government Accountability Office is launching a review to determine whether violent Biden violated the law. So they’re looking into Biden because he froze the money. And this is in violation of budget rules designed to keep Congress in control of the cash flow. You think Trump, the Patriots, you think they knew that this was going to happen? Of course they did. So they’re looking into this. And they want to know, well, did he do this? Is this a violation? And it seems that the Senate Republicans, they asked the Government Accountability Office to weigh in on Biden’s funding move. And they said billions and lawfully appropriated dollars sit unused by the Biden administration, which amounts to a violation of a 1974 law that curbs a president’s power to alter funding Congress provides. These funds were already provided. And he’s not allowing this to happen. Should they impeach him now? Because they would start impeachment process on Trump right now, if this was the case. So maybe Biden should be impeached? Well, don’t worry, he’s going to be taken out by the 25th amendment. We already see that being put into play, because we already see that they’re putting Biden Harris administration on everything. And that is just the lead up. And then we had something else that happened today. A reporter and I noticed there’s a lot of reporters asking some hard hitting questions now are these individuals where they set up with They brought in on purpose. I’m wonder who’s really in control here because they would never in the past ask these type of questions. They asked a question about hunter Biden, where he received 3.5 million from the mayor of Moscow, his wife. Now that is very odd. Why would they bring that up? Because it’s kind of out of the blue. Right?

And Jen Psaki circle back girl. She said, I’m not familiar with that claim. It doesn’t sound like it is backed up with a lot of evidence. Well, wait a minute. It’s not backed up by evidence. The Senate Finance and homeland security committees, they released a report which was completely devastating on the Biden’s. And it backed up their claims with documents from the Treasury Department that Yes, he did take funds. Hunter Biden received 3.5 million wire and wire transfer from Elena Berta Rena, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow on February 14 2014, and another $241,797 to a bank account for Rosemont, Seneca Thornton from May to December of 2015. So how can they possibly say? or How can she say there’s no evidence. And I find it very interesting that they just so happened to bring this up. Now we know that Trump, he’s creating a social media platform and Mike lindahl, he came out and said his new social media platform is not called vocal anymore, it’s called Frank. Now, I don’t know if Trump is creating a new one. But when that social media platform does come out, and Trump is on there, people are going to flock to it. People are going to leave Twitter, they’re going to leave Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, you name it. It’s going to destroy those other social media platforms. And Trump is out there saying even if Twitter decided to lift the ban, he is not returning to Twitter at all. Think about how many people they banned on Twitter, think about the number of followers that were following Trump and many other people, hundreds of millions of people think about all the people that flocked to places like telegram and gab and parlor which was taken down, they’re brought back up, we’re going to see millions and millions of people go to this new social media platform, that’s going to be something that we’ve never seen before. And Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the rest. They’re going to suffer. Now, what’s very interesting is that we know that James O’Keefe, he won a defamation lawsuit against the New York Times. And he met up with Trump. And Trump basically congratulated Project Veritas for the win. And it seems that this is a step in the right direction, where these mainstream media outlets, they can no longer use opinion, and pretend that they’re facts. And I think we’re gonna see a lot more of these type of lawsuits. I think this is just the beginning, because now there’s a ruling. And yes, he has to take it to the next level. But I think we’re gonna see a lot more of this, and we’re gonna see, we’re going to start to see a lot more class action lawsuits. And this is going to bury these mainstream media outlets, because all they’ve been reporting on is very little fact, but a lot of propaganda and opinion. And this is going to destroy them in the end. Now, what’s very interesting is we know that they’re pushing the gun control agenda. And they’re trying to tell us that, you know, it’s, it’s the white male, it’s white supremacists. And of course, the individual who did the shooting in Colorado is Muslim, but Twitter is allowing people to say that he’s a white Christian. And that is not misinformation on Twitter, which is very interesting, um, before people knew that he was a Muslim. We had certain individuals come out like Kamala Harris has nice saying that, yes. Again, here’s a white man shooting up everyone, but actually what happened a Muslim, went into a supermarket, and allegedly shot up a bunch of white people. But we don’t hear the mainstream media talking about this. Now, this is very interesting. And if you go back to 2020, you look at the mass shooters, they’re no they’re just not all white people. Remember, the people that go into places and they shoot up people. Sometimes they’re controlled innocence. And other times they have mental problems, has nothing to do with weapons. It has to do with the person, the person driving a car that Rams into 20 people, the car didn’t do it by itself.

The person that picks up a weapon and shoots people, the weapon didn’t do it by itself, it’s the person. But we can see their agenda. their agenda is to get rid of guns. They don’t want the American people to have guns. This is what Obama was trying to do. During his first eight years. Remember, they had a 16 year plan. I remember his mission was infiltration from within, change out. The staffers, infiltrate Hollywood infiltrate the NFL infiltrate as much as possibly can, and try to get the UN arms treaty into place. By having mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting, Biden is just doing exactly what Obama said to do because he failed. In his first eight years. Remember, Hillary Clinton was supposed to be coming in. And she was supposed to drive the second half of the 16 year plan, which was another eight years of probably trying to get the weapons away from the people and bring us into war and continuing those policies. So Obama and Biden right now, because Obama’s in the basement talking to Biden, they’re just trying to catch up. That’s what they’re doing. And yes, we’re gonna see more mass shootings, because Why will we see more mass shootings, because remember, they have momentum now, which they think they have, which they really don’t, where they’re trying to push these bills through the Senate. And as they sit there, and mass shootings is in the spotlight, they need more mass shootings, to prove their case. So we’re gonna see a lot more happen right now. And they’re going to try to use that momentum to push the bills through. So expect a lot more to happen. But what’s very interesting is that this individual, this Syrian born shooter, and it’s very interesting, because didn’t Biden just bomb Syria? I wonder if this individual was angry because he bombed Syria. But anyhow, this individual was known by the FBI. And it seems like the FBI always knows about these individuals. The suspects identity, was previously known to the FBI because he was linked to another individual under investigation by the Bureau. And it just so happened that he went out. And he did this. Now, once again, if you watch the video, people are just standing in the doorway. We had a terrible actor, whoever it was saying, oh, people are shot and you see people laying in the street in different positions. Nobody’s running for cover. They’re just standing there reporting about it. If this was a true shooting, people would be diving out of the way. They’d be too scared to stand in the doorway, looking at their phones while a shooting was going on. Now, what’s very interesting is that DC is surrounded by the National Guard. Yes, one layer of fence has been taken down and there’s still the inner fence. That is still up. But these individuals afraid of the American people actually afraid of Trump, they thought he was going to do something. They had the National Guard out there with very similar weapons protecting them, but they want to take the weapons away from the people. So weapons for them, none for us, even though it’s our right to bear arms. Now remember, Colorado, they already have strict gun control laws, universal background checks, red flag laws, gun show loophole, closed, gun free zones everywhere. State database for background checks, ban on high capacity magazines. Well, how can the criminal didn’t follow the law? Because criminals don’t follow the law. What happens when you ban anything? Look what happened during Prohibition? Let’s talk about our health and well known curry spices changing how scientists combat agent what is the spice tumeric tumeric, which was revered in ancient cultures for its anti aging properties has been proved in recent studies to reverse or slow the symptoms of aging. However, to optimize the anti aging properties of tumeric, you need the right kind of tumeric in its scientifically corrected proportions, which isn’t easy to do with a typical American diet. This is why you need to get aged with x 20 This product is an anti aging solution that uses the scientifically correct types of tumeric in the right proportions. Go to aid with x 20. Do calm that’s age with x 20 Get the best tumeric for 51% off today or click the link in the description. Did liqueur go away? Or was there a black market? Were there certain individuals able to access liquor? Yes, they were How about the drug market? are drugs gone because they’re banned now?

There’s a black market. If you ban weapons, what happens? Well, everyday people can’t get it but who can criminals and many others, this is going to create a complete and utter disaster and what they’re trying to do, because every day people will not be able to bear arms. And the criminals, and high ranking individuals were part of the Deep State, they will. We’ve seen this before. This is nothing new. Thank God, our founding fathers created the Constitution. Thank God. They said, these are rights, not privileges, because we have the right to bear arms, and it shall not be infringed upon. So no matter what they do, what laws they make. There’s, it’s impossible to take the weapons away from the people and remember, bear arms to carry arms arms, is any weapon. They didn’t say muskets. They didn’t say knives. They use the word arms on purpose because they knew that weapons change over time. And my pompeyo, he tweeted this out. President Biden supports restrictions on pretty much everything except the border. We’ve had enough of the Biden border crisis and these backward policies. He’s absolutely right. That was very interesting, as we’ve known, and I think we’ve known from cue, we’ve known from Trump, that something was going to happen with North Korea. And yesterday, we reported that North Korea fired two missiles. Now this is what the mainstream media is reporting. They also reported that Kim Jong Hoon was dead. And they had those stories going out. But it turned out he wasn’t dead. So did they really fire missiles or are they trying to start something? I do believe they’re trying to start something. But a reporter asked Biden, about North Korea, firing these missiles and Biden kind of laughed and walked away. Take a listen. That could be a real provocation by North Korea. According to the Defense Department, is business as usual. There’s no new for No, no, no.

What they did.

What do you think about john?

Because he knows exactly what is happening right now. This is all part of the agenda. Remember, they were going to use North Korea to start world war three. That was their plan. And it seems like they’re trying to go back to their plan. before Trump, Hillary Clinton was going to bring us into war. And it seems they’re trying to do the same thing. Now. What’s very interesting is that if we go back three years to post 967, this is March 27 2018. It mentions North Korea. And we’re hearing news about North Korea now. And this is what it says. We always knew final stage. What does North Korea represent? threat safeguard insurance. Poof. Kim to China represents something vital, and this is in brackets in bold key. Many will be buried before exposed themself. False Flag distractions. So he was telling us that something is going to happen with North Korea, Trump. He went ahead had peace with Kim Jong moon wrote letters to Kim Jong moon so the clowns couldn’t see what they were talking about. Trump walked across the DMC met Kim Jong Hoon on the other side, one from South Korea, North Korea. And now we see the clowns trying to start something again. Let me move to post 971. This is March 28 2018. Now this is a tweet from Trump and this is what it says receive message last night from g of China that his meeting with Kim Jeong Hoon went very well. And that Kim looks forward to his meeting with me in the meantime, and unfortunately, maximum sanctions and pressure must be maintained at all costs for years. And through many administrations. Everyone said that peace and the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula was not even a small possibility. Now, there was a good chance that Kim Jong Hoon will do what is right for his people and for humanity. Look forward to our meeting. The second amendment will never be replaced as much as Democrats would like to see this happen. And despite the word yesterday, a former Supreme Court Justice Stevens, no way. We need more republicans in 2018 and must always hold the Supreme Court and was very interesting. He’s talked about North Korea. And the second amendment, both of those things are happening right now. And down below, it says, notice any similarities. We are talking to you trust the plan. So right there, Trump was letting us know that he did this on purpose. He knew what their plan was. He wanted to show the world, the American people, what the Deep State has planned. Trump created peace. Why isn’t Biden keeping the peace? Very interesting. And then yesterday, we mentioned how Angela Merkel, she was going to lock down Germany. Now, we didn’t know if this was a mission going on. Was this about control? And it seems that it was completely about control? Because the people of Germany said absolutely not. We are not going to be locked down this hot this holiday season. We can’t do it anymore. So Angela Merkel backed off. So why Can she just back off? If this is so deadly, and so bad? Because the people went against her. The people now are speaking up, the people have reached the precipice of destruction. The people are saying no more. And how do we do this? How do we know that people have reached the precipice and they’re flexing their muscles? What what’s very interesting is that on an airline, and this I do believe is in Israel, the airline told the parents to leave the airplane because their child was not wearing a mask. You know what all the passengers decided to do on the plane. They all got up, and they walked out. They said, we’re not flying with you. We’re leaving the plane was empty. Who has control? corporations, governments are the people. That’s what it looks like when the people band together. That’s what it looks like when the people say no more. We had enough. Now, if the people around the world can do what we just saw on this airline, the deep state all these corrupt politicians, they would be done for? Why do you think Trump is trying to wake the people up?

Why do you think this is all being allowed to play out because people are reaching the precipice? People are saying no more, and they’re sticking together. I do believe that this is just the beginning phase, we’re going to see a lot more. And you know, what else is very interesting is back in February of 2018, this is post 735. There was a non on the board asking questions. And one of the questions was the following. How long will we have to wait for the cures of cancer and other sicknesses? And q responded, chatter amongst those in control has begun. They know we know which means the public will now release prior to cover up public informed and collapse which option.

Now, there were giving the deep state pharmaceutical companies the invisible enemy, a choice? How do you want to play this?

Now what I find very interesting is that Biden came out and said the following. When I ran, I said I wanted to be the president who would preside over the end of cancer as we know it. And we see the strides we’ve made. You talk to the docs and the researchers and I can tell you, it’s within our reach. Why would he come out and say this? Now remember, with que, it doesn’t mean that Trump was going to come out and say, Hey, we have a cure for cancer. It was left up to them on how they were going to pursue this. How did you want to inform the public? Remember, Trump is not out there saying I want to do everything. As long as the people find out the truth. This is what needs to happen. How are they going to do it? Well, they can decide they can either have it in a way where their entire system collapses, or they can do it, where they can save


And it seems they’ve begun the process. Now, what’s very interesting is that the mainstream media the fake news, they’re trying to push the idea that there’s problems with Sidney Powell, about her case against a minion and General Flynn. He decided to go out on cloud hub and clean This completely up and this is what they put out there. And he said the response to the fake news attacks on missiny. Pavel widely circulate please Thank you. And it says free speech. This defamation lawsuit is yet another attempt to silence critics and citizens who want to investigate voter fraud. The statements Dominion claims are defamatory, or actually protected speech under the First Amendment because they deal with matters of public concern, ie election integrity, the fake news media and their allies are spinning. meritless claims because their arguments have neither the facts nor the law needed to hold up in a courtroom. The statements complained of are also protected because the minion is a public figure and must prove that Miss Powell acted with malice. This is impossible, as Miss pals lawyer has explained because Ms. pauwels statements were based on sworn affidavits, declarations, expert reports and documentary evidence. She presented this evidence for all to see for court filings on her website. Fake News contrary to what the fake news is pushing Sydney did not claim in court that no reasonable person would believe her claims. The press is using twisted legalese and manipulating the legal standard to confuse the issue as they have done before in order in in high profile cases. Ms. Powell statement where legal opinions that she stands behind and they were based on sworn affidavits declarations experts, expert reports and documentary evidence demeaning claims that the evidence Miss Powell relied upon to assert her claims concerning the lack of election integrity is incredible, and not believable. Miss Powell responded by pointing out that our assertion were hurt legal opinions based on evidence and presented to four different courts accordingly, her statements are not subject to challenge under defamation law. And we can see how the mainstream media is trying to spin

all of this.

Why are they trying to do this? Because they’re getting nervous. Why are they getting nervous? Because it seems out in Georgia, and this is being run by Mr. Poulter. His technique of looking at ballots, they’re going to do a recount. Remember, a judge agreed that a group of voter ga could inspect Fulton County, Georgia ballots from the 2020 election, and the inspection is moving forward, as Mr. palter is asking for volunteers for a recount in Fulton County, Georgia, Georgia. He says, Remember, this is history. This is history, you’re about to see one of the pivotal events in history that will be talked about literally in textbooks. And in history from here on out. It will definitely be talked about when it comes to elections in the future. Yes, because once they find out that there was election fraud, it’s going to be game over. Now, we also understand that in Wisconsin, the assembly is authorizing investigation of the 2020 presidential election, the resolution passed 58 to 35. The committee will now have subpoena power to compel testimony and gather documents. Remember, Trump had a sizable lead in Georgia, in Wisconsin, and then all of a sudden everything was shut down. And they cheated. And you can see it in Wisconsin very, very clearly. There’s a graph that shows that Biden went straight up and caught up and overtook Trump. And that’s pretty impossible, because if you really look at this, Biden, he outperformed Obama in 2008. He outperformed Clinton in 2016. There’s no way we can see right now, I mean, look, when he goes to different places, there’s nobody there cheering him on. There’s nobody out there. Even though they’re telling us that he had 80 million people vote for him. It’s completely impossible. And now it’s starting to fall apart. And what’s very interesting is that Mike Pompeo, he tweeted this out, well done. Iowa voters elected representative Meeks Miller, Pelosi cannot pick your Congresswoman, look forward to being with you in Des Moines, Iowa this week to support you and your work. And what did these individuals do in Iowa? Well, it seems like they’re becoming angry about what is happening here. And Ashley Hinson tweeted this out and this is what Mike Pompeo responded to. I led 123 of my colleagues in a letter to Speaker Pelosi urging her to respect the will of Iowa voters in the Iowa Ode to her effort to overturn the IO o two election of her own political gain is hypocritical and will undermine faith in our election system. When we most need to restore it. Now remember, I do believe that this is going to be a trigger. Because it seems like they’re pushing towards overturning this election. We’ll have to see how this plays out. But remember, there are many different triggers. One is this, an Iowa, the other one is Durham. And I do believe there are many others that will come into play. Now, what’s very interesting is that this huge ship got caught in the Suez Canal. And the name of the ship was called evergreen. And when you look at the ship, the callsign is H three RC. Now remember, h RC, Hillary Rodham Clinton. evergreen, is there a secret service code name and this ship clogged up the Suez Canal. Now, Mel q decided to put things together here and said, and this is in post 1306. It says sum of all fears. sum of all fears plot, the nuclear material was smuggled into Baltimore on a cargo ship. Then you have this ship that got caught up in the Suez Canal. And it says evergreen, this ship, which is carrying hundreds of containers. It was bound for Rotterdam. If you look at the sum of all fears. And you look at what is happening right now. The Twin towns Sister cities Rotterdam is twinned with Baltimore, since 1985. Now that is very interesting right there. And then Mel q put out another post about evergreen. And it says that this ship blocked the entire canal went to a post that says the fine evergreen, which is the secret service name for Hillary Clinton.

And under it says, When do you call a plumber? I mean, is this a coincidence? I think not. And then we have Dan scavino. He put out a picture of Trump and he’s standing in front a boatload of employee of reporters that have microphones. They have cameras. And to me, it seems that Trump is ready to come back into the spotlight. And I do believe he’ll be coming back into the spotlight very, very soon. And I think he’s going to do this when the social media platform is up and running. Remember this entire thing is a show. Trump. He told us a long time ago, what was going to happen if Biden was president? q told us what happens if Biden is president? Would he be controlled by Ukraine? Would he be controlled by China? And yes, those are in posts?

Well, let me go back to Trump’s tweet. This was August 13 2020. And it says the following. And this was before the 2020 election, the world will be laughing and taking full advantage of the United States.

If Joe Biden ever became president, our country would collapse. What are we experiencing right now? Is the world laughing at us? Is it a disaster? Is there chaos everywhere? Is the country collapsing? Yes. The Trump no this. Yes. This was planned from the very, very beginning. Actually, when q told us enjoy the show, you’re watching the show right now. This is the show. And they’re showing the American people the truth, and people are waking up and more and more going to wake up and this is just the beginning. Because we’re going to see a lot more happen and that people are going to be pushed to the precipice. We’ve already seen it on airlines where people are deciding enough’s enough that people in Germany said we’re not locking us down. It has begun. And this will continue. The people are in control. The Patriots are in control. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening be well be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.