X22 Report:The Deep State / Central Bank Is Now Doing All The Economic Work For Trump

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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

Hi, and welcome you listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 2390 7am. Today’s date is February 5 2021. And the title of the episode is the deep state central bank is now doing all the economic work for Trump. Let’s talk about investing. Take a look at this a five ounce solid silver Apollo 11 coin like this could be yours free. It’s a silver month over at noble gold and things are changing with this new administration renewables needs solar panels, electric circuits and lots of those other gizmos that use you guessed it silver with a projected 2 trillion investment. There’s never been a better time to profit from the future with your silver IRA. Visit noble gold investments calm that is noble gold investments.com or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse financial news. Now let’s think about what is happening right now. Everything that Trump tried to do throughout the pandemic, he tried to open up the economy. He tried to have people go back to work. He wanted children to go back to school. He wanted the pandemic to go away. He tried with h CQ. He tried everything. And the invisible enemy. The corrupt politicians, the central bank, the deep state, they push back at every turn. Trump knew as long as he was president, they would never let this go. And states wouldn’t open, cities wouldn’t open, people would suffer. And the economy wouldn’t come back. Plus many other reasons. So what did he need to do? He needed to show everyone how out of the blue. How the economy can come right back? And how the same individuals that were telling everyone that this is the worst time we’ve ever seen. We’re in a dark winter. All of a sudden, when Biden was inaugurated. What did all these cities and states do? They started to open up during a dark winter. Trump knew this is exactly what they’re going to do. Remember, the virus has nothing to do with anything except the deep state the central bank’s agenda, the great reset the elections, right after the election election plus one, what happened? Everything started to reverse cases are dropping like a rock. We’ll be discussing that later in the next report. deaths are dropping. Everything that they’ve been telling us is now going in the opposite way. And since states and cities are opening up, what do we see happening? We see the economy coming back. People are going back to work. Businesses are opening up. Actually, the deep state the central bank is doing exactly what the Patriots want. Look at the unemployment rate right now. Now economists projected that 50,000 Americans would be added to payrolls and the unemployment rate was going to increase to about 6.7%. Actually, what happened is that the unemployment rate fell to 6.3%. It didn’t go up. It went down. Why? Because states cities that were shut down, they started to open up. And as more and more people are looking at the situation and starting to realize, well, it seems that the pandemic is going away, you’re going to see a lot more people go to work you’re going to see in states like New York and California and the rest. You’re going to see restaurants going from 25% to 50% to 75%, which means the economy is going to do absolutely incredible. We’re seeing v recoveries everywhere. This is exactly what Trump wanted. He started this off back in April, the deep state the central banks, they pushed back and it was the democratic states. Other states opened up. They said yes, let’s get our restaurants open. Let’s get our businesses open. Let’s get people back into school. And those states didn’t have any problems. Look at South Dakota look at Florida. The only reason the cases in Florida moved up is because Florida was hosting the Republican National Convention. Cases went up soon as was canceled, the case has started to drop. Amazing.

And we can see they’re doing all the work now. They’re getting the economy to exactly where Trump needs it. Again, he needs everyone back at work. He needs the schools open, he needs the pandemic gone. And they’re doing everything that he wants. Now, what’s very interesting is that these financial institutions like Bank of America and the rest during the capital riots, they were flagging and searching for those individuals that were making purchases in different areas. Now, did they have a warrant to do this? Is it their job to do this? No, it is not. Is this legal to do this? No, it’s not. They’re releasing private information. And once again, we can see that the deep state, they control the system. This is what Trump is going to destroy their system. It’s not just elections. It’s not just the economy. It’s not just Hollywood. It’s not just the corrupt politicians. It’s the system, everything that we see touch and feel. It took them a long time to create the system to create this illusion where everyone would believe it. But now, people are waking up. They’re starting to realize the economy. It’s fake, they’re starting to realize that the system like the stock market, it’s rigged. That Wall Street benefits from everything and the corrupt politicians, their their guards, they make sure that nothing happens to them. This is what we saw with the GameStop. Stocks, AMC. And the rest we saw those individuals that said, you know we’re from Main Street, we saw their true colors. A crisis normally brings out those individuals true intentions. Yes, they’re masters at playing a role at acting. Let’s talk about investing. Take a look at this, a five ounce solid silver Apollo 11 coin like this could be yours free. It’s a silver month over at noble gold and things are changing with this new administration, renewables needs solar panels, electric circuits and lots of those other gizmos that use, you guessed it silver, with a projected 2 trillion investment, there’s never been a better time to profit from the future with your silver IRA. Visit noble gold investments calm that is noble gold investments.com, or click the link in the description. A lot of people are very good at acting, putting on a role. But when a crisis hits, that’s when you see the role disappear. That’s when you see their true intentions. And this is exactly what we saw. During GameStop when the everyday person was just investing. You could see that these individuals, they didn’t like it, and they got their instructions to stop it. Protect the hedge funds protect Wall Street, who cares about the little person? And this is why when we saw Congress vote for the stimulus checks, they were going to give everyone $600 we’re still waiting for the 1400 that Biden said he was going to deliver. That still hasn’t happened yet. We’ll have to see if it actually does. But what’s very interesting is that the mainstream media during Trump’s presidency, they were saying that he’s making a lot of money off of businesses. While he’s president. He did this to make a lot more money from insider trading. Well, actually what the mainstream media was doing. They were projecting everything that Obama did, Clinton did, and the rest did. And while Trump was in office, he didn’t take a salary. He gave it away to charities. And when he went in, he was worth $4.5 billion dollars. That was in 2015. When he left office, his net worth is about 2.5 billion. He lost $2 billion when he was in Compared to Obama, Clinton, and the rest, who actually went from not being millionaires, to becoming multimillionaires, and it’s not just limited to those individuals, it goes much further than that. It goes to many of the corrupt politicians.

Just look at Feinstein, just look at Elizabeth Warren. Just look at Maxwell, and the rest. They made a lot of money while they were in office, and they’re still making a lot of money. And we can see that everything that is happening right now. This is in preparation for a transition away from the central bank system. Remember, everything is accelerated right now. It’s accelerated on purpose. Trump, the Patriots. They want the people to understand what is happening. They want them to see it firsthand. And with everything that Biden is doing right now, to hurt the economy, people are seeing this. People are saying this is not good. This is not what I voted for. Yes, I’m talking about democrats who voted for Biden, they’re speaking out saying, Yeah, this is not what we thought was going to happen here. This is about allowing people to see the truth, to see what the true politicians are all about, and how they’re going to reverse. Everything that has been happening right now, especially those individuals that own small businesses, those people that go to work every day, when they see higher taxes, when they see more regulations, when they see their businesses being cut, and they can’t make it. They understand what’s going on, they start to wake up and they say, you know something, this is not good. And this is exactly what is happening across this country right now. Yes, in the past, they were able to do this over a long period of time. But Trump reverse so much, that they had to do this very, very quickly. Think about what Biden has done in this short period of time, with taxes with cutting jobs. And it’s not just during normal times. We’re in the middle of a pandemic, remember a dark winter? Why would you do this? During this period of time when people are struggling? Why would you bring in immigrants, illegal immigrants, and allow them into this country and allow them to get benefits when the everyday person is struggling? During this pandemic, where they kept people from working from supporting their families, actually, they arrested people that tried to open up restaurants, but you’re allowing people that have not been vetted. We know nothing about just come into this country and get whatever they want vaccines, they can get benefits. Who’s Biden for? We the People, or everything else? Well, he’s for everything else the deep state wants. Remember, he’s a puppet. People are seeing this firsthand. Remember, there’s a lot of people that are suffering a member, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, they all been telling us this for a very long time. How bad this is, how many deaths are were, how many people are struggling, because nothing’s being done. But now people see the opposite. They see Biden, screwing them. And this wakes a lot of people up. And this is part of the plan to show people the truth. And when it comes to money, making a living. People can’t make excuses anymore. And this is exactly what we’re seeing. The Deep State, the central bank, they’re doing all the work. Trump wants them to do. They’re exposing themselves every single day. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening be well be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.



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