“Your Administration is a Propaganda Machine Spreading Misinformation.  Everything You Do and Say Is a Lie” – Biden Caught in Another Big Lie

The guy can hardly walk.  Every time he walks across the White House lawn you think he’s going to fall.  He lifts his feet like a weak 78-year-old.  You really think the grass is going to catch his foot and he will come tumbling over.  However, you’ll never know it from the picture above.

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The White House released a picture of Joe Biden today showing him saluting as he gets ready to board a chopper for transport.  It’s a sunny day and Joe looks alert.

The tweet shares:

I’m on my way to Europe to rally the international community in support of Ukraine and ensure Putin pays a severe economic cost for his war of choice.

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It sounds and looks good…. but it is a lie.  One individual on Twitter pointed out that today in Washington it was cloudy.  The above picture could not have been taken today.  It’s a lie.  It was cloudy all day and rainy.  This tweet was fake, funny, and false.

Will Twitter take this down?   

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