USA 1871 – President Trump to Become the 19th President

Audio Transcription:

Hello everyone today’s recording date is January 15 2021 this is another hold the line video. I’m going to read something to you off my screen and i think you’re going to like it so hang on to your hats here we go a peaceful transition is coming trump will not be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states on January 20th Trump will take office as the 19th president of the united states on march 4th under the restored republic let me explain you believe you live in a nation called united states of america this nation hasn’t existed since 1871 when this country ceased to be a nation and became a corporation belonging to the city of London every time you see an american flag with a gold fringe and gold tilt attached to it.

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It represents the corporation not the com not the country this is the reason you can never make progress financially this is why the law always seems to be against the average citizen while the rich and the elite literally get away with murder and worse things if Biden Harris Pence Pelosi etc are arrested before their crimes before January 20th there will be no one to assume the presidency since trump has not been certified as the presidential winner by congress he cannot remain president if there is no president on January 20th the corporation known as the united states of america will be dissolved the military will then become the guardians of the nation during the transition people will then have irrefutable proof.

That the election was stolen by foreign entities and that trump was chosen by a landslide Trump then assumes the presidency is the 19th president of the united states the last president elected before america became a corporation was Ulysses S Grant, republic restored now i really don’t know all the details involved in this just know the end goal has always been the destruction of the 1871 corporation and the return of America to the people of the constitutional republic it is always intent it was always intended to be the next month and a half will be chaotic.

Make sure you have plenty of water food your meds anything else you need comply with the national guard and united states marine corps they took oath to the nation not the corporation the act of 1871 be vigilant pray your nation has returned to you I just want to say I’m Canadian and i could not be more proud of all of you and everything you’re doing to literally save the world you Americans MAGA you have shown everyone how to do it you set an example and you lit the world on fire your salt of the earth and i love you god bless america

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  1. if the arrests have to happen BEFORE the 20, then they can’t wait until the hr they had set for inauguration. what if pelosi sets this up just after midnight? you know like when you find out your daughter is pregnant and you need to get her married before anyone finds out? i put NOTHING past what pelosi and her gang will do to get biden into office where he then has control.

  2. It is now the 20th what now? I feel so sad…We could not afford as a Nation even ONE DAY of Biden…Look now he has ALREADY signed executive orders to reverse Trumps policies…Heaven help us!

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