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We will be also collecting articles from other websites moving forward that tell a deeper story of what is happening in the world. Some people may find this to be just wishful thinking, some feel that some of these websites are military communications, and some feel they are too intense and troubling to be true. Either way, we feel that this information should also be collected into our library and considered. We do not claim anywhere on this website anything is the perfect truth and so moving forward know that our stance is the same with these articles as well!

Alex Jones Interviews Andrew Tate In New Explosive Must See Interview / This Will Break The MATRIX

While the Main Stream Media lies to you about current events and demonizes the leaders empowering the masses to seek the truth, two men continue to take the slings and…

X22 Report, AWK, Alex Jones & Preacher Who Predicted Great Awakening + SG Anon Blackouts Coming!

Alex Jones Visits Florida Preacher Who First Predicted the Great Awakening Over A Billion People Awaken To The Lies Of Big Pharma: Globalist Gremlin Peter Hotez Has Sunk The NWO…

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